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  1. More like excon in my case, but love the song. The club should put up the words so everyone can sing along.
  2. I may be many things but I have never posted as City 1st. And you were a copper. Thank god for us all that you are now an ex copper.
  3. I still think it should be ''yakety sax''  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNBL5OMeuno . Get the players warmed up before the game. Maybe chasing Delia round the pitch rather than that silly huddle thing. Anything said there could be said in the dressing room anyway. I''ve never seen any players looking as if they''ve just be told something new or different either.
  4. [quote user="E.L.F."]LDC, why are you even bothering?[/quote]I suspect it is because he has found a new Morty to wrestle with. Clearly the poor lad is slightly mad. His reasons change by the day, even the hour so there is little point in trying to have a reasoned debate with him either. His current waffle has moved from it not costing anything, as the council and Norwich Rugby club would pay for it all, to there now not being any parking in the city.This will have changed by Weds and we will will most likely have some nonsense about the council''s 10 year plan to restrict pavement use to the disabled and those with children under five which will mean it will be far better to visit a stadium in Broadland. What happened to the ones at the Norfolk Show ground, the UEA or even the airport we are not told. My money is on a new stadium at Snetterton with the club sharing a pitch with a race track around it helped by grants from Bernie Eccleston, and the Highways dept who are keen for more use of the new dualled A11. The club will be able to use the helicopter landing pad to get to away matches and away teams and supporters can cut their journey times whilst then using the saved time to enjoy a corporate morning (and a bit of early afternoon). Norwich speedway will be revived and dog racing as well, though not at the same time. Or when the football is on. The floodlights can be reversible so as to save electricity for the 600 new houses being built which will be sold by the club to part fund the stadium and the new monorail from Norwich to Thetford. Tom Cavendish, a visionary of our time.
  5.  It was not presented for consideration. As every time it is considered and the flaws are pointed out the story changes. Neither is about a new stadium either. It is about how a new stadium could be funded. Which invariably involves some farcical rigmarole about other companies, educational bodies, event organisations or simply anyone that happens to come into his head at that moment. None of which have the slightest possiblity of being feasible in any shape or form. However the mindset claim is correct. This poor fellow does have some ''form of a learning difficulty'' which stops him from seeing the wider picture, or even reality come to that. Maybe it is Apergers or mild autism. Either way it is fairly obvious to the rest of the forum. Why you cannot see it , or pretend not to does throw up another point of debate. But it could be that you will also be in denial and claim there is nothing wrong with you either. Perhaps you will claim to be Napoleon next, or even a football scout. Who knows.
  6. I would give up Chicken, the poor lad clearly has some sort of learning difficulty. His whole method seems to be endless bizarre ideas of how NCFC can acquire a new ground whilst the cost can be spread around various other unconnected businesses, who will co-habit this fantasy building. If it is not creches, it is UEA student classrooms, rugby clubs, shops, restaurants and lord knows what next. All of which will also benefit from being given land for free (or the much missed peppercorn rent). That this hasn''t worked anywhere else has not occured to this poor fellow and so constantly we get these silly ideas being trotted out. Probably best to ignore him and hopefully he will eventually go away. On a ''scouting'' mission, perhaps ?
  7. Clearly you are mad as a hatter with very little grasp on business, or the real world. How on earth would a contribution from the council amd the developers amount to City getting a new stadium at a fraction of the cost? Have you the slightest idea of what happens at Carrow Road when there is not a game being played ? Do you really imagine that a school could be based at a football ground ? Perhaps it is time for the forum to club together and have you put away in some institution. Whether funded by the council, a school, a rugby club or a combination of all three with further contributions from the UEA pepper corn society it matters little (yesterday there was a blue moon, and another one will be a long quicker than there will any sense from you).
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ihhotMxYYM
  9. [quote user="Squire"]Regrettably, I have to agree Derby. Bass and Martin are Champs defenders at best. I do hope I have to eat my words.[/quote]I don''t suppose you could tell us how DerbyCanary managed to see or hear the game given that the only transmission was Mustard TV which is Norfolk only, then not all of that even. There was no radio commentary either, yet at half time he was able to tell us all about how bad we had been. And you don''t think that is either odd, or maybe he is a sh t stirring liar ?
  10. Lucky old you, getting Mustard TV all the way up in Derbyshire. Of course you could simply be a troll who repeatedly posts up stuff slagging off the club (which I suspect is what others on here already know).
  11. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/norwichfirst?utm_campaign=www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk&utm_source=ustre.am%2FNhZ7&utm_medium=social&utm_content=20150801071712
  12. it''s on telly here -http://www.ustream.tv/channel/norwichfirst?utm_campaign=www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk&utm_source=ustre.am%2FNhZ7&utm_medium=social&utm_content=20150801071712bit dodgy but better than nowtjust scored YESSSSS
  13. Surely there is now a need for a second stadium ? Games could be broadcast from the first stadium (whereever that might be) and tickets could be at least double the price to help pay for the creche and gyn facilities. As plastics these fans cannot have any complaint, as they have had plenty of time become season ticket holders. The stadium could be a pop up stadium which would pop down after the game (assuming all fans have left first). This would mean that there would not be any need for land to be bought and other stuff could carry on after the stadium has popped back down again. If it popped up near Surrey St bus station fans could get there (as long as they knew where it was going to pop up) and it would be close to people who work close by so they could go to evening games without having to go home first. This would mean more fans could watch games, the TV installing companies would make more money as would the caterers and the bus companies, and the university could pay for the naming rights (Pop U(EA)P and the great thing is it would not cost anyone any money. What does everything think ?
  14. he[quote user="jas the barclay king"]i''m still waiting for Tom to tell me which part of Broadland Business park the UEA owns, considering he was convinced we''d agreed planning permission to build a new stadium on UEA owned land...[/quote]Rather like those who jump off the end of Worthing Pier dressed as a bird or a plane, each one is a different one. This is a different plan, but as with the fancy dress, it retains the same reasoning  behind itie it can all be paid by some fanciful tosh that other organisations will pay for it all. The Bristol Rovers stadium fell apart not simply be cause it was a scam driven by some shyster keen to line his pockets, but because it relied upon too many variables. Which by their nature can and will vary ie the supermarket dynamic changed, meaning in was no longer viable for Sainsbury''s to purchase the land. What we have with this nonsense is some idea that a railway station could be built to the same time frame and in cordination to a football stadium. Likewise various other entities would have to similarly all fit into the same timetable. Even with all that we have to presume that NCFC and television money will remain the same for the next twenty years ! Absolute nonsense from first to last. Far better for this young lad to go back to imagining that he is a professional scout.
  15. In reality what is is doing is not so much floging a dead horse but waving a whip over a long buried corpse. It is neither a serious topic, nor a credible one. Merely one that ONLY comes up with the regularity that April Fools day re-occurs. As many have pointed out this Walter Mitty character (who would have us believe us that he is a professional scout) has consistently avoided backing his arguments or providing reasoned and tangible evidence for his ludicrous hopes. Previously much had been pinned on the scam that was Bristol Rovers new stadium. We now have York Ccity being held up as the template for something that is pretty much unwanted and unneeded. And, unsurprisingly we still have the same belief. That this can be achieved at a cost to no one, based on some notion of linking various outside interests. I don''t doubt that as has he has now landed upon the Broads we will get some nonsense about the new stadium being funded by pleasure boats, reed growing, all powered by water mills erected around the stadium. Nnone of which will stand up to a more cursory glance. As does Purple''s rather silly contibution. The earth is not flat, the Pope is not a Hindu and Tom Cavendish has nothing of any worth to say. And shame on Purple for trying to wind him up by encouraging him.
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