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  1. Some people''s opinions of ex-players are frankly embarrassing. Why would anyone have a go at Ashton for leaving us when we got relegated from the Premiership. He was clearly one of our top players who deserved another go in the Prem, we weren''t doing much in the Championship to help that cause. Very unfortunate circumstances led to his retirement, and he must have enjoyed his time here as he now lives in Norfolk!
  2. Hoolahan isn''t going anywhere, do not worry!
  3. Funny this has sprung up.....there was word going around Colney that Arsenal were interested in Ruddy. I questioned this as they have a great young keeper in Szczesny, however who knows what goes on behind the scenes. Same source indicated that word also mentioned we may be interested in Al Habsi, I guess if Ruddy left. He will be a big draw for bigger clubs, he is one of our stars and prized assets, I truly hope we keep hold of him as we will build with him rather than without him.
  4. Great career at the top level, beat a life changing illness, happy retirement Mark Halsey!
  5. Stupidly exciting talents, I don''t care of they have a loose pass here or there, they have no fears.
  6. Got no issues with Lambert and wish him all the success. He clearly does not get on with McNally. Money, or family issues?
  7. Hmm......think the manager would get slated if we started with that side. Jackson and Becchio, one prem goal between them this season, starting our most important game of the season? One defensive minded midfielder? Dropping R Bennett? Hmm....... Bunn Martin, Bassong, R Bennett, Garrido E Bennett, Johnson, Howson, Snodgrass Hoolahan Holt I''d like to see Tettey and Becchio play, but I don''t think they''d start, same with Whittaker and Ruddy.
  8. If we lost the team spirit, then I would be really worried. If players weren''t fighting for each other, I would be worried. But we have all this, we have the talent because we went on an amazing unbeaten run which has really defined our stay in this league, we just need to add on this in the summer and spend wisely, because we don''t have the money to make poor signings. Thankfully, we aren''t in a position to offer silly wages and drive a wedge in the team. Thankfully, the management staff are wise and clued up enough to bring in talent on good money, but what won''t blow this club away. One interesting point for me this season has been Holt. I think a LOT of it has been a lack of confidence from a lack of goals. He has expressed his desire to play alongside a striker, because he will get more chances to score and his confidence will return when he scores more. I hope people don''t lose hope because this is a player who scored 15 last season and is a year wiser now. The crowd mustn''t turn on him, because we would be turning our backs on 3 magnificent years.
  9. The club changed its focus as soon as they got promoted, they lost the dressing room buzz from promotion which we retained last season, and the fresh faces haven''t performed as expected. I feel sorry for those players who worked their socks off to get the club promoted, and then had to watch as superstars came in on inflated wages and under performed for their club.
  10. I don''t really post much on is forum but I thought i''d share my views as I''m as passionate as you all about Norwich City, and I have opinions on this season just like everyone else, which I am always happy to debate. I like the team ethos, I sense there is still a good buzz within the camp which we had throughout the last 3 seasons. This isn''t a sinking ship by any means and I think that''s great to see. I don''t sense a division amongst the players or a ''I''m better than you'' attitude like some teams have. The fight is still there on the pitch and each player goes out there to fight for their team and each other. Our away form has been poor this season, and I don''t think the tactics have been great. Everyone kows we play negatively and try to score from the counter or set pieces, but we are quick enough to score on the counter to we have to rely on set pieces, which served us well on the unbeaten run but haven''t reaped the rewards recently, hence we haven''t picked up many away points in 2013. If we can produce the positive displays that we see at Carrow Road away from home, I''m certain we would have more points in the bag. I''ve got no problem with our home form this season, we look solid and although it has been fairly dull at times, we''ve got the results which matter. I see us winning one of the final two home games which will see us safe. Player of the season for me comes down to three standout performers. I feel sorry for Ruddy because he was playing fantastic before his injury and would have been in the running, and Turner too has been brilliant in his latest run in the side.but for consistency, improvement and talent, the top three for me should be Snodgrass, Bassong and Johnson. Snoddy for me is like a slow Huckerby, but with a bit more skill on the ball which makes up for it. Bassong is a rock at the back, and we look a lot worse without him. Johnson has really impressed me this season, not scared to fight for everything and has looked quality. A better final ball and he would be an all round quality midfielder. Next season we have the star signing Van Wolfswinkel joining us. Whether we base the team around him is down to the manager, I think that''d be risky, but I wouldn''t want to see him deployed as a lone striker too many times, like Holt or Kamara have this season. We will make further signings in the summer, a central attacking creative midfielder, another winger, a permanent left back and another striker would do me fine. Kamara has an aerial threat and pace which although hasn''t brought many goals (something unfairly held against him I feel, because who else has scored them) I would like to see him back next season as he can offer us a great outlet up front with his presence and skill. He isn''t afraid to shoot, and will raise the crowd if necessary. His attitude is spot on. I hope we play with more attacking threat away from home, believe we can go and take the game to the opposition rather than soak up the pressure and rob them of three points. It hasn''t worked this season and makes us look a but soft. Home form again will be key and I think Hughton knows this, and I''m sure he will play with the right tactics to pick up the points consistently at home, like we have done this season. All in all, I''d like to see more self belief away from home, from the players and the management next season, and we can really push on and fight towards the middle of the table.
  11. I read somewhere his newborn arrived last week I believe, hopefully his absence today isn''t a complication from this.
  12. The crowd affect the game more than people think. The boos ring out louder than the cheers, and people don''t realise that this is going to have an effect on the players. Some can ignore it, but I bet some can''t. I understand the fans frustration, but if I''m disappointed with the performance, I''d rather stay quiet than shout abuse, as it is not a positive response. We need the team and the team needs us. Let''s stay positive throughout the match.
  13. Steer is more than capable to sit on the bench v Wigan, and reports suggest Ruddy may be back by then anyway.
  14. Kane just didn''t fit into our system of one up front. He wasn''t quick or strong enough. He is more of an intelligent player who will find himself in the correct positions and shot the ball home. A shot of confident and a run of games with Leicester and I''m sure he will prove to be a good player.
  15. If this were the case, I''d imagine Howson would replace Tettey and Bennett would replace Pilks.
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