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  1. I like the sound of the La Bamba chant! On a side note, how about Boney M''s ''Daddy Cool'' as a chant for Harry Kane? Harry, Harry Kane! Harry, Harry Kane! Fits quite nicely!
  2. Not goal of the season but Pilkington''s against QPR away was a quality strike
  3. I think Swansea at home is a far tougher game than some people might give them credit for, and for that reason I don''t think we should be too disappointed to come away with a draw (especially considering we took 3 points off of them at Carrow Road). The important thing is to limit the creative influence from their midfield, their strikers aren''t particularly fearsome and their defense is well organised but nothing that Morison/Jackson/Holt and Fox/Pilks/Bennett shouldn''t be able to outwit. I think overall it should be a good game of attractively played football!
  4. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"] The biggest impact Jackson has is something most can''t see or notice, his pace forced Bolton to defend a bit deeper & thus allowed our midfield more room in which to control the game. [/quote] This
  5. In terms of mentality he looked a frustrated figure and missed some clear chances which you would usually bank on him to tuck away. I''m not saying he has lost form completely, he just didn''t seem the clinical battering ram that we''ve come to expect of him. I never said it wasn''t a good team performance, it was a good showing from us today! The only criticism is that some of the players need to be more selfish and cross/shoot instead of over passing it. But given the midweek result it is understandable that some players might be under confident when shooting.
  6. I thought Jackson was on top form today, played well and made up for Holt not being his usual self. He fully deserves the starts Lambert is giving him at the moment. For me Jackson and Morison with Holt on the bench.
  7. Completely agree with Riccardo. Not sure how even the most loyal fan could disagree with the fact that Arsenal are a better side than us. If it wasn''t for their infamous ''walk it into the net'' tactic it could have been a pretty embarrassing result for us. We gave the ball away far too cheaply, which is a shame because Russel Martin played his socks off and pulled out some great tackles. Tierny was a bit flummoxed by Walcott''s pace at times, but I''ll let him off because he has been superb otherwise this season. Still, no better time to show us at our best than when QPR visit Carrow Road next weekend! OTBC
  8. [quote user="GJP"]I''ll go for Pilkington, Hoolahan and Barnett. I don''t think Barnett has got the credit he deserves for his performances this season and so far this thread has basically proven that to me. [/quote] I agree he has played well, but I''m not surprised many have left him out considering our last game against Villa and his back pass still fresh on everyone''s minds.
  9. Got to be Morison, Pilkington and Tierny for me. All three have been class acts, especially when you consider their 3rd tier backgrounds!
  10. Good post, very well balanced. I think what we City fans can really take heart from is the fact that despite our squad being made up of so called ''championship players'', we have rarely looked out of place in the premier league (opening minutes at Anfield excluded). As far as I am concerned a clean sheet is a bonus, it sounds obvious but as long as we can out score teams we win games. I think if we continue to play as we are doing at the moment there are definitely 3 teams who will finish off worse than us come the end of the season - especially considered we are bound to get some more astute Lambert signings in January. OTBC!
  11. Watching it from the middle of the kop next to my mate whos a liverpool fan... going to have to contain some serious emotion!
  12. One of many strong performances today, very pleased with the way our wide players threatened throughout the game. As mentioned on MOTD their long balls across the width of the pitch were a real handle for Stoke. Could be that direct freekick specialist that we have been lacking?
  13. Must have been watching the same stream as you mate, have to say I did give the screen a personal round of applause when I heard the commentator say that. Andy Townsend who I normally can''t stand as a pundit made some good observations for a change.
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