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  1. I think the designs are really nice. However, and this is a major problem, the awful block of sponsorship on the front just ruins them. The sponsors logo might as well have been made of fire the damage its done to the shirt.
  2. I grew up in Birmingham but my father and his family were all Norfollk. He was a Norwich fan and so I inherited that :) I live in Kent now, Norwich are just in my blood, it''s who I am. I have a soft spot for Villa as my step dad, a fellow brummie, is a fan. I''ve often gone to see other football matches. I love the game and it''s quite nice to see other teams. A bit of a weird feeling though. It''s like watching through a pane of glass. The only team I really care about is Norwich. It''s the way it will always be. My children are Kent folk but I''m happy to say they will also become Norwich fans too.
  3. I''m fairly sure a rebuilding job is needed anyhow. Those players have proved they are not good enough. When we went one nil down against the mighty Fulham I was amazed at how simple decisions, passes were simply not seen. I understand that a lack of confidence could be partly to blame but, frankly, if you can''t pass or think fast enough at this level then they need to go.
  4. If we were turned down by other choices then I would rather have someone here who wants desperately to be here than someone who doesn''t. I agree that''s it''s about results, of course it is. But we all know we need more. Lose with pride and skill, win with pride and skill.
  5. I''m pleased for Adams and I''m pleased the board have appointed him. I didn''t think it would be him but, for me, I think it shows a positive approach from the board. I''ve been saying for a long time that we need to get back to playing ''the Norwich Way'', the football we saw from John Bond to Mike Walker. I honestly think that Adams got the job because he was more than happy to try and deliver this. Perhaps the other candidates were not happy with this. I don''t know. But what we need right now is to get our football soul back and to play football the right way. Of course, results will, as ever, be essential. But I honestly believe we can make this work. Football is all about glory. We don''t want to be grinding out results week in week out, we''ve learnt that. We want passion, technique, and I think we could be working towards that. I may be wrong, it may be just a cheap appointment. But I very much doubt it.
  6. 74, 81, 85, 95, 05, 14. As ever, we will return to the top flight in time.
  7. I think, from John Bond thorough to Mike Walker, we were known for being a passing side. It altered at times to more counter-attacking but that passing philosophy was Norwich through and through. That''s who we are, that''s what we should get back to. Assuming we win
  8. I have to agree. When Hughton left I was hoping we would see a turn around. I''m pleased to say that we did in terms of attacking play and tempo. The Fulham match confirmed to me something though. Once we went a goal down, not only did heads drop but our lack of ability was exposed. The decision making from most of our players is shocking at times. Simple passes are not seen, the ones we do make are not accurate. If you can''t get that level of thought and ability then you''re simply going to go down. I''m happy with Adams, I think he''s doing a much better job in trying to get us forward (yesterday being a baffling exception I must admit) but we simply don''t look good enough. On top of that there''s not enough players who seem to care enough. I can''t see us getting out of this it pains me to say.
  9. I agree about RVW. He seems like a good guy, he seems upset that it''s not working out for him. He seems to be working hard. Sadly, I just don''t think it''s ever going to work out for him here. I was hoping he might be another Iwan, poor first season followed by brilliance. It''s gone past that now though hasn''t it? For his own career as well as for the good of the club he probably needs to head back to the continent.
  10. The defending WAS poor for the penalty. It doesn''t alter the fact that Webeck pretended to be pulled down and it really should not have been a pen. Not defending the second half performance BUT, we go in one nil up at halt time and things look very different.
  11. It seems to me that Adams got it spot on by sitting back against a United team that we all knew would come out of the blocks at high speed. We did that very well. In fact, we scored. As it happens it wasn''t given, but we put the ball in the net. United were dominating possession but getting nowhere. Then Welbeck cheated. Let''s be clear about this. He cheated. We find ourselves one down at half time when we really should have been one up. What followed was a poor second half. Very poor. But, sadly, that''s what often happens when a team is short of confidence. We really must score first against Chelsea and Arsenal. Conceding first when your confidence is so low is only going to lead to one thing.
  12. I agree the current quality we have does not match some of the teams we had in the past. I never really bought into the theory that this was the best team we had ever assembled. I do think, however, that we possibly have a decent few players who the right manager can build a team around in the summer.
  13. Hughton will go, that''s a certainty. Once the fans have turned there is rarely a way back. I''m not sure this is a case of Norwich fans being unrealistic in their expectations as some have mentioned. I certainly don''t think it''s a case of Norwich fans being negative in their view of Hughton or the clubs chances of staying on the Premier gravy train. I think it comes down to this. Deep down, each club probably has a philosophy. Whether they like it or not. I''m not sure when our club had it''s defining years, but I would suggest that from the late 70''s to the early 90''s Norwich played some of the most exciting football in the top flight of English football. Not all the time of course, we did have a couple of relegations during this period but, on the whole, we saw a development, a blossoming of a style. We became known, nationally, for playing a passing style, ball on the ground, exciting wingers. This culminated in, of course, a brief but thrilling European adventure where we cemented our status as one of the best teams in the country. Yes, that''s right Norwich City one of the best teams in the country. We had been for years. And it wasn''t that long ago. This isn''t ancient history, not quite anyhow. Not yet. I would argue this style is in our club''s DNA now. It seems to me, we all crave a little for that. Of course, we all know how we hit rock bottom and how the last few years have seen us rise rapidly from the ruins of League One, back to the promised land. Now here we stand. At a crossroads I believe. The hard graft to get back here has happened. We did it. We got back to play with the big boys. Now what? Sure, it''s a different world to our ''defining era'' of the late 70''s to early 90''s. However, what I believe many of us are realising is that the Premier League, save for the superstar laden top four or five teams, is not quite as good, technically, as we thought it was. We can do better than just survive. Not only that, but maybe there''s a realisation that, if we played with the passing swagger of our ''defining era'' we could be be a force to be reckoned with once more. I think we all know this isn''t easy to accomplish. Not easy at all. But I also think, and maybe I''m wrong, that a good number Norwich fans want to see this attacking approach, this fearless, exciting approach come back. So, the crossroads. Do we keep hoping for survival and play the percentages year on year or do we, almost ignore the threat of relegation, ''Never Mind The Danger'' if you will, and play to attack every opponent, every game, playing to win every single time? Hughton will go. We face a decision. It''s time to define who we want to be. Let''s hope the board and fans and, ultimately, the next manager can recognise what makes Norwich City tick. Our club''s DNA is made up of those great days when we were one of the best, a footballing ''backwater'' who out passed and out thought the big guns. We might never quite get to the heights, league position wise, of those days, but our reputation? Our style? That''s in our DNA. We just need the right manager to reignite it.
  14. 1.  Walker - brilliant attacking football, most successful City team ever. 2.  Stringer - great football, laid the foundations for Walker AND finished top 6 (twice I think) plus 2 FA Cup semis. 3.  Lambert - took a fallen club and got them back to the Premier League. 4.  Ken Brown - Nice man, kept Norwich playing good football. 5.  John Bond - I agree, in many ways he did lay the foundations for modern Norwich. 6. Nigel Worthington - A solid pair of hands after a dismal time including terrific play-off and promotion success. I don''t really remember Saunders so I''ve not included him.  Obviously he was brilliant though.  Notice I have left Roeder/Megson (twice), etc off the list as, well, we know why...
  15. Ah yes, good shout, I''m ashamed I forgot that. Must be the Sunday red wine ;)
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