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  1. Howson usually does show great endeavour, effort and plays well but usually unnoticed - at least he looks like he makes an effort to battle. Did Redmond come on as a sub?
  2. It''s relatively simple. The majoroty of the players are not good enough at this level whether individually or as a team.  O''Neill''s miss sums it up. Now equal worst for goals conceded - that only ever means you will end up in bottom 3.  Similar to last time we were in the Premier when we looked OK but then dropped in to the zone and never got out again.  We are just doing a bit earlier this time!Oh well, more games next year and plent of evening matches, plus we should be towards the top end of the Championship!  Shame to miss ut on that £99million though.
  3. This season has some uneeringly similarities to 2013/2014 when we got relegated simply because we couldn''t put two wins together back to back or go on any sort of run, albeit the final 4 fixtures did for us too.The run in is better this time but, if we are to avoid relegation, we really must put some back-to-back wins together - look at Bournemouth who were looking down and out a few weeks ago.  The problem is that I see the likes of Newcastle and Sunderland (as well as Swansea) capable of doing that (they''ve both managed it already so far this season to get themselves away from Villa).  We''ve still to put two back-to-back wins together let alone anything beyond that.  Wins against Villa and Southampton would be a good time to start but we often struggle against Villa and Southampton have just stuffed the Arsenal too.  Are we actually capable of winning two games back-to-back let alone anything beyond that with the current squad?  It feels like major reinforcements needed in January, just to kick start any sort of run. 
  4. So, we''ve now conceded the most goals in the league - any clown can see all season how crap we are defensively. Major embarrassment live on TV once again. Newcastle really are not that good. It''s going to be a long, hard season. Not looking forward to work.
  5. One Steve Whittaker , there''s only one Steve Whittaker (thank f*$k)
  6. So are there 3 teams poorer than us defensively, because that will be what counts?
  7. Whittaker and Martin - need say no more. Found out at this level. Wow, Man City ad Arsenal to come - could be cricket scores.
  8. Martin and Whittaker hopeless, shocking and clueless. 5 goals conceded against Newcastle - can''t wait for Arsenal. Bennett must come in at centre half but we''ve screwed up in not reinforcing our defence.
  9. Yes much better this week although Bassong even better - looked after Wilson very well
  10. Absolutely bloody hopeless. Southampton not great themselves but Whittaker really helped them. Shame it''s only a one game ban. Could be a busy final window
  11. He was getting the run around by Tadic before that. Can''t defend but good going forward (when we go forward)
  12. No one can defend Whittaker - plain daft. He was already getting roasted by Tadic anyway. Usual scenario, crap defensively and hasn''t looked good because we haven''t got forward. Poor all round today even leading up to sending off and oh for a striker who would have buried that Jerome chance. Oh well, all over as I type !!!! Keep the goals down now as could be a big loss
  13. Martin had a shocker today along with the remainder of the back 4, save for Olsson. No excuses - he was slow, looked disinterested and made to look pretty stupid at times by a far superior team.
  14. No worries - I''ve got no axe to grind on BJ but he was woeful both with and without the ball. Tettey far better and more mobile. I get what you are saying about Wes and yes he wasn''t great but does at least keep trying to get us to link up play and moving forward. Sorry, I was there and BJ was very, very poor. He had a great start to the season and has gone off big time, with yesterday awful. Howson more mobile, brighter, sharper and simply a better player - I think most of the 4000 of us there yesterday really couldn''t suss out the starting 11. I doubt you will feel be anyone who was there who would disagree. Let''s hope for a change and win on Tuesday!
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