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  1. Reports on Sky Sports suggest that the PL Champs are ready to come in with bids.
  2. Let me be the first to say that this is utterly ridiculous. Never Ever!
  3. And if someone can tell me how I do a QUOTE properly on here is really appreciate it.
  4. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Canary1902"] Don''t judge our season by one bad performance. Admitted it wasn''t brilliant t on Sunday even before we went down to 10, but can we really write off our season so far based on 60 minutes 10v11? [/quote]No, but at least it has injected a dose of reality into those who thought this season would be a doddle and a mid table position virtually nailed on.[/quote]That I agree with.
  5. [quote user="Wiz"]Anyone who thinks this guy will solve our problems is nuts![/quote] WHAT problems?? We''ve played decent football for the first three games. Don''t judge our season by one bad performance. Admitted it wasn''t brilliant t on Sunday even before we went down to 10, but can we really write off our season so far based on 60 minutes 10v11? We even have fans sticking timescales on AN!? The guy that just lost his first away game for us. People just love to moan honestly.
  6. For the purposes of a poster/banner I''m making. Go!!
  7. Snoddy? He chose Hull over us. Leave him in the Championship.
  8. Usually by now there''s so outrageous rumours to get our teeth into. Don''t get me wrong, I''m happy for AN to take his time in making the right buys, but finally having an attack minded manager at the helm again makes the transfer window even more exciting. Plus, he says what he feels, so if he wants £10m* to blow on one player, presumably DM will be hearing about it ;-) *Joke of course. Before the "10 mil on one player? Are you serious" comments come in.
  9. Chris Woods on loan apparently. Could be in for the Derby
  10. Anyone else agree that Cardiff getting two goals back could actually be a good thing? If the game had finished 3-0, and having won at Bournemouth, there could be danger of the players getting complacent with the arrival of AN. Perhaps those two goals and the pressure of the second half will be a reminder that we still have to keep focus, and that the gaffer''s arrival won''t instantly mean winning every game. We''ll see
  11. If you''re on Twitter, check out @DMAC102 Peterborough''s Chairman, he''s basically spent the evening slagging off his players in numerous tweets. As well as slagging off fans and Jake Humphrey. Worth a look. Funny but annoying. Idiot.
  12. Bennett Trumps Barnett. My opinion. I pay for my tickets. I''m entitled to it. Nuff said
  13. Because he''s a liability quite frankly. Blatent penalty on saturday to add to his ever growing list of penalties from last season too. If you can''t keep your legs and arms to yourself in the box, get on the bench. I''d rather concede a goal from open play taking a risk that one more penalty that he''s given away.
  14.                                     RUDDY MARTIN    BENNETT     BASSONG   GARRIDO                                     TETTY SNODGRASS                                   PILKINGTON                                  HOOLAHAN                HOLT                                 MORISON         
  15. I don''t think you can judge a player on one match. Certainly not a goalkeeper. If that was the case the 10 goals Ruddy has conceded in 2 games alone this season would see him moved from between the sticks. I''ll stick to what i''ve always said, You can be the best Goalkeeper in the world, but if you don''t have a defence backing you up, you''re nothing. In other words, sack off Barnett and get Bennett playing. But thats for another time, and another forum
  16. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11709/8033870/Canaries-bid-for-Mackail-Smith
  17. You only have to look at the bloody-mouthed picture of vaughan on every website to see how much of an impact he''s had here. As if getting bashed in the mouth was the highlight of his Norwich spell
  18. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]ointless discusion we should talk about players we have a remote possibility of getting unless he is loaned out[/quote]   90% of the dicussions on here are pointless. Just don''t reply. Without posts there would be no forum
  19. Apparently unsettled at Man Utd now that Van has arrived and Welbeck has signed on for 4 years.   Possible loan? I certainly wouldn''t say no
  20. Not happening. Reporting that Morro is to be sold, Vaughan to be loaned? Do they seriously think that we will just sell and leave Holt, Jacko & Martin to get on with it?   Cobblers!
  21. Few years back. I moved to London and needed a buddy to go to games with, as I knew no other Norwich fans. Met Willmeister, who has since invited me to join him at the best gig i''ve ever been to, and we go football now and again too.   #feelthelovepeople
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