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  1. Upper Barclay, 5 rows up, directly behind the goal, and on the end of the row of seating for a quick getaway at the end of the match. If your interested contact me on jpfxx@googlemail.com  for more information.
  2. I seem to recall Tony Fernandes saying in an interview that he would not rule out investing in Norwich but that it was up to the club to approach him.Did we try hard enough to get him on board? Just wondering as I see QPR are splashing the cash yet again.
  3. If we sign CMS then it does appear that my fears that we are secretly preparing for life in the Championship are true.
  4. It''s a loan  move though. Which is dissapointing.I don''t like loan  players. Reminds me of Roeder''s era.
  5. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/norwich/9248096.stm "We are one year into the plan, the plan includes three years in the Championship, first year to settle down," McNally told BBC Radio Norfolk. "We would then be promoted to the Premier League, allowing for immediate relegation and an immediate return."   So here''s old Bor''s theory on all this in the light of the Fulham debacle;   1. Because of Lambert''s over-achievement, the board have been found out as unambitious and lacking in business acumen and willingness to invest in order to drive forward and deliver a successful second season.  The "biggest ever transfer budget" was a fine soundbite but ultimately hollow.  I fear that there may well be some truth in this. If we get relegated the board aren''t really that bothered as it was all part of the grand plan anyway.   2. Since Lambert walked out, rather than spend the money on an experienced and credible Premier League manager, the board have gone back to the tried, tested and failed old ways of "get the cheap option" in order to free up money to develop additional seating and infrastructural enhancements to boost the balance sheet, and to repay all debt to make the club a more saleable commodity.   3. There is no pressure on Hughton as the board are comfortable with relegation plus parachute payments which clears all the club''s debt.  That is why Bor has heard nothing from the club today - no apologies to the thousands who made the long trip, no reassurances that everything will be alright and that this was just a freak result.   4. The board will then spend big and back Hughton to deliver promotion the following season with a bigger financial payout (£50m) than is given to the also-rans who stay up by the skin of their teeth.   5. The scale of what Lambert and his coaching team achieved through positive attacking football can only now be revealed by comparison to the spineless and naive fiasco that unfolded at Craven Cottage yesterday.   The bottom line is the board has sanctioned a season of relegation and appointed a yes-man as scapegoat to deal with the fallout, an appointment that looks wide of the mark judging by his poorly judged press conference comments.  But don''t be fooled by what is happening on the pitch or in the interview room.  Look to the boardroom if you want real answers.    Think on, fellow Canaries.   Think on.   Bor [/quote]
  6. I ask this as I have read in numerous articles that Paul Lambert was "told" by the Norwich City board when we won promotion to the PL to sign young, hungry players from the lower leagues. Ward was given a 1 year extension before Hughton arrived as were several other players if I remember rightly. Martin and Surman were given new 3 year deals either before or just after Hughton arrived. The other signings of Butterfield, Snodgrass and Whittaker for some reason don''t strike me as the sort of players that Hughton would go for. Are there other people other than the manager influencing player contracts and transfer dealings at our club?
  7. [quote user="cityangel"]Was so lively in pre season so why didnt he at least get to come on when we were 3-0 down ? Presume he''s off but if he isnt we have to start with Holt orMorison and Vaughan upfront against QPR. Whats your opinion ?   [/quote]We didn''t play him as we don''t want him to get injured as we probably want to sell  him to get money towards a better striker.
  8. [quote user="cityangel"]Was so lively in pre season so why didnt he at least get to come on when we were 3-0 down ? Presume he''s off but if he isnt we have to start with Holt orMorison and Vaughan upfront against QPR. Whats your opinion ?   [/quote]We didn''t play him as we don''t want him to get injured as we probably want to sell  him to get money towards a better striker.
  9. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="jimbo"]admitting most teams players are technically better than ours is a bit worrying![/quote] He''s looking for excuses already then.  What a surprise. [/quote]But all the teams  do  have technically better players than us I am afraid. Our team is made up of Championship standard players. They punched above their weight last season but I fear  that  they will be found out this season. This is going  to be a very brutal and  hard  season  for us. Some serious thrashing''s are going  to come our way I  fear.
  10. But I am afraid that''s true.  I felt  this  last season. But we had confidence  and a team spirit envisaged into the  players by Paul Lambert that allowed us to match other teams. However, this will only last so long and take you so far.Lambert knew that we needed better players to  survive this season and when he found out that the money would not be available to bring those players  in he decided that  his  time here was up.
  11. Some fans used to give Matt Svensson stick. I could never  understand it. Good player.
  12. [quote user="City1st"]"Snodgrass for Crofts was a direct and clinical move to improve the squad. Butterfield has been brought in as he is young, can play either wings or upfront, behind the main striker"   These were lined up BEFORE Hughton joined us, as I suspect Whittaker was I suspect other as far more hands on in transfer dealings than just Hughton. What he will have done is indentified who he feels is no longer needed and possible replacements, with the defence being the priority ie Drury, Naughton, Whitbread and Ayala going out and Whittaker and Turner coming in. I would expect at least one more in and out there.   [/quote]By who exactly? Lambert?
  13. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]If McNally was the bright spark we thought he was, the money that went on Hughton would''ve been evened out by the money received for Lambert, Culverhouse and Karsa but he left us wide open where that was concerned. We need to spend some real money on a striker. Also, getting a bit tired of righteous fans having a go at anyone who dares to complain about something. Whenever I''ve commented that I think we need a new striker I''m shouted down by someone who thinks it''s so so wrong of me to not think that everything true club are doing is perfect.[/quote]I have noticed that trend on this site.
  14. When I say blind optimism I am refering to when someone writes a post that may in someway be negative about our chances for next season or about the lack of signings they seem to be shot down in flames by the vast majority of posters on here who says things like "don''t worry we finished 12th last season we will be fine" or "don''t worry we have Howson and Pilkington we will be fine". There seems to be an expectant level of optimism on here which is not necessarily a good thing as it could lead to dissapointment.
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