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  1. Fair enough. I can't imagine many Liverpool fans being happy with a Manchester United co-commentator and a Manchester United expert summariser at halftime. But there you go - I suppose you're happy with "little old Norwich." We seem to think we don't deserve the respect that "the big teams" get.
  2. I guess that's an ungraceful way of admitting that you're wrong. I don't really understand why you have to be quite so crude about it though?
  3. Care to give me any other examples (other than internationals) when the commentator has said: "We just need to get to half time" or "It would be just our luck?" Just one will do....
  4. Just to even it out a bit, they have another Newcastle legend as half-time summariser!
  5. "We just need to get through to half time..." Amongst others. Has there ever been a less professional commentary? It makes me want to cancel Prime - how can you have a club legend as the co-commentator if you have any pretence as of objectivity?
  6. I'm hoping that the small minority of racists who sit a few rows in front of me, who persist in booing players taking the knee might be put off supporting a team who got it's colours and identity from foreign refugees? Surely that would go against all their political beliefs?
  7. Looks like they have some of the same "experts" that we suffer from on this board : "Jamal Lewis would be defensively exposed in a crowded lift. Lets not all forget how bloody rubbish Lewis is as well. He played nearly every game for Norwich in a season they went down, a whole season that they were an open **** show in defence. Never understood the thinking he is actually any good."
  8. The championship understandably want a bigger share of the Premier League money and would rather see the parachute payments given to the championship as a whole. Given that nearly every club spends more than 100% of turnover on wages it is very hard to imagine that they would use it sensibly. It would also make promoted teams even less competitive in the Premier League.
  9. Thanks Ricardo. A really encouraging performance today: Wolves rarely looked like scoring and we bossed large parts of the game. Shame we didn't get what the performance deserved.
  10. Sinani has been doing ok this year - he has been a first-team regular.
  11. Truth is that they make mistakes too - especially Maguire - apparently £70 million worth! Players make mistakes, especially when under constant pressure.
  12. It wasn't Rashica's or Max's fault - they were both working hard, but Southampton kept on overloading us on the right, leaving them 3 against 2. One man cannot mark and track the runs of two men. They needed more support from the midfield (Gilmour?).
  13. I've always thought that we would do better in the second half of the season than the first as new players become integrated etc. So anything that keeps us "in touch" at the half-way point would be acceptable - say 16 points? That's 8 points from 8 games. Obviously like everyone else, I 'd prefer 20+ at the half way stage but I think that we have a realistic chance with fewer than this.
  14. That would be just typical and proof beyond doubt that we are jinxed Thanks for the report - a good read as ever!
  15. Give the guy a break. He has hardly played all season, he is nowhere near match fit, but won't become so without playing games! When he's fit, he can add a lot to the team!
  16. He's had two days with the squad - he can't make too many changes in that time. I'd take a draw - we'd still have 26 games to get our 10 wins.
  17. Darren Eadie and Huckerby - most exciting (honourable mention and closely followed by Wes), but it has to be Duncan Forbes as favourite (with Tettey and Dave Stringer close behind).
  18. Posted by BYG on twitter. https://www.coachesvoice.com/cv/dean-smith-norwich-aston-villa-brentford/
  19. You can't write off debt to HMRC or football debts (transfers). They are also expected to pay 25% of non football debts or face further sanction. There is also the issue that they don't own their ground or training ground. They also owe Morris £100 million to which he is also entitled to 25%, unless he voluntarily forgoes it.
  20. The two penalties are for different offences. The 12 points is an automatic one for going into administration. The 9 pointer was a negotiated agreement for breaking FFP. I heard somewhere that the EFL want to change the rules on this to category to make it harder for teams to "negotiate" their FFP penalties.
  21. Interesting point. Short answer, is it depends upon how you define class. A lot of the definitions of class have been for marketing purposes and for sociologists. If you look at it from a economic and political perspective you would get different classes. In essence there are two classes: 1) Ruling class(es) who are able to directly influence politics and the economy. This is done though all the means you might expect - public schools/ elite universities/ contacts/ control and influence over the media/ industry/ civil service etc. Most of these would be in the top 1-2% of wealth owners. 2) Everybody else who have very little influence. They can vote but only with highly constrained choices + they can protest and strike. Some of these group might be seen as "wealthy." You could easily have a few million but still have very little influence.
  22. The "It's Frank" story started at Talksh1te - given what they have said this year, just about the last group that I'd expect Webber to leak the story to. Swiftly followed by "Smith's great interview" emerging from trusted local journalist Michael Bailey. I know who my money is on!
  23. “They do not love that do not show their love.”
  24. If there were odds available, I'd like a few quid on a bet that it won't
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