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  1. Unfortunately i have an exam the next morning so have to go straight back to university, I''m guessing there won''t be a problem with bringing a laptop in surely?
  2. Season ticket holder in the lower barclay and am unable to make the start of the wigan game due to work commitments. thanks sky.. Was just wondering what time they shut the doors/turnstiles for letting people in as i''d really like to not miss the game! Rang the ticket office who said start of the second half, but they always seem to be shut when i go down to the bar at half time. Help would be much appreciate from anyone who knows!!
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14616557.stmAnyone remember the above article about Ruddy calling for ref consistency Now look back to the other week - Liverpool vs Sunderland, luis suarez gets taken down by richardson last man (goalscoring opportunity) - probably less of one as richardson was the last man yet Pilks was on line on saturday! Richardson escapes with a yellowFastforward a week and Ruddy''s given a red card for preventing a goalscoring opportunity, not much looked into it but ironic how he brought this up and then this happens
  4. [quote user="LeJuge"][quote user="Lambo"]Move on mate, Gunn was 2 years ago now...[/quote]Yeah your right, almost ancient history that, probably not many survivors of that Gunn era and those that are left probably have amnesia or dementia right?[/quote]haha brilliant !!
  5. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/28082011/58/premier-league-swansea-star-breaks-leg-playing-golf.htmlAlan tate has broken his leg in a freak golf cart accident!! I know you''d not wish this upon anyone and you have to feel for the guy who has been with the swans for over 5 years to miss most of the premier league season! but still this is good news for us in the relegation battle!
  6. [quote user="Better Wizard"]You lot clearly don''t know football. Scared of wearing colours hahaha. Hooligans don''t wear colours and they don''t attack fans that wear colours if they do it''s very rare. If you wear designer clothes your more likely to get a smack. Secondly stop being such drips we are Norwich we are proud of our team our city our culture if some big man chelsea man gives it the biggun stand up for yourselfs.[/quote]In other words..dont go there wearing your cp [;)]
  7. [quote user="shefcanary"][quote user="barclaystand"]It''s because it was only 3/4 full, and most of the people in there aren''t Barclay regulars.I''ve been in the Barclay for years but don''t sit in there for games like tonights because I just don''t enjoy it so much when its so full of people who just don''t get what it''s all about.I sat in the City stand tonight and as sad as it is to say, I enjoyed the game far more than if I''d been in my regular seat.[/quote]You enjoyed tonight - sad fuck[/quote]He said he enjoyed it far more than if he''d been sitting in his regular seat, why the need to swear and be an idiot making yourself look like an absoloute tool. suppose you thought you''d get some laughs.
  8. Agree with what you''re saying OP, and in a league like this playing Surman is just going to cause problems, 3 lacklustre performances, no room for passengers. And i know people are saying give him time, but he shouldnt need time he''s been at the club for longer than most of the current XIdue to the 7 new signings and we need to pick up all the points we can get :/
  9. I thought holt was poor today, a 7 at tops! Solid back four and was a major setback when we lost barnett as he was playing brilliantly, his replacement ayala was good but i don''t think he''s ready for the prem yet. Surman looked lazy and like he couldn''t be bothered when he came on/
  10. Obviously missing football so much i''ve been looking through the sky tv channels over the next week to find Norwich related programmes also for the rest of the summer: Here are a few i think you will find good viewing :)- Football''s greatest prize: all about the road to the prem - a blow by blow account focusing on the promotion race (SS1 Fri 9am) Got that on Record- Barclays Premier League World - very intersting about all the prem teams, a weekly show which you is often repeated so you can see whats being said - also was very pleased to see the intro of all the prem teams with norwich coming up straight after man united, its our badge in a canaries cage, undertandable!- Premier League Years - A very long programme which documents a specific season in the prem, generally focuses on the top of the table but the 04/05 season is surely worth a watch to see how we did - will be on sometime soon as they go up gradually!
  11. Completely agree with you mate, plus if we play another promoted team , both our games will be raised for the new season in the EPL. Coming against one of the so called big boys can only do well for us and will boost team confidence if we snatch a draw or win as it''s there first game in the prem. Just gotta hope they don''t get pummeled 6-0 i guess!
  12. http://www.seagulls.co.uk/page/Latest/0,,10433~2376261,00.html
  13. I Can Confirm its elliot bennet
  14. Most likely IMO - Elliot BennetDont want it to be - Richie de Laet don''t know why just want a suprise
  15. Transfer news imminent - #ncfc announcement expected at 5.30pm on www.canaries.co.ukFrom twitter
  16. Don''t forget Alan Gow, David Carney & Antoine Sibierksi!
  17. Cool, but honestly i don''t think you''re ever going to get much members, Pinkun is always going to be our main forum
  18. [quote user="kick it off"]Yeah and no one reads it. They are also known as the Canaries, and we have both held similar events in the past few weeks, obviously with theirs being flashier and bigger scale. Thanks for your input PC Grey, but I will continue to celebrate the achievements of both my Canaries, and just thought I would put this up to show how the other Canaries are celebrating.[/quote]Well said,very well said  [Y]
  19. What ya saying YOUNGCANARY
  20. Honestly don''t care, just as long as we lose it! ;)
  21. Did a cheeky google search of best free transfers and came up with this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1244771/The-List-Sportsmails-50-free-transfers-Nos-20-11.html Check out no 12, in the ranks with luis figo, michael ballack And peter schmeichel!!
  22. If you were in that situation then you would do exactly the sameif you read the article it says he''s been offered an amazing job for some sports agency company, he would have loved to stayed in norwich just unfortunately wasn''t cut out for being a manager. His daughter is going to Manchester University and his son has the chance to go through the ranks at a premier club getting first class training, yeahh what a judas!
  23. Thanks alot harry, didn''t have time to look for this as am cramming in revision
  24. Will the road leading to chapelfield car park be open anyone???
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