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  1. Grant Holt was a 27 year old journeyman League 2 striker when we signed him from Shrewsbury. He didn''t do too badly in the Premier League did he? So why should Jerome not be able to prosper at this level? After all, we are now playing a more attacking style of football, as we did under PL, and Jerome is big enough and strong enough to play the lone striker role which seems to be favoured these days.
  2. I''m not going, but I have always found the Brunswick to be friendly. Big real ale pub, near the station, I have seen NCFC and DCFC fans with colours on, chatting away quite happily in previous years. Don''t know what time it opens though.
  3. We are currently level on points with where we were in the promotion season 2010-11 at this stage, but we have a 7 goals better goal difference this time round. Last time round, we lost only 2 of the last 25 games, so, realistically we need another run like that in the second half of the season. I can''t see it happening really. Play-offs at best I think, barring miracles.
  4. It doesn''t appear to have been updated yet with this weekend''s results, as far as I can see.
  5. It''s players that are going to get us back into the Premier League, not money sitting in the bank. So not even for £20m, unless we definitely have a replacement lined up who is at least as good or better than Redmond. And even then we would be taking a risk, as any replacement would need time to gel with the rest of the team, and time is something we don''t really have now, with the season well under way. We are not desperate for money just now, so please Neil, just say no!
  6. The problem is, LDC, nobody is prepared to give it time any more. Not even Man Utd, it turns out.
  7. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="portman_king"]I''m afraid I beg to differ. You will get some players go where the money is, but you do get players go where they feel they will thrive best and develop and taken under the wing of an experienced manager. Adams has no track record to speak of, so for many players it would be a step into the unknown.I don''t want it to become a McCarthy Vs Adams argument - call it Experience Vs Rookie instead.[/quote]Are you seriously suggesting players would turn down the offer of an extra £5k pw (especially if their wages were LESS than £5k pw) because of the manager? And also considering the life span of managers means there''s a good chance the guy they sign for won''t see the season out.[/quote] Who knows what motivates players to choose one club over another? Maybe we could attract some world class players to Norwich if we promise to send them a card on their birthday?
  8. [quote user="simmo_2"]Do the bookmakers know something we don''t?[/quote] No they don''t. Newly relegated clubs are always the favourites to go back up, at least to begin with.
  9. To be honest, I don''t think there will be that much interest in the national media in what goes on at NCFC. Remember there''s a World Cup coming up. The tiniest twinge in Wayne Rooneys metatarsal (or whatever) will be of more interest than anything that happens at Norwich.
  10. Adams got the job because he was the third choice candidate, and the first two choices turned us down. And why wouldn''t they? Both Lennon and Mackay are looking for Premier League jobs - they are both in a position where they can go for the two currently available, or sit tight and hold out for the next one that comes up. Probably half of next seasons PL clubs will change manager within the next 12 months, if current trends are anything to go by, so there is really no need for ambitious people like Lennon or Mackay to drop down to the Championship. Let''s be honest, now we have been relegated we are no longer a particularly attractive option for a manager, so the board were forced to give the job to the only person who really wanted it. It''s quite simple, really.
  11. [quote user="Champions"][quote user="littleyellowbirdie"]Celtic had a pretty good crack at the Champion''s League to be fair.[/quote] Exactly. As good a crack as any English side had that year. It happened. Neil Lennon took a side on a shoe string budget to the Last 16. It was no fluke, we got some quality results that year.[/quote]That was my original point, the fact that those few European games each year are Neil Lennon''s only real challenge as Celtic manager. The rest of his season is a stroll in the park. It''s not about whether Celtic are bigger than Norwich or whether the Championship is better than the SPL, it''s about Lennon testing his ability over a whole season, and quite honestly he''s not testing himself managing in the SPL, is he?
  12. The real problem with Neil Lennon is that nobody really knows if he is any good as a manager, since his only job as a manager has been at Celtic. Let''s be honest, you could put Bryan Gunn or Chris Hughton or anybody in charge of Celtic and they would walk the Scottish title.So really, he would be just as much of an unknown quantity as Neil Adams, and just as much of a risk.
  13. As the late, great Douglas Adams once said: "I love deadlines...I like the whoosh sound they make as they pass by"
  14. Will it be an embarrassment when the new manager is appointed? Or will Carrow Road be the house of fun?
  15. [quote user="thas a rummun"]I bet we''ll be on TV in our first game back, which may bring into play Friday 8th August. I imagine Sky will have a season opener live on TV that night. If I remember rightly, we played Watford in our first game after winning League One and it was on the box on the Friday evening before all the other teams had played.[/quote]Yes, we lost that Watford game so we were bottom of the league on goal difference for about 18 hours.
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