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  1. [quote user="Nolly"]sounds good apart from the fact the police would make it 7.00am wed morning lol[/quote]
  2. Would love to do that! Sods law it''s my Daughters birthday party (6) on that day, she''d understand wouldn''t she? ;-)
  3. Being an ex steward, saw the light very quickly! I sit in the lower barclay and I have to say the stewards in the particular block I reside in are very very quick to tell us to sit down, It has even got to the point of doing it during an attack or incident which the "natural" reaction is to stand up. I''m not laying all the blame at the stewards but there needs to be some discretion and common sense and I believe this is one of the reasons the atmosphere in the barclay in particular is not what it used to be. When the ground is jumping it''s great but it''s getting quashed far far too quickly.
  4. I also sit a couple of seats away from him in the LB. Good lad wouldn''t hurt a fly. Bunch of nobs!
  5. There''s a good reson for it to be honest. Stewards! I used to be one(god knows why) and in the Barclay last saturday the stewarse near block D was telling people to sit during a song all day.
  6. Go for it, you see plenty of Ipshit shirts in Norwich on a daily basis anyway.
  7. Has anyone got any photos from today, it would be great for those of us who couldn''t go to the game.
  8. I won''t be going on the pitch if there is an invasion. Just got my first ever season ticket in 30 years and won''t be risking it.
  9. Great game, right result. Pressure is off for tomorrow now, go and clinch it City!
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