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  1. 18th Feb 1967. Carrow Road. Norwich City reserves 2 - 0 Bristol Rovers Reserves. Getting updates of the score from Old Trafford throughout the game.
  2. Moaning Bernie's also back, first time I've heard him for weeks on Canary call.
  3. In my opinion that was nowhere near our worst performance of the season and everybody I've spoken to totally agree. Can anyone produce any articles from experts/reporters/pundits to back up Parmas opinions ?
  4. Mine has also been fine until tonight. Nothing first half, Sky coverage second half. ifollow ? No i don't.
  5. Got nothing at all first half, suddenly Sky sports pop up and get to watch all of second half through sky. Confused. com.
  6. Also remember watching the Stingrays at the Cottage, by coincidence your mate Tillo ran the pub in the 90s . There was a pub called the Silver Dollar with a downstairs bar, had various names since then and is now cocktail bar.
  7. Maybe they should tweek the system for next season so there's just one away membership scheme then the likes of you would get no priority, you wouldn't be so smug then !
  8. Can't see where TOTT seats are available to purchase without a meal. So why aren't these tickets being sold through the club rather than a secondary ticketing website ? £200 for Man U tickets or £395 in away section
  9. Tickets for almost every home match on sale at inflated prices at liivefootballtickets.com. Are the club aware of this ? interesting !
  10. Really want to see Todd do well, just to shut some of the idiots on here who think they know better than DF and SW. The same with Srbeny and McLean. Hopefully all 3 will play some part on Tuesday night.
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