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  1. Its comical, the team appears to have no clear leader and lacks a definitive strategy in the game apart from "try not to lose". For me, the Newcastle quotes about why they sacked him make sense, and the big question to me is how much longer can we hold out hope that something will change under Hughton''s management? I personally can''t see him changing the way he manages in one sense, good on him for sticking to his principles, but if they don''t work you need to have another plan, another strategy, a way to win the players over. I can''t see anything changing under Hughton, so for me I wouldn''t complain if he went now, though I can see uproar from a lot of fans and others in the football industry as a whole because all they see is a nice guy who won''t have been given enough time. He seems like a nice guy and all, and I had initially been glad at his appointment. He himself seems to lack confidence in the players, every team is better  than us, with quality players etc etc in his eyes, so god knows how the players must feel. For me, he just doesnt seem to be the right manager to take us forward.
  2. Its not necessarily about the result as it were, though that obviously is what helps drive it, but the way we set out, the lack of clear set strategy going forward and the consistent, same old problems and issues game after game.
  3. [quote user="Reverend Timothy Smallpiece"]Worst away support? The comprehensively outsung our support all game. They backed their team. We were an embarrassment.[/quote]*You''re an embarrassment.
  4. The Pilks Garrido spat looked simply like Pilks wanted to up the pace, get some urgency about the game (about time), and then Garridos lack of a pass to feet. If anything, it simply shows the high level of frustration with the players in the way they''re playing. They want to do well, but appear to have little confidence or morale in what they are doing
  5. Unfortunately, on paper we have the makings of a half decent Premier League squad. On the field, we are most certainly one of the worst at the moment. And that is all part of the reason why people are upset, because we are clearly capable of something more.
  6. Its funny because we have the capability to score, given the squad, but we look terrible under Hughtons non-guidance to the abyss.
  7. [quote user="City Till I Die"]Win against stoke and Cardiff at least[/quote]And given the current state of our football, can you see that happening?I question how many points we will take from these fixtures, and I don''t expect fireworks and more than 6, but to be honest, we need to win those two games.
  8. [quote user="ClaretCharles"]Ive been to nearly every premier league ground and travelling away for 10 years and I have to say you have some of the worst supporters at home bar stoke!! Do you lot have voices??? Come on sing up a bit for your team...you were outmatched by everything villa today. Step it up as I like you as a club.[/quote]Have you ever been to Villa Park? Aha.
  9. [quote user="Reverend Timothy Smallpiece"]A simple question. Would we have looked any less threatening with, perhaps, Steve Morison leading the line? I think we all know the answer in our heart of hearts. Starting to look like an expensive mistake? He even looks a bit like Dean Coney. [/quote]No, we wouldnt, but that doesn''t simply answer your question. It is only an expensive mistake if Hughton remains in charge for me! Morro or RVW, neither would have had the service needed.
  10. Thinking the same thing. I think its a sign of his frustration, mind. He wants to do well, but its hugely frustrating to see him act as though its all about him. He''s been terrible with his crossing of late and often appears too greedy. He needs to not be in the starting XI next week for me. I understand his desire, but unfortunately its not working for him at the moment. Though to say he is the main problem I would argue is wrong.
  11. [quote user="JF"]Unreal isn''t it? My heart sank when Snodgrass stepped up. The decision to have him on penaltys and not RVW needs to be explained cos I would have thought your new 8.5 million striker would be fighting for the chance to score from the spot.[/quote]Same! It was dissapointing to not see RVW really going for the pen. Snoddy needs knocking down a few pegs and learn his place within the team. Hughton said he "expected" RVW to take it... does that mean it wasnt a set and confirmed thing before the game? If he expected him to take it, he should have made it clear to the players.
  12. I think it was just as woeful as last time out against Tottenham. It''s just so frustrating, and that can even be seen on the players'' faces, even Hughtons. Only problem is he''s too stubborn to change his ways.
  13. I do think he should have scored, though I''ve seen plenty of strikers miss similar chances. Problem is, he doesn''t get enough chances to prove his worth. He is clearly, given his record, capable. The team lacks any solid sense of what to do going forward. Given the right tactics, he could prove  to do really well. Just I can never see that happening under Hughton. The same applies to every striker on the book, they''ll be lucky to get 10 goals between them!
  14. yes, the players look confused as to what to do and the attack is, when it comes, predictable. There is no plan! No creativity, no spark of brilliance, just side play and back pedaling. It''s sad, because we have what could be a really exciting bunch of attacking players with plenty of goals hidden in them. Just the wrong strategy which instils absolutely no confidence in the players at all.
  15. The signings showed intent, unfortunately our play and tactics lack that same intent. Just like in any job, the blame falls on the manager for a poorly performing team. Unfortunately, perhaps, confidence in Hughton from both supporters, club and players is only going to fall if we continue like this and change, one way or another, will be considered soon enough. The record speaks for itself. Though, what happens if change in managerial terms happens - who is there to bring in realistically, and what would be the result of such a change in terms of confidence & our play.
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