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  1. Why are you so needy? I assume you watch streams of the games, and you obviously see the highlights, so know how well we''re playing? You shouldn''t need MOTD to confirm it for you every week. Just skip the analysis and you''ll be a much happier camper. They did have a point though. A last minute equaliser is a talking point, and it came from poor set piece defending, again.
  2. [quote user="grefstad"]My big point is that we were not at all "solid defensively" in this game. People are as alway blinded by the result. If we have lost this game 2-0, which would not have been totally unfair, people would gave been crying for Wes from the start of the game. For me, I just dont buy into that we were much more solid in the 4-5-1 with Dorrans/Howson. We managed a result due to Liverpools poor finishing, mainly, despite Russ Martins best efforts to gift them another goal. Look at the way Liverpool penetrated our rather immobile central midfield. Coutinho turned Tettey and co at will in the hole all game. "Defensive solidity", fooled by a rather fortunate 1-1 result.[/quote] We rode our luck a bit. No doubt. We were under pressure, and had to rely on a mixture of poor finishing from Liverpool and good goal keeping from JR. What we''ll never know is how many more, and what quality of chances we''d have allowed Liverpool had we played a different team. I''d have loved Jarvis to tuck that chance away and we win 2-1, but I''m more than happy with taking a point and the way it was achieved. I guess some people just can''t be satisfied.
  3. There''s absolutely nothing wrong with settling for a draw at Anfield. We played well, and were good for a point, but had to weather considerable pressure as the second half went on. You contend that Hoolahan would have won the game for us. I think the correct tactical decisions were made to ensure we took something from the game. Had we brought Wes on there''s a good chance that he''d be muscled off the ball or lose it trying to create something in the way he does, leading to a winner for Liverpool. You also have to consider that the rest of the team would likely be pretty tired after closing down and chasing for the 60%+ that Liverpool had the ball. Wes is likely never going to run past 3 or 4 defenders and score a solo wonder goal. He normally creates for other players. In a tiring team it''s less likely he would be able to do this, which just backs up the decision by AN to try and secure the point by staying more solid defensively.
  4. These days, my second sport is football. I''m a season ticket holder, and can''t see that changing. I love my football, but... The last couple of years I''ve become obsessed with golf. Watching and playing. To me it''s the perfect balance of mental strength and physical skill. A lot of people think it''s very dull, but the array of incredible shots the top players can execute under the most extreme pressure is mind blowin, and the levels of sustained brilliance they have to achieve over 4 days in order to win is fantastic. Also, the Ryder cup is the best team event in the world IMO. Nothing beats it. The drama at medinah was unsurpassed.
  5. "Standard internet point scoring..........love it!! [:D]" Given that internet point scoring is pretty much your raison d''ĂȘtre, it''s amazing that you feel the need to pick others up for it.
  6. ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH JOHNSON! Just stop it. You can''t play those passes. I''d love to see his ball retention stats in the final third.
  7. FFS get Johnson off. Every time we get forward and he gets the ball he gives the fucking thing away.
  8. Get one of the market twins in. Not the binner one, obviously. Puppet man can have a job too. At least the players would have a laugh.
  9. I''m not bothered that he''s gone. In fact I''m quite pleased at the prospect of possibly watching some good football from Norwich, but some of the gloating is pretty vile. Someone just lost their job, and while he''ll be financially rewarded for that with a payout, it''s still not a nice thing to happen. Some people need to display a bit more class. It''s a few steps away from people dancing in the street to celebrate the death of Thatcher.
  10. Why does anyone get wound up by him? He''s demonstrated time and again that he really doesn''t have a clue. He just happens to be on the telly. I pay about as much attention to his BS rambling as I do most of the hyperbolic whinging on here.
  11. "Why people on here rave about Pilkington I just can''t fathom, for, as another poster says, he never seems to get his knees dirty. He may think that just because he''s a slight passing resemblance to David Beckham - tatoos and all - it''s only a matter of time before he''s an England fixture. Sorry to dis-illusion you Tony but there the resemblance ends I''m afraid." I doubt it. He''s an Ireland international. Other than that, I agree. Frequently excellent in pervious seasons, but always a bit unwilling to out the hard work in defensively. Now seems to have very little going forward either. Injury hit seasons don''t help, I suppose. His crossing was always good, bu we see very little of that these days when he plays. I''ve never understood why people used to think he has pace. He''s not quick at all in this league.
  12. It''s not just the BBC though, is it? Most papers devote as few column inches to Norwich games as they can most weeks, unless we happen to be playing one of the top 6. Like it or not, most of the country don''t care about Norwich. Everyone knows MOTD is a joke, as is the Bbc in general. They pander to the big clubs constantly. Always have. Goals on Sunday is better, if you''ve got sky.
  13. I''d love us to grab a point, but even if we lose 3-2 it''ll be flattering on us.
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