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  1. Booo! A backward step and a kick in the teeth to REAL fans who actually bother to turn up to games. A victory for the morbidly obese fairweather bigrade. A sad day!
  2. The letters were only sent to those occupying seats which would have hade a new seat installed directly in front of them. So, in this case occupants of the old row 1 would have ben written to, occupants of the old row 2 would not. Perfectly simple. I know because I was in  a Row A seat in the City Stand. A new row was being installed directly in front of me. I was offered the oportunity (and took it up) to move to the shiny new Row 1. The occupants of Row B were not contacted. I would suggest writing to the European Court of  Human Rights. Or what about a "dirty protest"?
  3. A true fan - cheering their side to Champions League glory from some backstreet boozer (or nursing home in your case Herman)? By the way, your monicker sounds rather Germanic.
  4. When your head was turned, was it by Man Utd or Chelsea? Or did you have a brief flirtation with Blackburn?
  5. Whilst your contribution as a shareholder will always be welcomed, as a non-season-ticket holder you''re definitely a fairweather "fan". Although looking at your picture, you like a bit of an old gimmer who''s not so steady on his pins any more so there are mitigating circumstances. Did you start "supporting" Norwich City when Worthy guided us tothe Premiership or was it when we got to the playoff final?
  6. No son, real fans stick their hand in their pocket, up-front, long before each season starts year after year after year. It''s sort of different from queing up at the buy-back window once in a blue moon. Of course the REAL fans stuck their hand in their pocket and purchased shares wen the club was in dire need. These heroes of Norwich City should be remembered for all time with some sort of embossed relief on the wall of the Main (real fans) Stand.
  7. 20500 real fans plus the fairweather "fans" should guarantee home sell outs every match. REAL fans (season ticket holders), we salute you!
  8. No, no I''m not. But at least I''ll be at the game (like all REAL fans), cheering the lads on rather than sitting sipping Pinot Grigio in a London gastropub brayingto Tarquin and St John about Wasps and Saracens. A local club for local people.
  9. I''m sorry son, I''d like to offer some sort of encouragement but RULES is RULES. If you don''t live in Norwich, you''re NOT ALLOWED to support Norwich City. Have you tried supporting Arsenal?
  10. Revenue generated by reserve teams games? None, probaly doesn''t even cover the cost of turning on the floodlights. Revenue generated by the taste-deficient customers of the club shop? Plenty. Which one would you throw some of the club''s meagre resources at?  
  11. Don''t believe Sports Desk Pete''s Archant lacky subjective view - it''s full of ads and articles about players who will be long gone by the end of August. Somethings never change. Save your money and buy a nice enamel badge.
  12. Living inside the Ring Road and seeing no reason to ever go outside it (apart from nipping over the far side to go to Carra Rud)
  13. Here, here. If you don''t want to pay booking fees, get a season ticket and REALLY support the club you pay lip service to "loving"!
  14. Stand up if you''re in Row 1 !!! Used to be in Main Stand Row A (lots of lovely leg room), now I''ve moved to a shiny brand new seat on the perimeter track.
  15. Jackson has to ear his place in the starting line up. Shown a few nice touches but hardly pulled up trees so far. IF Horse is fit (and that''s a big if) he starts with Martin. Jackson and Oli are benchwarmers for the first few games at the very least.
  16. Queen Street for 0.16 mile(s), 0.26 km(s) Depart on Queen Street 2North Charlotte Street for 0.07 mile(s), 0.11 km(s) Turn left onto North Charlotte Street 3Charlotte Square for 0.09 mile(s), 0.14 km(s) Continue onto Charlotte Square 4South Charlotte Street(A8) for 0.12 mile(s), 0.19 km(s) Continue onto South Charlotte Street (A8) 5Lothian Road(A700) for 0.47 mile(s), 0.76 km(s) Turn left onto Lothian Road (A700) 6Home Street(A702) for 3.50 mile(s), 5.63 km(s) Bear right onto Home Street (A702) 7A702 for 16.45 mile(s), 26.47 km(s) Pass through three roundabouts remaining on A702 8road for 0.98 mile(s), 1.58 km(s) Turn left onto road 9A72 for 4.35 mile(s), 7.00 km(s) Turn right onto A72 10A701 for 27.6 mile(s), 44.42 km(s) Turn left onto A701 11Slip Road for 0.19 mile(s), 0.31 km(s) At the roundabout, take the first exit onto slip road 12A74(M) for 30.13 mile(s), 48.49 km(s) Continue onto A74(M) 13M6 for 193.89 mile(s), 312.04 km(s) Continue onto M6 14M5 for 39.91 mile(s), 64.23 km(s) Continue onto M5 15M50 (J8) for 0.44 mile(s), 0.71 km(s) Exit onto M50 (J8) 16M50 for 21.56 mile(s), 34.70 km(s) At the roundabout, take the second exit onto M50 17A449 for 0.49 mile(s), 0.79 km(s) At the roundabout, take the first exit onto A449 18A40 for 1.42 mile(s), 2.29 km(s) At the roundabout, take the third exit onto A40 19A40 for 15.94 mile(s), 25.65 km(s) Pass through two roundabouts remaining on A40 20A449 for 13.01 mile(s), 20.94 km(s) Continue onto A449 21Slip Road for 0.43 mile(s), 0.69 km(s) At the roundabout, take the fifth exit onto slip road 22M4 for 48.13 mile(s), 77.46 km(s) Continue onto M4 23A483 (J42) for 4.60 mile(s), 7.40 km(s) Exit onto A483 (J42) 24Quay Parade(A4067) for 0.29 mile(s), 0.47 km(s) Continue onto Quay Parade (A4067) 25Wind Street for 0.06 mile(s), 0.10 km(s) Take U-turn onto Wind Street 26Strand for 0.22 mile(s), 0.35 km(s) Turn left onto Strand 27Strand for 0.10 mile(s), 0.16 km(s) Turn right onto Strand 28  Arrive at your destination Strand
  17. Yes, you can catch the Flybe flight from Norwicu to Edinburgh, hire a car and drive from there
  18. It''s those people from Yarmouth, turning up for the big time Charlie games (friendlies against joke Premiership teams like Newcastle and Wigan) and pretending to "support" City. They should be sent packing at the turnstiles.
  19. Kids and berks from Yarmouth who never go to games.
  20. My uncle, Reinhard von Bumpkin, flew over Carrow Road and bombed it during ze vor! We prefer not to speak about Reinhard.
  21. I''ll go for the pistols at dan options. Consider you cheek to have been thwacked with kid leather and I DEMAND satisfaction!
  22. Tony Spearing was pretty Bunteresque
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