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  1. I asked my brother (Man Utd Fan) if he would swap Utd''s 0-0 draw with Sunderland to a win, on the basis that Liverpool beat Blackpool. He said never, as seeing Liverpool in the relegation zone has made his year. This conversation got me thinking what I would sacrifice to see Norwich promoted this season, and I am interested to hear what others would give up to see the Canaries flying high in the Prem again (Not that it won''t happen again of course) Pointless post but there''s no Football for 2 weeks and I''m bored already!
  2. Huddersfield were unbeaten at home all season last term until we showed up
  3. [quote user="Bryangunnshairline"]we have also scored in every away game under him. [/quote] If we don''t score against QPR - I''m blaming YOU!
  4. Does anyone have any uploads from last nights match? Or does anyone know when the pictures go onto the Pink Un site? Cheers
  5. I agree. I don''t always use it to listen to the game live (as I find it painful, even if we are winning), But the interviews are brilliant. Especially when there is a new signing, to help you get to know the player a little bit. I''d definatley recommend it
  6. I personally have never had a bad word for him. Fair enough he has he''s off games but they are few and far between. I think now "the beast has woken", he should bang a few more in in the next few games. QPR hopefully. On the subject of midfielders (and please don''t shoot me down for asking this, or not knowing the answer) but is there any particular reason that Lambert never starts Mcnamee?
  7. [quote user="Ankles"]I doubt it, he hardly had a kick before the penalty, only after that did he spring to life really What we want and need is performances from him from the start so we dictate tempo of games. That''s more important than his personal goal tally in my opinion[/quote] Thats precisely my point. Now that he''s got the goals, hopefully he will "spring to life"
  8. Do we think that last nights brace for Wes will open up the "flood gates" and get him banging a few more in this season?
  9. [quote user="Gingerpele"]For my second guess.... 0-0.... with 3 disallowed goals (well maybe no disallowed goals....) And if its not 4-0 or 0-0, we will win 1-0 or 2-0.... or Maybe Leicester will win 2-0? (just covering a few options...)[/quote]   What a ridiculously long and draw out way of basically saying that there WILL be some sort of scoreline, you just don''t know which one. Lol.
  10. I''m gonna throw a weird one in and say. 2-1. Holt & Lappin
  11. The only reason I worry is I seem to remember a couple of years ago when Roeder was in charge that Leicester damaged a great run we were on. Think we went about 13 games unbeaten. Then they beat us 4-0. I may be wrong though. Still, Roeder was a tool, so this fact means nothing
  12. Ok, fair enough, hands up, I did miss that. I am grateful for that thanks I did think you were being funny rather than helpful. Cheers
  13. [quote user="Epic Beard Man"]That''s the thanks I get for organising you a personalised bespoke wall paper. You ungrateful little tyke.[/quote] Eh? When? And to be fair I thought my reply was quite in keeping with the original message I got back from you.
  14. [quote user="Epic Beard Man"]Am I mental? I am a mo***r f*****r. What do you think? linky from my granddaughter http://bit.ly/bSAWFX for Mr Can''t Be Buggered up there.[/quote]   Then go do that to your mother and leave the rest of us alone. Your granddaughter has an extremely childish grandfather
  15. Has he not got his bus pass yet? Why not just sign Andre Kanchelskis too and have done with it
  16. And to avoid confusion, that should say "ON The Ball City", not "ONE" obviously! Duuurrrrrr
  17. Weird one people, but go with me.... Does anyone know where I could get (or if there is in existance) a Desktop Wallpaper that has the ''One The Ball City'' lyrics on it? I''ve been trying to find out for my desktop at work (not that i''m not happy enough with one of J.Ruddy, after his penalty save). I know its a strange one, but its more to show off to be honest. Most people here are Chelsea fans, who''s song lyrics go along the lines of: "Chelsea....Cheeeeelsea.....Chel-sea-sea-sea" OR " Cheeeeeeeeelsea! CHELSEA!" OR "Oooohhh Chelsea Chelsea"...........IT''S BLOODY LIFELESS Thats all. Cheers Folks OTBC
  18. As far as I''m aware (and I work in a court): Common Assault can be anything such as spitting. (Non imprisonable) Battery falls under Section 39 which is Assault by Beating. (Imprisonable)   Depends which it is
  19. My Norwich City signed Football. Signed by all last seasons squad. OR My Carlisle v Norwich programme from last season signed by Lambo himself. Won them both. Best £25 I ever spent.
  20. My friends all support Premier Teams, so I tend to pick a team each season in the Prem to follow to we can have a bit of rivalry banter. Opted for Fulham this year, got abit of a soft spot for Mark Hughes I think lol. Other than that, I got to Millwall with my brother in law quite alot, but when the canaries are in town obviously I''m in the away end!
  21. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]Have we not got the winning mentality at the club now? [/quote]   If you bothered to read all the conversation instead of just selected posts before you criticised you would see that I have already explained that bit. Its seriously pointless having an opinion on here.
  22. Its not SUDDEN INTEREST. Its clearly one post that someone started. Otherwise this message board would be pointless
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