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  1. I have faith in our recruitment that we can replace them (obviously it's doubtful we'd find people of equal quality, but we can add depth in other areas) is important to remember that we didn't pay anything like that for them.
  2. We'll likely make about 70 million off Emi and Aarons, plus the additional Prem income, there's no decent reason for us not to spend a bit more money this time. I'm hoping we will spend about 40 mill, wisely. So with good investment, I think we will stay up.
  3. I'd be disappointed if we didn't win at least 3 of them, on paper Brentford and Forrest look the toughest for me. Three wins and perhaps a draw with Brentford puts one foot in the prem.
  4. Mario's free kick was class, it was a great save. That's it
  5. Huge results today, just need to do a job tomorrow. What an opportunity we have.
  6. Oh of course, but bringing the number of required wins down makes me feel more comfortable
  7. I reckon 7/8 wins will be more than enough with a few draws. 6 points from the next two would be great though
  8. 25 mill for me. Though the relatively short time left on his contract might hurt his value.
  9. It's definitely up there. An unbelievably blinkered position.
  10. It's not just our last venture into the Prem, it's the past 10 years of frequent visits that have kept us in a position to keep investing in the squad, youth facilities and being able to buy players like Maddison in the first place. To think we'd be even talking about promotion this season without our previous 3 ventures into the Prem since 2010, is just wishful thinking at best. Fans saying they'd rather stay in the championship and keep winning can't see the fatal flaw in their argument, it's the winning and getting promoted part that has allowed us to keep winning games in the Championship.
  11. It's not solely down to the money I agree, we are well managed too, but without the money, I don't believe we'd be top and able to resist comical bids for Emi from the likes of Arsenal. The Prem money has helped us keep the squad together. Our current position of strength relies on getting back to the Prem - unless serious investment arrives from elsewhere.
  12. Nobody claimed I am. Your position was challenged by somebody on the internet, nothing more, nothing less. I want Norwich City to challenge at the highest level and I believe we can. If we limit our aspirations to the Championship, we'll be at the bottom end of it before we know it. BTW, we're only a top Championship club because we've had the financial benefit of being in the Premier League.
  13. Because there's a small portion of our fans that hold a silly position that deserves to be called out.
  14. Nobody called you a moron. I called your position moronic. "Nobody asked you" it's an open question on an internet forum. I wouldn't dare say it to your face, you've proved you're an ard boy with your reply.
  15. "Give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one's view."
  16. Nothing has been twisted. You can waste your time guessing my motivations all day long or argue the substance of the debate.
  17. Seeing as there's no way to prove how many logins I supposedly have, why not focus on the substance of the debate.
  18. I'm hoping that given most of our current squad has been in this exact position before, we won't feel the pressure like the others.
  19. This is such a moronic position. What you're saying is you want to finish 7th in the champ every season to avoid any chance of the Prem. So right now you must be hating how our season is panning out, you must have boo'd at full time. We're going up, get over it and support your club properly or don't bother following them at all.
  20. Ah you're a negative nelly. Yeah you're right, we didn't deserve to go up because our defence was so poor.
  21. You need to look up the differences between race, ethnicity and nationality. You'll be shocked to learn that 195 countries doesn't mean 195 races. Anyway, I can't be bothered any more. The guy you originally replied to had said nothing bigoted at all.
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