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  1. Well that BIglia rumour was short lived -.- Know nothing about Tettey, is he any good?
  2. Where did this Tettey rumour circulate?
  3. I suppose but anything can happen out of the blue, ie Steven Whittaker.
  4. Seeing as it looked like we agreed a deal to sign Biglia earlier it could only be him surely? Or unless huddersfield have chucked in Rhodes as a swap, very much doubt that though.
  5. [quote user="Southwestcanary"]Entrance music should be the original "On The Ball City". It''s our history and hopefully we can all learn to sing It correctly.[/quote] THey would never do that :/
  6. A) Do we still have goal music? B) Do we have new entrance music?
  7. He was good 3 seasons back, but looked weak for Wolves Poor signing.
  8. [quote user="Surfer"]We have the money to buy another striker, so keep. He didn''t become a poor player overnight, so let''s play to his strengths, or put him on the bench and play Vaughan or Morison if we only play one up front.[/quote] If it''s true we have the "biggest budget ever" and have like spent £6 million so far, we should have a few more million considering we spent around £12 million+ last season
  9. Well it was definitely £4 million + according to SSN. Ratings for saturday based on MOTDs coverage: Ruddy - 6 Martin - 5 Turner - 3 Bennett - 5 Tierney - 3 Howson - 5 Johnson - 5 Snodgrass - 5 Surman - 6 PIlkington - 5 Holt - 5
  10. Yeah good point, either play Wes behind him or put him up front with Jackson, worked last season. Snodgrass is not a CAM, so why play him there?!
  11. Do you think he will have a good season, or should we cash in on him now when we can probably get £6 million for him. Personally based on pre-season and saturdays "performance" I think we should look to sell him if we are offered £6 million + like we were earlier in the season.
  12. Well I guess that Southampton put in a £6 million bid andI think it was rejected
  13. [quote user="Gingerpele"][quote user="ncfc4lyf"]Are you just drawing names from a hat of Championship players, because there is no way we could afford Phillips.[/quote] No way we could afford Phillips? What?[/quote] Turner and Snodgrass combined cost about 6 million I guess, and Phillips would be a further £6 million+, I highly doubt we would spend this much on a position we probably don''t even need, and should focus on a defender or striker surely?
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