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  1. I don''t like people with squeaky voices. I don''t trust them. And for that reason, i''m out.
  2. I really want to but i''m skint, init. The video the club posted earlier looks really cool too. I''ll have to free up some funds from somewhere.
  3. Ah, the Pinkun 101: Saying something nice or positive about the club and/or owner = trolling. Being constantly and relentlessly negative about everything Norwich = A model fan!
  4. Football is swimming in money so I doubt it''ll have any impact at all. The only people who''ll suffer are those without it.
  5. Bleh. What a dull, uninspiring choice. What has he actually achieved as a manager? He came in to Swansea riding on the coattails of Laudrup, and changed their unique, tika-taka style of football to bog-standard lower team football which ultimately got him sacked. Again, started strong at Leeds before the end of season collapse. The guy''s dull and, sorry to say, a bit thick with about as much charisma as a dry roasted peanut. Surely there''s someone better?
  6. Well at least it makes things fun! Seriously though, I think the Huddersfield game summed things up with this team. We can defend perfectly well until something goes against us, whether it''s conceding a goal or a bad decision, and then we immediately fold. Seems to me that it''s mostly psychological.
  7. I''ll go with a team that''s proven to score bucket-loads against the top teams.. Ruddy Pinto Martin Klose Dijks Tettey Howson Jacob M Pritchard Hoolahan Oliveira This BS about needing a major clearout.. gimme a break! We have a great team who can clearly beat any opposition on their day. There''s obviously something wrong with their attitude and their tendency to capitulate when things don''t go their way. Get in a decent manager who can motivate and the same team will will the league next season.
  8. Until we beat Ipswich. Then it''s Neil In!.. and then out.. and then in.. ad infinitum. How about we stop over-reacting to every bloody result and just see where we end up at the end of the season? He''s not going anywhere anyway so you''re just shouting in to an empty room.
  9. Would it be unfair to suggest that perhaps some of the more negative views towards Ed Balls on this forum may be politically motivated?
  10. Grew up in Gorleston. Most of my extended family supported Man Utd for some reason. Not sure why that''s such a common theme for those in Gorleston/GT Yarmouth. Glad I didn''t follow the trend!
  11. [quote user="Buh"]Norfolk is awesome, it is genuinely one of the nicest places in the country to live but a certain type of foootballer clearly looks at this as a backwater But for a guy in this early twenties on 30k a week maybe "gorn up thu citee" isn''t enough It''s a sad fact[/quote] I don''t buy this view at all. London is an hour 50 on the train. I live in Crystal Palace and my commute every morning isn''t far off this! I agree that most kids would rather live in London, but surely Norwich is a darn sight closer to the capital than a lot of other clubs. Let''s face it, it''s all about the money. If we stumped up enough, I doubt living in Norfolk would be an issue at all.
  12. They''re where they are most seasons.. knocking around the middle/bottom half of the table. There''s too much dross down there for them to go down, and Mick''s competent enough to keep their heads above water. I don''t even hate them anymore. I just see them as a bit pathetic, to be honest. I''d rather see Villa go down.
  13. [quote user="STAN"]The neck line resembles a fat girls vagina.[/quote] *Angles head* ... Ok Does anyone know if the material is different for the ''player fit'' version, or is it just a tighter fit? Why not just buy a size smaller one and save the money?
  14. Yep, the bird could definitely do with being adjusted a bit. But from what I can tell, it''s similar to the original badge used in the early 19 hundreds. I think they had a simple canary design on the breast. I don''t know where the design I posted came from. I just whipped it off google. Credit to the guy who designed it though.
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