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  1. I think that it is too early to decide - not the best first few results but if we go on a good rum we could rack up some points. Just interested in other peoples opinions.
  2. Both. The, manager who, in your opinion is the best we''ve had.
  3. 4-0 against Ipswich in the Fa cup, or a late 3-2 win at old Trafford in the league?
  4. Hi all Just interested in how many of us are going to see the stoke game this Sunday. YES OR NO
  5. I have used the Tune in Radio app to listen to Norwich just search up Radio Norfolk under stations and tune in.
  6. After seeing that picture you''ve made me even more angry with snoddy if hed let the wolf take the pen we would have in my opinion won the game. Hes getting to arrogant and his crosses are poor needs to be subbed or completely not in the game at ll this Sunday.
  7. Now I know its early but Saturday was really disappointing because we couldn''t put the chances away. We have been rubbish away from home so far this season absolutely pathetic, but do you think this will be the date it all finally changes. Thoughts; predicted final score And are any off you going to see the game its half price tickets but will still probably be as exciting as watching paint dry.
  8. Bassong today was quite awful and caused the villas goal to go in what was he doing? Bu to be fair its a one off for him and now hes injured which means a big hole in our defense. Ryan Bennett did do well when he came on though. We just look like we go out to defend and hope that we get some lucky goal.
  9. Hi Sorry just very frustrated by the result we always loose at home to villa I''m sick of it and we have all the possession and ball but just cant take the chances we create. Houghton at the end of the game looked absolutely clueless and like hed ran out of ideas. We need a more attacking manager in fast and what i don''t get is when were 1-0 down why don''t we through everything at it and if we loose 2 or 3-0 at least we had a go. Its getting truly worrying now though away at Stoke Cant see us getting anything and at home to Chelsea neither. Our last 6 games are really hard and we need to get lots of points in these next games, but I cant see where the goals are going to come from. Hughton has had his chance watching him in charge now makes me feel like I want to break something.
  10. Watched the game on the telly we were absolutely awful and week in week in week out we seem to play extremely negative football. RVw isn''t scoring because he hasn''t hardly had a sniff and when he finally does he cant convert it because hes lost nearly all his confidence. I''m sorry but Hughton has now got his preferred squad the one he has chosen and we still seem rubbish, I think its time for him to go. Thoughts, yes or no
  11. In Aston Villa game Ruddy wearing a Green kit - neither home nor away?
  12. Perhaps a win - if we can become and remain confident for the majority of the game then it''s a yes, but if we play as shocking as we did against other teams such as away at Wigan - definitely a no. I believe we can but it will be scrappy and a hard-fought match
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