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  1. always looks similar to chris martin when i have seen him play, and not much better
  2. this message board as turned into a board full of middle aged men who don''t get none of their wives and geeky teenagers. in a bit
  3. people need to realise 17th will always be the aim for norwich, might have the odd mid table finish but we just aint got the money other teams have. we spend what we earn nothing else
  4. lambert now 6-4 to be the next manager to leave his post. 12-1 this morning, he can''t handle pressure
  5. not a bad idea with only martin as a right back for the next few months
  6. good young player that will without doubt get some first team football here, in the new year. great little player slowly getting back to full fitness
  7. had his chance and blew it, time for some a goalscorer or two, delia time to get that big wedge of notes out from between your tits and get us a up and coming grant holt type.
  8. It was also disappointing to see how our away support has fallen away this season. We sold out the allocation last season and had a good go at the entire end in the cup. Worrying given this is only our second season back i went could not see one empty seat, plus we out sang wba all game, i think u r moaning for the sake of it, sums up this poor message board
  9. i would like to see frazier cambell myself, realistic and would be a real handfull, an upgrade on jackson.
  10. all them scores have a chance, i think a he could be close to that score, but 2-2 big holty is due his christmas run.
  11. i don''t get the hype over him, but if he goes liverpool think i might have a little bet on benitez to villa
  12. could see him going back to peterbough for a year, we need fresh blood
  13. now`5-4 for the villa job from 40''s, lambert out to 3-1
  14. not gonna happen people will still moan about nothing its in their nature
  15. 1-holt 2-ruddy 3-martin/naughton/pilks think the top two are dead certs
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