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  1. Good article, and not too much to disagree with really. I will be delighted if we hold on to Klose, and would like Brady and Naismith to stay too. Not too fussed if Redmond goes, The Murphy boys are ready to step up and I think they are more of a threat going forward and definately more of a goal threat. Maybe RVW will realise that he isnt as good as he thinks he is and will be given a shot to prove himself one last time. No phaffing about in the transfer market this time please, identify the players and go get them in.
  2. [quote user="Huckerbys Boots - Matt"]So what is the official deal with Bennett? Wife birth thing is this confirmed cause I''ve only seen it from fans, no official word from the club and no mention by Neil yesterday.[/quote] Im curious about this too, even if it is correct, he gets paid alot of money to play football. I have 4 kids and have worked right up to the day mine were born, why cant a pro-footballer on £XX,000s a week do the same. Rooney played even though Colleen was due to drop too. If true, then I think AN made a mistake there.
  3. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="NCFCgardener"]Good move that, needs time on the pitch at this stage in his career, moving up the leagues which cant be bad.[/quote]Er! He was at Rotherham In the Champs and now he''s moved to League One...........[/quote] Ha, I had forgotten about that http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun-forums/cs/emoticons/emotion-8.gif
  4. Good move that, needs time on the pitch at this stage in his career, moving up the leagues which cant be bad.
  5. Looks a good signing on paper, but then so did Wolfy!
  6. He reacted, but he didnt assault the guy in any way that I can see on the video, intimidation is probably the worst you could lay on him. Drunken idiot trying to provoke a reaction, reminds me of trolls who complain when they get trolled.
  7. We wont sack him even if we get relegated, which I also dont think will happen. Yes, he is inexperienced at this level, and has made mistakes, but will be better for it. Fair play to him for trying to keep faith in the players that got us promoted, it doesn''t always work out and some players will be found wanting, but they deserve the chance to prove themselves. Some players will come in and some will leave, we will be fine, stop panicking.
  8. A new strikers a must, someone with a bit of pace and a cool finish, Charlie Austin would be a good shout but wouldn''t be fussed if we went elsewhere. Cant see a new CM unless we offload someone and cant see us being willing or able to pay the sort of price needed to improve on what we have. CB, again, same as CM, we wont pay enough to improve on what we have. I would rather let Whits go and bring in a decent RB, however Martin did well against Everton, his little turn on the bench may have done him some good.
  9. Ruddy did well to keep his cool in my opinion. That lad was wasted and was clearly looking for trouble, I particularly like the way he pooped himself when Ruddy lunged at him.
  10. AN was quite diplomatic by saying Vardy was "clever". One of the softest penalties that you are likely to see, Bassong couldn''t really have done anything to avoid that, he was certainly looking for it. 4 Penalties for Leicester this season, 2 won by Vardy, the other being against Bournemouth, he was accused of diving for that one too. The lads going to get himself a reputation of being a diver.
  11. I''m a big fan of Russ Martin, a model Pro who clearly loves this club and always gives 110%. Yes, he makes mistakes and I do think that he is certainly our weakest centre back, but, he also has alot of respect from the players, has a huge influence on the squad on and off the pitch. He is a superb captain, so its hard to leave him out. I feel for Ryan Bennett but he will have to bide his time and wait for an injury or suspension, when that happens, it will be hard to dislodge him.
  12. Lafferty looked sharp and determined to prove himself, but there can be no denying that his performances to date have been pretty poor. He is certainly benefiting from ANs strong man-managment skills. Too early to judge Mbokani, did get an assist which is a positive.
  13. You cant judge a squad based on the amount of money you spend, QPR have gone crazy with signings twice and its got them nowhere. Personally, I think we have done good business, whats missing are a CB and a Striker, probably the most important and hardest positions to recruit for. We wont be ripped off and Im happy with that. 1 game and the doom mongers are out already!
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