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  1. I'd welcome it, weakening the squad of a relegation rival helps us
  2. People want to sack the current leadership but offer no alternative leadership as a suggestion. Hit and hope.
  3. Hard to know exactly what's going on, but it feels a relatively safe bet to say Todd wants out. So I say sell him. He's a talented player but I suspect his attitude will mean he never achieves his full potential.
  4. It's not over till the fat lady sings. So let's keep that red wine locked away.
  5. That's always going to be the case. We're clubs of a similar size, we're likely to spend most of our existence near them. We'd all like a few years in the prem, but the truth is, relegation will never be too far away, only 5 Prem teams have avoided it. We could have spent 5 years in the prem and still be in the same league as them next year. It's the journey that counts, and the memories. That's what we've got to show for it. Compare our highlight reels from 2010 to date with Ipswich.
  6. And there's really very little to suggest we will, largely because we spend within our means. I'm pretty sure Ipswich would gladly swap their last decade with ours, including current league positions. Most clubs outside the prem would bite their hand off to have had even half of the glory we've had from the Lambert era till now. As I said, spoilt brats.
  7. Most of them look under 25. Which means for almost all of their conscious years of being a Norwich fan, they've only seen the club in the Premier League or challenging for promotion. Spoilt brats.
  8. You didn't enjoy us beating Brentford 1-0? Thrashing Huddersfield and winning the league? I mean yeah that was only last year...
  9. Short-sighted, ungrateful little spoilt brats, not fit to wear the shirt or carry the colours.
  10. We've been served up an immense treat ever since we escaped League 1 with Lambert, many promotions, Wembley, new club legends like Holt, Wes, Pukki, Emi. So much drama, late goals, wins against United and other big boys. It's been an amazing 12 years or so. I am very grateful to be a Norwich fan, it's never boring. But perhaps we should sell up, embrace huge financial risk for the sake of a couple seasons in the Prem that will ultimately end in relegation anyway (only 5 prem teams have never been relegated from the league) and years of financial hardship that would see us in the wilderness or worse. People on this board have painfully short-term memories, or perhaps they're just too young to remember. I'd love to see a Norwich fan-led attempt at a take over, it would end up being the next Netflix football documentary, obviously in the comedy section.
  11. Be patient, Webber will sort it. He's always delivered in the past with the limited resources we have.
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