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  1. It''s just a case of recognising when an era comes to an end, the board has made so many mistakes but they are becoming increasingly more damaging to the club. We are on the cusp of the period that followed the chase years and a demise that was clear to see back then also. No money in the coffers after the fact we have had 4 of our last 6 years in the premier league leaving the club incapable of investing when its really needed certainly looks incompetant to me. Add to that the reluctance of willing investment from the board it''s no surprise the is ill feelings. Personally i''d be pleased if Farke and Webber succeeded with their mission but this i feel would be in spite of what the board bring to the party. Most football club owners invest and for that they gain the adulation for any success but many of us see Delia & Co are getting a free ride with a cop out by telling us we are now a self funded club. It''s not good enough, season ticket holders are being taken for mugs for the prices charged and that''s why there is so much instant discord when things aren''t going so well. It''s approx 21 years since Delia took the helm, the club hasn''t returned to its hard earned top division status on a consistent basis, surely that''s got to be long enough to suggest it isn''t going to happen under this regime, and why so many are calling for changes.
  2. LDC have you been drinking Delian delusional ale? I''m surprised you didn''t mention how positively green the grass was!
  3. We have a Saturday free from disappointment!
  4. The trouble with the club right now is that we have to many cooks!
  5. It''s been 2 years since Ed Balls has been chairman and it''s not a coincidence that things have gone from bad to worse. Delia with the assistance of her cronies on the board should be charged with misconduct and gross failure of this great club. It''s time for a change and some proactive competence!
  6. Likewise i''d like to see him play up front with CJ and for us to play on the front foot, wouldn''t it be nice to for a change to put some fear into the opposition on occasions, it''s working for Watford why not us?
  7. I''d say the bell end was a right tit but even they have their uses, what the hell was the board thinking taking this loser in off the streets have we suddenly become a charity?
  8. It''s the least we can do for them and as someone else said long may the association continue after some of the quality players that come their from there place in recent years let alone the acquisition of their management..
  9. I''d say we need a quality CB is our priority. I''d be interested to see how others saw as their top priority.
  10. Personally id like him in the squad, he didn''t do that bad considering how limited his chances were in France. He''s certainly an improvement on Bechio and could well be the shock packages once AN has had some influence. Bassong is a prime example of this.
  11. I think Bassong was used as a scapegoat by Adams for our relegation from the PL, deflecting the blame away from board as he was Hughtons man. It suits both parties for his return to be a success and now the dust has settled. I for one think we and the new manager should encourage him to hit previous heights and become a club favourite again.
  12. [quote user="Herman "]Who is Phelan bringing with him?[/quote] Hopefully Fergie at this rate!
  13. That''s not possible as some scum inbreds don''t have lips!
  14. Rafferty should have started Martin should play right back if Bennett is available Ryan Bennett to play Centreback Tettey before or Johnson but don''t play both Redmond needs to start on right after impressing enough to challenge Bennett for that position We need to start playing in the oppositions half
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