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  1. Oh dear, I wrote should of instead of should have.

    Send the fuhrer my apologies.
  2. Bws Cat

    No Goal Music

    It''s an improvement, yeah.

    But we really need to raise our voices. I was disappointed by us at the start of the game. We were out sung by spam and yet again we rushed out OTBC. I hate it.
  3. Ha ha ha! TCANARY I award you the funniest response award on this thread.

  4. "The story or the cat''s atrocious attempt at wring in English?"

    It''s a lot harder to ''wring'' in English when you have an iPad due to the dodgy keyboard and autocorrect.
  5. City first has a point CK.

    Wait till wiz, he''s the gift that just keeps giving.
  6. FFS, what does that nutter think he''s doing? Watch the tunnel cam video guys.

    That kid asked for his hat, he should of just handed it over, then he should off took his shirt and handed that to him too!

    What a selfish man, no doubt a failed media tactic employed by Houghton, he needs to publicly apologise for his arrogance and be fined by the club, the FA, UEFA and FIFA!

    What a git. I''ve lost all respect for him. I could of sworn after the kid asked for his hat he muttered "go back to mummy foetus boy" under his breath!

    Houghton out!
  7. Bws Cat

    as the goals went in yesterday

    The River End by its standards went pretty loony.

    I still got told off as usual for "acting like a hooligan" however by the bloke in front of me.
  8. Bws Cat


    Oh great.

    The entirety of the media probably just came in their pants right now.
  9. I''m expecting a draw at Newcastle, a win at palace and a heavy loss at Liverpool (as usual).

    So 4 points. I would be content with that.
  10. Bws Cat


    Was just about to make a thread on this.

    They''ve been outclassed by none other than stoke so far.
  11. Bws Cat

    1 minutes silence

    I was in the River End and it was so quiet ( here come the jokes I guess) that we could hear isolated shouts over in the Barclay.
  12. I didn''t think wiz had any teeth left morty!
  13. Bws Cat

    Chris How Dare You...

    I can''t believe he had the nerve to come out and admire the quality we have on MOTD!
  14. You know it''s been a good day when the trolls come out like a river of shi t has burst it''s banks.
  15. Bws Cat

    Norwich v West Ham Match Thread

    Im at the game lads and so far i have to say this.

    We have been shi t. Zero passion, zero energy and zero positives. A completly gutless performance so far and the crowd know it, booing and a few isolated choruses of ''what a load of rubbish'' so far.

    This needs to change. Quick.
  16. Bws Cat

    Fulham 3 down

    Make that four!
  17. Apparently somebody just proposed at villa park in front of everyone.

    Poor bugger.
  18. Bws Cat

    The day is here....

    Where is your evidence that morty is overweight, unfit and severely alcoholic Houston?
  19. Bws Cat

    The day is here....

    "That sounds like a restaurant"

    " Cellarhouse PUB AND Restaraunt"


  20. Updated for your pleasure morty.
  21. Bws Cat

    The day is here....

    Christ, my signature is a bit bigger than expected!
  22. Bws Cat

    The day is here....

    I swear I''m arguing with a Puritan right now.
  23. Bws Cat

    The day is here....