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  1. Well played Purple. I always knew you were so much more interesting than you made out.
  2. Almost worth coming back for, but no, just the usual crocodile tears of the attention seeker. The curse of the internet, unabashed trolling. Good luck folks!
  3. The lad clearly likes Delia''s cooking. It''s her we should be crediting for promising to make ''Otpot every Sunday for him. Rubbish story Banana, almost sorry to step on your toes....
  4. By the sounds of it Wiz seems happy now with Chris Hughton! Wonders will never cease Fantastic news for us today!!
  5. I thought Spain''s trick was that they could pass the ball and score.
  6. All good stuff Indy, of course there have been bad times and good but there''s one major difference between you and all of us who have been around for those years and Wiz:- Why isn''t our every post and new thread a negative experience about our owner, our board, our new manager and a.n.other new player?
  7. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Whatever you think of Wiz''s opinions, his age is irrelevant. Making ''lighthearted'' remarks about his colour, gender or sexuality would be rightly jumped on, so why is it OK to laugh at his age?[/quote]Personally I hadn''t made any "light" remarks about his age, I expect I am in the same bracket as Wiz but following calling our owner old and frail I would have thought he''s opened the door himself, criticising others would be a bit hypocritical.http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2748120/ShowPost.aspxI wouldn''t normally comment on his endlessly boring attitude of "I don''t care, I''ll say what I want" but he has reached that level now of sucking the sweat of dead men''s balls with his constant negativity that if he finds himself getting stick (which he doesn''t mind btw) why should anyone else give one?This latest round of criticising a new manager, new players and implying that the board are lying takes the biscuit imo. In any case, he perversely loves the attention.
  8. [quote user="Wiz"]1. I don''t give a flying toss what some of you think of me, I post for myself, not to keep you lot happy. [/quote] I know you post for the attention, so what?  [quote user="Wiz"] 2. Holloway was quite a popular choice for our new manager, both on here and on an Archant survey. [/quote] Show me some positive posts you made about him then.  [quote user="Wiz"] 3. I have actively supported City, home and away since 1957, so why would I go a scum site other than to gloat about City''s superior football? [/quote] Wearing a bit thin this man and boy stuff, who cares? Seeing as you''re enjoying it so much have you ever considered taking up something more suited to your character. Like mass murder?  
  9. There''s something I just don''t understand here. No, I understand why Wiz feels the need to keep digging out managers he hasn''t seen in action at our club. I understand why he has to knock players who''ve just come in. I even understand that every new post, every new thread has to have some subtle dig at the board and (God bless her) Delia. What I don''t understand is why Wiz thinks this is the binner''s forum.
  10. I''d just like to state for the record that we live in the same small Italian hill top town as Grant''s aunt and we haven''t even asked her if she knows what is going on with Grant''s situation. I''d like to think that is what''s known as integrity but honestly if she even knew she wouldn''t be indiscreet about it. There you go, it''s out there now and it''s off my chest.
  11. I only repeat Dubai Canary''s comments because they were similar to many along the same lines EPPS, added to the reported comments made by Holt on Twatter to that effect perhaps in the absence of these ''Official" communications it maybe that i had taken this as gospel fact. It''s more plausible then the speculation of Holts massive avarice - and doubly more than NO communication at all. My bugbear is that even with all that has gone on that the club hasn''t moved more decisively and reassuringly. I don''t know how many goals David McNasty is good for but at this rate we''ll need him suited and booted on the centre line 1st thing next season at this rate!
  12. [quote user="Eric Pickles Pie Supplier"][quote user="Ruddygore"]Can''t believe that there are people denying that it was stated that Holts primary reason for putting in a transfer request as stated by Holt''s agent right back at the beginning of this whole thing was because he claimed to have been promised a "discussion" on an extension to his contract following the end of the season. ![/quote]   Well, there''s a very good reason why some of us are making a denial of that sort, RG....simply because a statement to that effect has never been made . I, for one, am perfectly prepared to accept that what you say may be a factor, but one or two people on this, and other threads have made it sound that it''s the undeniable gospel truth. And in any case, we are getting into semantics here as when does a "discussion promise" become the promise of a new contract ? So all the "deniers" are doing is to avoid making judgements when very few of the facts are actually in the public domain.   The fact is that no-one has put forward any firm reason as yet for Holt''s decision. The nearest we have had from the man himself was a thinly veiled statement that it "is not to do with money ". So, until there are more firm facts known, it''s best if we all do not make definitive statements, surely ? [/quote]I don''t think you''d be saying this if it wasn''t what you believed but on the other hand I hadn''t thought that I''d dreamed up the comments. They were discussed on this forum and also following an article published in the EDP, by The Premier League Owl site and also on Hotamania. Whilst I don''t use Twatter and don''t know if Holt''s original remarks can be reproduced it was reported in the Mirror and other rags approximately 22 days ago that those were his remarks.http://thepremierleagueowl.com/backing-norwichs-ceo-over-the-grant-holt-issue/http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city-fc/norwich_city_chief_executive_david_mcnally_grant_holt_is_not_for_sale_1_1396488"Surely McNally and Holt should sit down and talk this out between the two of them. Come on, you are both big boys - it''s a discussion about a one year contract extension that''s all !!These agents are nothing but a pain in the provebial if you ask me. I don''t see that they really add any value - on the contrary...." - Dubai Canaryhttp://www.holtamania.com/2012/06/07/the-paul-lambert-years-part-three/Apologies I can''t do links.Further, no, a discussion isn''t a promise but a promise to have a discussion is still a promise lol. When it doesn''t take place you have every right to take it as broken.
  13. Can''t believe that there are people denying that it was stated that Holts primary reason for putting in a transfer request as stated by Holt''s agent right back at the beginning of this whole thing was because he claimed to have been promised a "discussion" on an extension to his contract following the end of the season. That at that point it was not about "greed" or "more money" but about an extra year. People talking about greed have a good point, it would also make more sense if they were mentioning names who were actually on "big money". As with all things in the job market you pay the going rates and you get the quality you want but that isn''t what this was all supposed to be about in the beginning. What it has become is a dogs dinner of fans speculating, unusually bad communications from a players agent which I can quite happily believe has come about through absolutely NO communication from the club. McNasty is playing hardball, it''s the McNasty we have come to know and appreciate for some things but when we actually pay the bills, whilst we don''t actually own the shares you''d think it would be better wouldn''t you. It could also just be that someone who believed what he was told and believed in doing his job then became frustrated about a situation not of his making and as it developed possibly feared he was being hung out to dry. Speculation? Yes, lots of it about. No worse and no better than anything said already on here. Give the guy a break, since we are all in the dark it could just be that he felt in the same position!
  14. [quote user="Eric Pickles Pie Supplier"][quote user="Ruddygore"]Funny how some people accept the old guys frequent insulting and libellous posts about our owner without batting an eyelid and then get their knickers in a twist when he gets some of it back. ROFL.[/quote]   And it''s not just the owner who Wiz has dished it out to over recent weeks.   He is perfectly entitled to his view, and also to campaign for it (however misguided most of the rest of us think he is). However , what he''s got to realise is that he continues to post abusively, he''s going to get some back. Those apologists for him who think otherwise clearly are not terribly au fait with the workings of forums. [/quote]Not au fait with hypocrisy either EPPS.
  15. Funny how some people accept the old guys frequent insulting and libellous posts about our owner without batting an eyelid and then get their knickers in a twist when he gets some of it back. ROFL.
  16. Is this old infirm and incontinent man to be relied on to sell our great club to all this lovely h''investment just waiting out there?
  17. Please take this post as standing for whatever point I made previously when such similar thread reached such similar point in our ever seemingly similar history on this forum.
  18. I saw the title of this thread and had hoped for something a little bit different if not mainstream. I''m glad I didn''t pay any money to enter.
  19. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Ruddygore"]Bumping this - can anyone point me in the right direction to any info on where we are training in Austria? If it''s anywhere near my where my Dad lives I might make a trip out of it, maybe even if allowed do some filming.[/quote]     Its apparently near Sydney, just by Bondi Beach......................................[:^)]     [/quote]Naughty LDC. If you''d just wanted some of my professional quality HD film footage of semi and naked female flesh all you had to do was PM me. I''ve got lots.
  20. Not wishing to display an extreme stance on this suggestion I will merely say that I hope not. Not in my lifetime. No. Not ever please.
  21. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Ruddygore"][quote user="lake district canary"] In the 21st century, everyone is crying out for attention.    Business''s, media, kids at school - everyone is trying to be heard.   It seems like everyone has to make more noise than the next person - just to be heard, or taken notice of.    It''s the syndrome of  ''he who shouts loudest''.  For business''s it''s dog eat dog so to a certain extent the ''noise'' is understandable - they are trying to get your attention.    This "noise" or "chatter" is everywhere.      So why is it there after we score a goal?    What is the point of it?     Are they afraid we won''t celebrate it?   Do they not have confidence in us that we are going to cheer the goal?    Is it to artificially prolong the celebration (by about 3 seconds)?    Do they think we will like the music?    By very definition,. if you play a piece of music - not everyone is going to like it - so why annoy a percentage of the crowd when we score?    You may like the music - fair enough.   But there is obviously a proportion of the paying public who don''t like it - and why should their enjoyment of a match be spoilt at the very time it should be at it''s height?    I just don''t get it.  I don''t understand the logic of it.  I don''t like it.   Why should I prefer celebrating a goal at away matches rather than at ''home''.  Home goals should and would be more enjoyable without the out of date idea of ''muzak'' to artificially attempt to generate more ''atomosphere''.     It don''t work. [:^)]       [/quote]LDC I fear we are at risk of you becoming obsessed with this campaign but I like to encourage you. You speak a lot of sense a lot of the time however the irony is that your argument also works for those who like the goal music too.Let''s face it, when we score we the fans are the quickest to react, we cheer and then a few seconds later the music comes on, the barclay end like to think that they drown out the music and set an example in how to cheer independently and they may be right, in the Barclay End but for some of us with old fogies around us, kiljoys and moaners we NEED that music to get them going. It crushes the opposition fans who are puny by comparison when, no, if they score and their celebrations are minute, tiny and feeble and they know it. They feel inadequate and their spirit is subdued and they wish that they could all sneak out.Have tolerance for your fellow man, the Jarrold and N&P nuclear family. Take strength from your knowledge that you are a true fan and that no music could possibly release any more endorphins than our team scoring already has. There''s a good fan, shhh, quiet, rest - your work is done, the race is won. [/quote]       My main argument, Ruddy, is that not everyone likes the music and that as paying public, the club is annoying a proportion of their own fans at the very time when they should be enjoying it the most.     As for away fans, when they score it is a sound of pure elation - with no artificiallity about it.  Its true away goals are delicious if you are an away fan, but at Carrow Rd  I want to enjoy goals, turn to the next person and say what a goal or whatever and more often than not the people around me are doing some moronoic jigging about in time to moronic music.     [:(]     Maybe its alright in the barclay end, but to be fair that''s only 1/4 of the stadium........         [/quote]I feel that I understand your argument LDC. In fact it could be my own in that if you take the music away it may upset some of the other paying public.Personally when we score and cheer and enjoy the jigging and the jiving and the shaking of the b um I have found a freedom to turn to the person next to me, embrace her (she is my wife and it is not abhorrent under the law) and shout that it was a great, brilliant, fantastic, easy, goal and I encourage you to do the same, no, not with my wife but with the person next to you. It is possible even when loud music is being played and whilst you are distracted with the jigging up and down, the jiving and the shaking of the b um b um and hopefully the other person will not be someone elses wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend of a significant other, or on the other hand you may just get away with an exhilarating "moment". Nothing is impossible.I am glad that you particularly enjoy your away celebrations, to me it proves that our fans have the spirit needed to combat the home crowd and their in your face attempts to subdue the mighty Yellas. Scum I say.Have tolerance, keep the faith, grind to the music.
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