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  1. Similar to David Moyes at West Ham and Gary O'Neil at Bournemouth last year. Fans want more than survival (except, it seems, Crystal Palace).
  2. Yes, "continue" was an interesting choice of words, especially in a formal statement rather than an off-the-cuff remark.
  3. It would be very expensive (millions) to release Duffy and Hanley, as they both have time left on their contracts.
  4. I have long believed that there should be a divisional structure in cricket, where minor counties could get promoted to a multi-division county championship. (3 divisions of 8, I'd suggest).
  5. Although not born in Norfolk, Clive Radley, played his early cricket here and went on to play for England. I think we can claim him as a Norfolk cricketer.
  6. Thanks Ricardo. Really tense game: one of those days where 1 outstanding moment will settle it. I saw nothing today to make me worry on Thursday, but I think we're sunk if we fall behind.
  7. Under 30. I'm in my 60s and more mobile! (Not sure I'd last the full match, but it doesn't seem to be a prerequisite.)
  8. Perhaps you should cancel your season ticket in protest? 🤞
  9. TBH, capital investment is the real key, but local govt can't afford it.
  10. Not sure that Norfolk farmers would understand in any case - they seemed to think that Brexit would help them! They're not so keen now! (And they are lucky we haven't done a trade deal with the US yet either.)
  11. 1. I don't think that everyone is not applying the law 2. The public aren't given the full facts with which to make a reasoned judgement (deliberately imho). The Daily Mail opposed the UK govt allowing Jewish refugees into the country in the 1930s. 3. There is a law against burglary which due to lack of resources, the police do not always enforce/ even investigate. It doesn't mean burglary is ok, it means that the law is not being enforced properly. 4. Even with all it's failures, millions of people are escaping war/ torture/ genocide as a result of the refugee law and convention - but you seem to want to stop this. 🤯
  12. You've moved the goalposts, I said that the law was fine, not that all international governments applied it fully.
  13. The law is fine - it is just the sh1tshow of a government's ridiculous attempts to circumnavigate it for political reasons has created chaos in the system.
  14. Another great Cameron policy - get rid of tens of thousands of police officers and replace them with non-jobs designed to reward Tory party hacks.
  15. I'm hoping to go on the Australian cricket tour late 2025* which is perhaps, my best chance of seeing a UK-trained junior doctor! *As a spectator rather than player 😀
  16. So how do you get a "highly motivated, skilled and confident workforce" whilst you pay public servants so little and their are too few of them to do the job properly?
  17. So using the same logic, you would not be opposed to someone torturing and killing a stray dog or cat etc? It wouldn't affect me, so presumably you would think this ok?
  18. Not sure that this board is a representative sample.
  19. I thought that you were talking about Thursday 😄 https://stopthetories.vote/
  20. I wonder if this nepotism will be OK because he was never a civil servant? 🤔
  21. Sorry, there's no way we will get £40+ million for a player without PL experience - it just won't happen. I doubt we'd get £30 million.
  22. He said it was a deep-state fix and that he should have won. Liz truss, his local ear on the ground, told him.
  23. I'm sure we'd agree that the true value of the shares is greater than the nominal financial value: it's an important part of our identity.
  24. Much as I will miss your report I hope that you have a great break. (But it won't be quite the same without your report 😭)
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