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  1. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Callum Wilson

    I follow Cov pretty closely since most of my family are from there and Callum Wilson has been good for literally a month.

    Good potential - yes. but good signing - no way. Everyone''s banging them in at Cov atm - not just him - and Callum has nowhere near proved himself enough to even be considered by a premier league club.
  2. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Idiot at the back of the snakepit.

    anyone who ever says "rant over" needs to be completely ignored
  3. Snoddys Jockstrap

    The Snakepit

    the snakepit are responsible for the atmosphere at the game and the rest of you boring c*unts hav e a problem with it?
  4. Oozes class? Thought he was pretty poor at the weekend to be honest.
  5. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Bradley Johnson

    I''m not his biggest fan but he certainly impressed on Sat. Part of that, though, was that he essentially had half the work to do given how incredible Leroy was.

    Both easily looked better than Wanyama, who was absolutely atrocious all game.
  6. Snoddys Jockstrap


  7. Snoddys Jockstrap

    di canio

    Give him a break - we''re three games in. We literally lost to 10 man Hull last week and you people are slamming Di Canio for losing to Palace.

    And Ji needs to know his place. He was likely taken off at half time because he''s a terrible, terrible striker. He''s lucky to even be on the books of any club.
  8. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Bradley Johnson

    finally people are starting to realise how ordinary Johnson is, despite how loveable he is
  9. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Bid for Pilkington rejected..

    don''t think this one has any legs given Benno''s injury. would take 8+ mil for him and wouldn''t be gutted to see him go, but that said he is a valuable player for us.

    and whoever said Snodgrass has no end product is an absolute chump.
  10. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Starting XI Prediction for Southampton

    even if Howson had played badly (which he didnt), it would hardly be fair to pass judgment on his performance when played wildy out of position.
  11. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Bradley Johnson

    Fer for Johnson, straight swap, no brainer
  12. Snoddys Jockstrap

    The Hoolahan enigma (again)

    we look shit without him, he''s our best player
  13. Snoddys Jockstrap

    A lesson from Hull?

    Saturday was an exercise in tactical insanity.

    Howson on the right, a box-to-boxer playing off the striker, two CDMS against a newly promoted side. Our two best attacking players on the bench. It was genuinely ridiculous.

    What concerns me is not that the team haven''t gelled or that we failed to create chances, it''s the tactical inflexibility that never deviates from the two banks of four away from home.

    This inflexibility, which was the hallmark of last season, will mean we''ll end up in the exact same situation if a major tactical overhaul isn''t ushered in.

    I''ve never been a Hughton out guy, and I''m not becoming one anytime soon, but I have to say my patience is wearing thin at a rate of knots.
  14. Snoddys Jockstrap


    We never press enough, that''s probably the only problem I have with Hughton.

    Case in point at the Spurs game last year, where we lead 1-0 in the first half and gave them absolutely none of it via pressing. We were bossing it.

    Second half we dropped deep, Bale banged one in and they could have easily won it.
  15. Snoddys Jockstrap

    Team for Hull?

    Dropping Whitts would be madness - while I agree with Bethnal that he is a bit suspect at times, we''re playing Hull. We can afford to shore up our attacking options with an advance full back.

    Fer, Snod and Olsson should start for me, particularly since Garrido didn''t have the best of games.






    Hooper introduced at the hour mark, along with benno.