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  1. Agree with OP 100%, should we stay up it''ll as great an achievement as anything from the last three seasons (in my opinion!)
  2. Fantastic support from us, I''m totally shattered (860 mile trip & very little sleep for two days) but so worth it - just for Bairds Bar alone. So good to see so many Norwich and in fine voice
  3. Hope to get there for early afternoon on the day of the game, just need to find a good pub now!
  4. 90 minutes of non-stop singing for a manager/team? If there''s ever been a day to do it, surely Sunday is that day. Let''s hope Lambert will be here next season - but let''s make sure he''s left in no doubt how we feel about him and his team, how we''d love him to stay. OTBC
  5. Hi all, I’m researching our great club and in particular some our footballing rivalry. Now I’ve heard there used to be a small provincial town football club in suffolk, I thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more all I can find are some very dated black & white photo’s which haven’t helped a lot. Does anyone know much about them, their supporters etc. Many thanks Mozzer Oh yeah, nearly forgot - we are MASSIVE!
  6. Mello''s spot on. A group of about 12 of us must have spent £250 plus with Lloyds from 9am to 8pm (excluding the game!) - our cash was perfectly good enough then. Come 8pm suddenly not allowed in to use the bogs as Lloyds was ''closed''! unless of course you weren''t wearing colours. Absolutely disgusting.
  7. An amazing day (a long day, but an amazing one!) glad you slept - I haven''t slept since slapping the scum 5-1. Riverside was rocking yesterday - will live long in the memory
  8. You know that noise on QI when a "comedy" answer is made that was so expected.........that noise just went off!
  9. poor sound in ground and the one and only time we heard had a peep out of the Coventry fans. Cheers in advance
  10. As always a good report from Ricardo. A couple of things I haven''t seen mentioned anywhere from last night.. McNally on football matters - we will always appoint a ''best in class manager'' and ''in every transfer window there will be funds available to our manager to strengthen the playing squad'' oh and - regarding concerts at Carrow Road - Rod Stewart has sold well and the club will make money from it - plus at least one more concert to come "something for the younger audience" (wouldn''t disclosed at this stage) All in all a very positive AGM - we are in safe hands
  11. Norwichwhite, agree with your sky comments etc. Just a shame you don''t have the passion for your local team. I don''t get anyone who doesn''t support their local side - it''s where you''re from, it''s what you are, it''s part of you. The hurt I feel when Norwich lose and the joy when we win can''t (CAN NOT) be the same feelings someone experiences for a club from a meaningless part of the country I wasn''t born in. Again I agree with you about division one having true supporters, it''s our definitions of what true supporters are that we differ on.
  12. So norwich white, who''d you support in the World Cup?
  13. "Norwichwhite" isn''t that an oxymoron? or maybe just a plain old moron
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