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  1. [quote user="lake district canary"]No, lets not all laugh. ''Judas'' is just a puerile, totally innappropriate term to use for a manager who has been fantastic for this club. Let it go. [/quote] this
  2. Most of the time I can''t hear it due to the cheering or chants being started after the goal. It''s outdated and pointless, get rid.
  3. "Sorry but I have got a few of my French mates to study your posts and they are adamant you''re an Englishman imitating a Frenchman" Cringe
  4. He''s always come across as very thick so it''s no surprise to see him holding himself with such a lack of class here. He should take a complete break from Twitter until this is all over.
  5. [quote user="AndyCanary"][quote user="super canary"][quote user="forte"]AndyCanary you''re in no place to slate other fans when you''re carrying that signature. Talk about disrespect.[/quote] I second that. OP a little hypocritical much?[/quote]Hush you turds. I didn''t realise I had to add a ''tongue in cheek'' disclaimer to everything that was CLEARLY tongue in cheek.I often find myself over rating the intelligence on these boards.[/quote] And you''re resorting to insults with only the 3rd word in your sentence. Oh dear.
  6. AndyCanary you''re in no place to slate other fans when you''re carrying that signature. Talk about disrespect.
  7. they play music too loud pre kick off to get any atmosphere going. last time i got in early was ipswich, as did a lot of others but the crowd couldnt be heard over the clubs attempts at creating artificial atmosphere.
  8. i dont think they will tbh.villa was abotu £10 more expensive and that didnt.
  9. martin, ayala, whitbread, de laet probably the back 4 i''d like to see although there is absolutely no chance of it happening. demba ba will rape us if we have barnett and martin at centre half.
  10. [quote user="Sing up the river end "]How about this for an atmosphere.A bit more impressive than the one flare before :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g-1CNnqlJbs[/quote] fancy them ruining the game for everyone else. bet some peoples asthma was playing right up.
  11. Darron Gibson is an embarrassing footballer. Not sure when he''s ever shown this great eye for a pass or strong tackle. Constantly shoots from 30 yards because he once scored a goal from there.
  12. youre right on the gap in atmosphere in the barclay. and another poster had it right, too many families and that in a block,b etc. Not slagging families but they shouldnt be in barclay as they contribute nothing.
  13. Daftest thing about "we''ll stand if we want" is that it they all kept sitting down again. If you want to stand - stand, no need to make a big song and dance about. Stewards ffs, hardly going to eject the entire corner are they.
  14. seriously have to question the mind of a norwich supporter going into the ground wearing a scarf of which half represents the opposing team.
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