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  1. [quote user="Carlos Valderrama"]Both very good players. I''d let Snodgrass go but only to Celtic. Fer won''t want to stay I reckon but agree that we should wait til after the World Cup. It''s nice not needing to sell, get proper fees for the talent.[/quote] ...Not needing to sell or not being forced to sell!
  2. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Made the 23 man squad! I''m happy for him and happy we will be represented at the World Cup. When did we last have that?[/quote] Providing he''s still a Norwich player come the World Cup.
  3. I share in your sentiment...if we are going to take this club forward and go for consolidation in the Premiership then we need the financial means in order to do so!
  4. [quote user="St Georgey"]RVW would be battered all over the place in the Champs. He would be even more useless than last year. He showed nothing to suggest that we should do anything other than cash in on him. Hooper will come good though. Should he stay. Playing off someone like Amoebi I think he''d be lethal. Throw in the Murphy twins and maybe even the odd cameo from Loza and I think we''d have goals in us. But we need a big number 9, back up for Hooper, and a creative number 10 - as Wes will be gone[/quote] Ameobi..r u avin a laugh?
  5. I was as surprised as the most cynical of you on here when I heard the news! Having digested and rationalised this appointment I believe it is a statement of intent from the club. Now...not necessarily a positive one. I think the boards intention for next seasons failure is to go with youth and to blood a few of the kids into our first team to plug the mass exodus of first team players! Therefore...with Adams at the healm to manage the kids, the club get to breed familiarity and we get to see our club finish in mid-table obscurity . The board get to pocket a load of dosh from the sale of our only hope of a swift return back to the promised land...the senior players!
  6. [quote user="Wiz"]Is Tim Sherwood with Adams as his number two. I have given up on Garcia or Lennon, that would have shown ambition, but I could at a push settle for this team........So Adams it is then [/quote] Lennon showing ambition...dream on Bullwinkle.
  7. Olsson will be off...he''s too good a commodity for championship football next season.
  8. [quote user="Barnaby Bear"]A plastic is someone who is not from Norwich, or has moved away, and pretends to "support" the club. They usually secretly prefer rugger. The OP is a prime example.[/quote] Why would someone want to pretend to support Norwich for? It can''t be for the glory...can it???
  9. Because in the managers estimation he''s probably sh★te!
  10. A good player at his very best but unfortunately has far too many average days and his crossing can be quite woeful at times!
  11. ...I had a slight hunch he may still be the right man at the helm for Norwich...but after that second half performance today...definitely...well done Chris.
  12. ...It''s definitely time for you to go...as a Norwich fan I can''t handle this winning mentality...otbc!!!!
  13. We played a very slick and deadly City team today who managed to convert seven out of their ten shots on target...quite devastating to be fair! A multi-million pound bunch of footballing talent who are expected and with good reason to be pulling in the silverware both home and away this season. We are still very much a work in progress and missing vital players today in Redmond,Snodgrass,wolfy and Tettey...we stood no chance today to be quite honest. We have played our first ten games consisting of teams like Chelsea,Arsenal,City and Spurs and with no surprises lost them all. If anybody actually thought we would be taking points off these teams at full strength and playing 3 of the 4 matches away from home then I am not the deluded one! We got a very good and respected draw against Everton and beat Stoke and a very talented Southampton team! Now...my only grovel this season has been our performances against Hull,Villa and only managing a point against Cardiff when to be fair we had enough of the game to absolutely batter them. The Villa defeat involved a farcical penalty situation and a very contentious penalty decision go against us in the Hull game...to my knowledge their one and only shot on our goal! For me...and I am not into knee jerk reactions this early into a season will be in our next eight games seven of which we should be looking to pick up some much needed points in. Come the Man U game if we are still in this position then I will also be calling for Hughton''s head but at this moment in my opinion it''s absolute suicide! We need unity and the fans getting behind both the manager and the team for the visit of a struggling West Ham and we should be nested on 11 points come the end of this game. This is my opinion so feel free to debate it...
  14. [quote user="First Wizard"]It guarenteed Hughton was sacked that evening? Now, I''ll admit, I expect a heavy defeat anyway and the offer I would find tempting, but to actually want a City defeat? Thats going a bit too far even for me.............but what about you? [/quote] ...I didn''t see that one coming!!!
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