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  1. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]stephenfry Stephen Fry I''m sure all you #NCFC fans appreciate that, as a director, I can''t comment on rumour about Paul Lambert. I''ll know more when I''m back home[/quote]   fu*king great even more postive news..............
  2. [quote user="Lynn Canary"]What is wrong with all you negative fans ? Lambert has done a great job since taking charge at our club, he then gets linked to a job, in which he doesnt want to talk about because he is happy with the statement that was released, then all you lot start slagging him off. If he reads this messageboard and then see''s you lot slagging him off and telling him he get stuffed, then why would he want to stay. He may then change his mind, and think that you ''fans'' don''t want him there so he may aswell leave. I was upset that he didn''t clearly say '' i don''t want the job'' , but he said he was happy with the statement released which said that Lambert is going nowhere. If he is happy with that, then why are you still going on about it. Lambert is still at our club, not at Burnley. They are all gloating saying he is there ? They were saying that last night before we had even rejected the approach. They are naive, just like many of the fans on here today. We love Lambert, Lambert loves the fans. Get off his back, and show him and the team full support for the rest of the season, to show how much he means to us, and maybe we can make a serious push for promotion. Why would he leave a team right in the mix to go to a team that not even in the play offs, and they aren''t exactly rich. In Lambert we trust.[/quote]   ok............... because he has shown us such respect my turning around saying i am happy at norwich and i am going no where!!! oh wait no he didnt do that, he is disrepecting us, as i said many times today he has always quashed claims before with rumors of jobs, this time he has not, he will be a disgrace if he goes there
  3. [quote user="Jim Smith"] As baffled as we all might be by why I think Lambert wants to go. I can''t believe Burnley had not had discussions with his agent before the approach and his refusal to rule it out this morning only serves to re-enforce the impression that there is clearly something in this.   Ultimately, if he wants to go there is not much we can do about it. Yes lets not pretend it won''t be a blow, it will be. He is a good manager and will be a loss. However, we all knew deep down what he was like and that it was only a matter of time until he left us. If he doesn''t leave us for Burnley it will only be a matter of time before another job comes along and in the interim it is clear his agent will be putting him in the mix for any job going. This will continue to be hugely unsettling for the club.   Therefore my regretful conclusion is that if he wants to go (and he may yet say he deosn''t but I think it looks more and more unlikely) we should negotiate substantial compensation and get an agreement that he won''t try to sign any of our players and let him move to tinpot Burnley if thats where he wants to be. I say this on the basis that (as big a loss as it will be) we do now have a board who i have faith in when trying to find a new manager. Norwich City is a big club. We are third in the table and have a reasonable chance of going up. There will be no shortage of interest in our job and there are lots of good managers available at the moment. Most importantly i trust Mcnally to get us the right man again. I spoke to him at a dinner almost a year to the day ago when lambert was being linked with Burnley before. When i asked him about Lambert going he simply said that he doubted it would happen but that if it did, we would simply go out and get someone just as good or better to replace him. If lambert wants to leave us now, that is what we must do. Yes it will be gutting but we are a proper football club, a proud football club and we are bigger than Paul Lambert. It will hurt but we must simply puff out our chests and get on with it. [/quote]   great post couldnt agree more, i would happily take the like of houghton !!!! no compo and done fantastic job at newcastle cant believe he was ever sacked
  4. [quote user="Proper Charlie"]Chill simo, the don''t push me bit could purely be that he is p***ed off with having to repeat him self and having to rubbish rumours all of the time. I think the club fighting tooth and nail for him just proves that the club want him to stay and that they are committed to him and he''s just saying "ditto" in a round about way, we have to remember that he is a man of few words. It says to me that he is staying, i''m hoping my "glass half full" approach is correct![/quote]   i wouldnt be nervous if he just said no i want to stay, why couldnt he say that? there is no reason not too, he normally always does
  5. [quote user="Coelho"][quote user="ron obvious"][quote user="simo86"]this is awful, after hearing radio norfolk i think he has gone, when he is saying ''dont push me'' on the subject of the burnley job, if he goes he is a judas[/quote] That is not good. [/quote] What actually happened on RN? Was it that a journo brought up the subject of the Burnley job again, after he''d said "I have nothing to add to the club''s statement", and he got defensive and said "don''t push me"? Was that played live, or reported by a RN presenter? [/quote]   it wasnt played it was quoted, very very nervous
  6. this is awful, after hearing radio norfolk i think he has gone, when he is saying ''dont push me'' on the subject of the burnley job, if he goes he is a judas
  7. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] I''m assuming that like me, everyone''s fears have been allayed and we can all breath easy now. I''m sure other opportunities will arise for Poyet, Hughton, Mackay   [:S] [/quote]   as been said in other posts, if he wanted to he could of said im not going, him saying there is nothing to add from the clubs statement does not fill me with confidence, he is adding fuel to the fire, and will make burnley even more confident
  8. [quote user="Canary Man of Kent"] [quote user="simo86"]if he wasnt going surely a simple no would be easy to add? there is no reason for him not to add to it, this is bullshit![/quote] Maybe it''s because we''re going to complain about Burnley, so he''s been told he can''t talk about it at the moment. There''s nothing he could say in this press conference which would satisfy all the paranoid people on here anyway. [/quote]   all he needs to say he is not interested and leave it at that
  9. oh and also for people saying we shouldnt start calling lambert judas if he goes, we bloody well should! if he went to a better club then us i would be no less upset, but could understand, if he went to burnely i would genuinely think the guy is a pri*k. it would only me money orientated if he went as not in a million years are burnely a bigger club then us, they couldnt even fill there garden shed in the prem, let alone this division. if he goes i will certinley be at the burnley away game
  10. if he wasnt going surely a simple no would be easy to add? there is no reason for him not to add to it, this is bullshit!
  11. does anyone know what time the conference is normally held? i actually cant think straight, i feel sick to my stomach knowing we could lose our man, it make no sense why he would go there for all the previous reasons mentioned, but surely there is no smoke withot fire, lambert i truely hope you tell them northern basta*rds to go fu*k them selfs
  12. for gods sake really? what drugs you people been smoking so that i can have some please, why on earth would he leave to manage a team worse then us, and most importantly he could of had the job when they were in the prem, i think he said last year something along the lines of why would i go to a club that will be in the same division as us next year
  13. there really is some thick people on here, i honestly cant believe any1 can say they dont want norwich to get promoted, are you thick? seriously you must be, if we are good enough to get there then of course it will be a struggle in the first year, but then you build upon, you only have to look at teams like bolton, fulham, birmingham, sunderland, all teams that have been in the championship in reason years and are now good premiership sides, certinaly, honestly you people are stupid it is so annoying, football is a great game and the unexpected happens, fulham getting to the uefa cup final proves that, i really dont understand some of you, if you dont want us to be a success then please fcuk off and support ipshit, no chance of promotion there. rant over
  14. not being funny but he really is not that good, first decent and i stress the word decent game he has had for us, he was crap against leeds, and eas bloody terrible at reading, the only thing he did at millwall was score, please tell me how we all suddenly rate him because he had a decent game in a derby, i would pick hoolhan, anyday of the week and twice on sunday instead of him
  15. yeah possibly banana, not sure about hughes not seen enough of him, i would like to see a little bit more of fox, because he is supposed to be a very good passer, but no where near going to be effective defensively if watford is anything to go by!
  16. of course its serious, its a debate about the player no-one is saying he bad stick your dummy back in just questioning would we prefer a more creative player then him, what are your thoughts please share, i am sorry i share a different opinion to u
  17. i agree banana it is tricky, is closing down and work rate are awesome and there is no doubt he stops other teams being creative, its just i duno if you were at the game today but there was couple time when we could of broke down the right and he just dithered on the ball and lost it, and pele agree about surman but i think he will be in for lappin and nothing against lappin be cause i think he has been excellent but i cant see him playing two left footers in the midfield
  18. I wanted to get an idea of what people feel aboout this guy after recent performances, i have been to every game bar bristol, and i must admit last few games i have not been impressed, i think his work rate is unquestionable and does defend well, but i think he lacks a little in vision and passing ability, and can keep the ball too long, certinley today at QPR, dont get me wrong i think he is a good player and is still very young, just wondered what other people thought? personally i would like someone a bit more creative there, as i think are midfield is lacking a little in creativity, certinley after hoolhan came off today that was clear to see
  19. ahh your first game now we no why your talking sh*t
  20. one of the worst posts ever, Jackson was weak and did sweet FA, his touch is appalling and the way we like to play martin is much better suited. you obviously werent at preston forrest or scunthorpe..... oh and remind me, how many league goals has holt got? maybe we should get cody back and play him instead
  21. quite simpmly the answer is because when teams come to carrow road they sit behind the ball and there is not as much space, when we play away from home they attack more hence he gets a lot more space..... simples :)
  22. yawnnnnnnnnnnn boring, diamond works, forth in the table proves that, watched every game, when we tried to play 442 at doncaster it did not work at all, as every start mcnamee has had he was sh*T and after 20-25 mins of that game what did we do, oh we went back to the diamond and really kicked on from there, espcially second half.... i am sure half of you on here dont go to the games as you wouldn''t come out with this utter crap!! Mcnamee is a impact player from the bench when the defense is tiring end of
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