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  1. 100% need another striker, 2x DM, 2 more CB & a no.10
  2. Don't bring your positivity here, this is a place where people like to wallow in misery and pour scorn over all that is good. You're right though, Norwich City are amazing, and we should all be immensely proud and happy with how we're doing. But you can't please everyone hey.
  3. Okay, decades in the wilderness will be more than palatable. So many of you are ungrateful, don't know how lucky we are.
  4. Nothing to worry about then, I'm sure none of you will be whining if we do a Bolton They are advocating reckless spend. The middle ground some people want is still out of our reach. We can't even afford to re-sign many our own players, or Bournemouth's stars, that's the reality.
  5. The risk isn't just limited to League One, it could be financial ruin and no club. We could spend 100 mill next season, quadruple the wage bill, but we'd still be favourites for the bottom 3, only this time, the consequences of relegation could be devastating.
  6. And despite your wealth of exposure you still don't get it.... P.S you did read my whole post.
  7. You're supporting the wrong club, you should be grateful for how we're run. It's amazing. Most Norwich fans actually think they've been spoilt over the last decade or so, lots of promotions, drama, great players, late goals - rarely ever is it boring, most clubs in the pyramid would kill to be in our position. We all want top 10, but appreciate that under the current football structure, it's nearly impossible, outside a plucky one-off like Sheffield U. We don't have the money, and I'd rather keep the soul of my club intact than sell it to some oil tycoon with shady connections that do business in a human rights hell hole. The reality is, even Arsenal can no longer attract top players. But hell, we could break the bank, 35 mill gets you a player like Emi but spend another 10 mill and you get greatness like Timo Werner... Norwich City FC has tons of ambition, but its measured, and intertwined with reality, our over all objective is being sustainable, not being a Portsmouth or countless others that have been wreckless and can only dream of being in our position.
  8. Most gifted Norwich player I've seen, will miss him. I hope he does well at Villa.
  9. Don't bother watching then. Some of us like to have some faith in our club.
  10. Sadly we can't afford an Emi replacement, gonna have to strengthen in other areas
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