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  1. Ditto! I’m going possibly to work my way (self-confidence/flamboyance) up to one of the full-bling yella models, via the eggWhite & cress gateway drug Big ‘well done’ to you chaps on the charity action
  2. They pay Messi £52m a year?? If true then I should think I know why they are ‘poor‘
  3. Welcome to the board..dare I suggest a model for how an opposition fan can come on here to engage in debate, even criticism , without coming across like a gorilla beating its stupid chest (mentioning no names... Leeds). Well done to your team for the positive performance at the weekend and indeed in general last season. What I would say is although probably all fans welcomed the goals from pens/ free kicks that Holty ‘won’ in that way - equally most wouldn’t have complained if the refs ignored his antics rather than rewarding them. Assuming other teams’ persistently naughty boys were treated the same. After all, he, we & the other teams & their fans knew what he was up to. It is only the refs who are fooled , or rather allow themselves to be, because of what must obviously be an edict favouring the attacking player.
  4. And when it comes to dross, D Coney’s boots presumably know their stuff
  5. Sorry to hear it, Dan... so frustrating. Maybe a neighbourhood bandwidth thing then
  6. Embarrassed that Ifollow is working perfectly on what is my first use of the feature. Is this helped by super fast fibre or are you all on decent speeds yourselves? edit, seen the post about 80 MBps above. Well... maybe good to be an exile for once, avoiding the bandwidth overload up in Norfolk
  7. Thanks solely to YOUR egotism we now have Barça knocking on the door for Max - cheers for drawing their attention
  8. Thank Crunchy.. Crunchie..? Krunchie... However... in a shock turnup, you've also managed to misspell "****ing" and "****". Such simple words and you messed them up. Asterisks instead of the correct vowels! schoolboy error, embarrassed for you
  9. Yep re. fest coming on. However - seem to remember certain Norwich journalist of high renown/ good contacts (& formerly of this parish) thought the club is already loaded with the replacements. If so - he may be wrong, of course.
  10. I reckon I'm not alone suspecting there will be a significant flurry of action amongst the bigger players (er, clubs) in a few weeks' time, including us. Whether in numbers or quality. or both (in & out... i'm not predicting which way it will go, though) The landscape won't look quite the same in a month.
  11. "1-1 was a racehorse 2-2 was one too 1-1 won 1 race 2-2 won 1 too" So I'm going 4-3 to us. Not really! my actual prediction is 2-2
  12. We're the yellow and green We're nowhere to be seen And it's off to new lockdowns we go...
  13. ... and still leaves enough scope for pedantic input from the likes of Sgt. Hoggy and Constable GA47. Great! Super!
  14. Ref. terrible grammar The punctuation's atrocious, too, but got to leave some scraps for @hogesar
  15. Whilst not underestimating the £loss that scenario would cause, I’d still welcome it versus the status quo. Ghettoising a handful of superclubs to an all-star showjumping event, that’s parallel (and unconnected) to the national leagues would leave the proper football to the latter. The not-quite elite players would still have to play somewhere... Sky & co would still be after it as a ‘viewing product’. It would become like a better quality, higher stakes Championship; a not quite as good or quite as money-laden version of the present PL. But i believe it would bring back the first-tier as a genuine competition.
  16. Thank you, some decent counter thoughts there. I accept things could change and take the point that unpredictable things do regularly happen. I’d say they are not significantly in the gift of our owners to initiate those alternatives, but certainly now you mention them, they could and probably should prepare for their eventuality. Just like I hope Webber’s succession plan is well planned / under way already, at least in the scope of selection criteria, method and shortlist of choices. To acknowledge the risks of the current approach is fine & sensible. To dwell on them, though - without regard to the yet greater uncertainties and risks of the alternatives, including your above examples - is a bit unfair.
  17. Precisely My view is we’re too well run and financially stable (relative to other non-bankrolled outfits) to be of good value to an investor or asset stripper, and not big enough potential catchment or profile for a billionaire sugar daddy
  18. Very good video. They know what they’re doing, those canary tv people. Nice to see Lambert still directly involved in the club in that behind-camera role (17:34), in addition to his main assignment
  19. No I like frogs , just the far right hate sympathies behind your chosen political symbol that I despise . Same with gammon, no problem at all with outraged older establishment gents with circulation problems, just the xenophobia behind the trope #triggeron, Ron
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