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  1. [quote user="GMF"]Oh and the 14 Liverpool fans convicted for involuntary manslaughter, 7 got 3 years, the other 7 got suspended sentences. I''ll leave it to you to decide if justice was done[/quote]  7 got 3 years, but half of that was suspended and its never been made clear exactly how much time any of them actually spent in jail  
  2. I hate Liverpool with a passion.  While I was growing up they won everything, and every man and his gloryhunting dog who probably wouldn''t have even been able to find Liverpool on a map supported them.  To this day I know many Liverpool "fans" around here, most of whom I''ve been to Anfield more times than they have and they constantly belittle Norwich.  I hate them because the actions of their supporters cost us a place in Europe 3 times (which they originally tried to blame on Chelsea fans who had infiltrated them).  I hate them because of the behaviour of their fans at Anfield at an FA Cup replay in 1990.  I hate them because of the way they handled the Suarez thing last year.  Even this week we''ve been subjected to Rodgers moaning about their treatment by refereees and players trying to convince the press that Suarez is not a diver.  Loathsome, loathsome club   One thing is for sure, the 96 who died at Hillsborough were not to blame for their own deaths, and I have massive sympathy for the families of those who died.  Several contributing factors were to blame - The Police, Sheffield Wednesday, The FA, Roadworks on the M62 etc etc.  Those 96 who died were not drunk or ticketless as they got themselves into the ground in plenty of time but no-one will ever know how many people who got into the ground were because only the dead were tested for alcohol.  Move forward to the Champions League final in Athens and the situation was reversed, drunk ticketless Liverpool fans managed to force their way into the ground filling it up and leaving ticketless fans outside. A lesson from history learned?  It seems not I won''t be joining in with their "Justice" chants or "You''ll never walk alone".  Not out of disrespect for those who died, but because I''ve had enough of it now.  The independent enquiry has made its findings public, not much there that anyone with any common sense has known for years.  Its always been apparent that there was a major cover up.      If they observe the minutes applause for John Bond impeccably,  then I''m sure all will be fine.  If not, who knows what chants might get rolled out    
  3. Not been deleted, both tweets (about the rejected bid and the subsequent one about a transfer request being handed in) are still there https://twitter.com/ITK_TRANSFER I would take anything on there with a massive pinch of salt - probably a 15 yr old kids having a bit of fun.  They will post 80% made up stuff and the other 20% will be recycled from somewhere else.  Then eventually they will get one right and will crow about it for weeks afterwards   
  4. The "wobble" related to West Ham sniffing around.  Co-incidentally, shortly after they came sniffing it was announced he had signed an improved contract.....  
  5. One thing that that has yet to be discussed.....    "He will not be our coach for much longer" doesn''t actually mean he''s leaving does it..................?
  6. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Thanks for the 3 years but surely the REAL test was coming up now?. The challenge to sustain and progress the job you''ve started with the team you''ve built and prove it wasnt just a flash in the pan, instead of jumping ship at the first job that becomes available?? If you''ve left because you think you''ve taken us as far as you can then that I''m afraid is surely an admission of your own managerial shortcomings if you dont think you can progress this team and probably a reason in itself as to why you should leave anyway??  Time to get in somebody that believes that they can move us forward and actually finish the job thats been started.   It may sound bitter but I hope Villa crash and burn...and looking at their team on the last day of the season, can even Lambert save that?.  I hope "second season syndrome" really does hit Paul Lambert and Villa suffer because of it !!! [/quote]   Oh come on get a grip.  Its the way we got him.  Col U fans are probably shouting Karma as I type He was our Manager, he''s not now.  When he comes back here (which will probably be the first game of next season now!) I''ll neither applaud him or boo him.   Next season at Villa will be a massive test for him as their expectation will be high - not many managers have left ncfc over the years and gone on to be a success elsewhere Our board will find the right man to carry on what he started - onwards and upwards  
  7. All Balls did was rehash the ongoing rumour of the time on Twitter, but in such a way that he was breaking it for the first time.   When he got stick for doing so  he pontificated that he was "happy to put his name to everything he tweets" (or words to that effect) and then when he got more stick he deleted the original tweet and apologised for spreading rumours So no, he knows nothing    
  8. [quote user="Making Plans"]There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don''t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don''t know we don''t know.[/quote]   Not forgetting the unknown knowns - The things that we don''t know we know  
  9. Charlie Wyett from The Sun (who as you may know is a Norwich fan) tweeted the other day "Holt, Morison, Howson, Hoolahan, etc etc all on 15k or 16k" and that Holt was looking for a rise to £21k But who is it who''s played his last game?  Perhaps we should see if the Pink Un will put up a prize for the most ridiculous conspiracy theory this time.....    
  10. Apparently what he actually said was "in football, as with any other jobs or anything else in life for that matter, you have no guarantees. Things show up and you have to deal with situations as they arises. I cant say that we will keep all of our players just because they are under contract. It depends on them, the club and the timing and quality of the offer. I am an ambitious man, I have made it no secret that i want to manage in england one day. That being said, I do want to stress that i have not been out looking for a job. I have not contacted anyone, but rather been contacted. i have already turned down a few premier league clubs and even champion league clubs that wanted to talk to me. When Aston Villa contacted me however, and offered me a private jet so that I would be ready for training the lads the next day, I wanted to speak to them. I contacted the owner (of molde) and was given the green light to do so. In that manner, the only thing I am sorry about is all this hassle that came out of it. There has not been contract negotiation. I have not been offered a job at Aston Villa. We have simply met to get to know each other. They will also speak to other candidates and I do not know whats going to happen from here. So as of today I have two years left on my contract and I intend to stay." Which sounds like a bit of a come & get me plea to me. In addition to that a Norwegian footballer has tweeted that Solksjaer has told his players that tomorrows game will be his last If I were you I''d get some 4/1 while you can...  
  11. According to one of the Villa boards, there was some kind of contact but it was taking too long for PL/Agent/NCFC to get back to them so they moved on to Solksjaer.  Also states on there the new Manager will be given £8million + half the income from player sales to spend in advance of next season. So bearing in mind that Bowkett said at the dinner on Monday there would be £10million extra in the pot here next season, it could well be that he''s been made aware of this by his agent, looked at what they have, looked at what we have here and thought he was better off staying put All messageboard gossip I know, but the money bit seems plausible given there reported debt    
  12. [quote user="Shaker Maker"]Are we all choosing to ignore the "its hard to tell" quote then? People are allowed to worry if they want to. [/quote] Where is he quoted as saying "its hard to tell" and what was the exact question that was put to him?  Journo''s (including Archant ones) will always print part of a quote and we never get to know how or in what context the question was posed. Watch/listen to his interview with Dan O''Hagan from the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/17973120 much more positive and talks about planning for next season If he stays, he stays.  If he goes, he goes.  One thing thats sure is that we''re in a much better place than we were when he took over and if he goes  I trust McNally and the board to install a capable replacement from whats sure to be a host of applicants
  13. Well according to this he''s signed for Granada   http://www.adifferentleague.co.uk/p6_46_14482_granada-sign-caen-defender.html  
  14. As "amusing" as these puns are, this is one player we won''t be getting He signed a 5 year deal with Spanish side Granada in April - awesome research from Talksport    
  15. RKYA, Hodges is a Norwich fan but left Aviva in the middle of last year, way before the latest 4 year extension was agreed.
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