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  1. I'm pretty sure Reece Hall-Johnson was at my school. He was in the same crop of youth players here as the Murphy twins, Harry Toffolo, Cam McGeehan and Carlton Morris. Going off last season's stats it looks like he's a handy player over at Wrexham.
  2. Williams has been okay. Not quite as good a footballer as Giannoulis but adds a lot to the team in terms of grit and attude.
  3. How quickly things change. Get a grip. people.
  4. Yeah, McGovern is the last man standing from that squad. Klose's contract was 'mutually terminated' last summer.
  5. I think that would be the end of the Alex Neil season in a win over Watford.
  6. Dictionary.com defines sport as "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess". ... Oxford Dictionary defines sport as "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or a team competes against another or others for entertainment". I'd put it with games like Snooker, Darts or Bowling as they all clearly require skill and whilst the phsical exertion isn't on match day it's during their exstensive training. It draws massive crowds both in person and online. Competitors at the top end make massive money. I'd suggest that a lot of the competitors do in fact take excercise and diet seriously, they'd break down otherwise practicing as much as they do. It'll almost certainly be at the Olympics in the not too distant future.
  7. He's been in first team training since Farke left.
  8. I think a back 4 with a more aggressive press is what we'll see. Probably fewer player changes than some will like.
  9. Pretty much all clubs use a mix of both and that won't be changing.
  10. His time at Brentford was okay, he certainly played good stuff at his time there. It was just Canos and Judge, not Pritchard. They're a club that were getting stronger all the time and he obviously added to that.
  11. Football is moving away from the model where a manager is god and a new one means 10 new coaches and a tea lady. Wouldn't be surprised to see one or two more changes once his feet are under the table though.
  12. Made a great start to his career in management and now has a club that should be upwardly mobile. 1 step closer to the Liverpool job Good for him.
  13. He'd be a hell of an appointment, best name that's been mentioned by far. Webber would have to work wonders in his sales pitch though.
  14. Did you play to a decent level in the men's football pyramid? My point wasn't well thought out though as I hadn't actually considered the amount of male vs female coaching badge holders. Half of the managers in the WSL are male but way more than half of the badge holders will be.
  15. Talking about the tactical and technical differences in the game is what the discussion should be. One guy took the Dallas u15s vs USWNT as gospel without thinking about why it happend but that seems about it to me.
  16. It was the u15s team of FC Dalles iirc. Physicality of a 15 year old male athelete will tend to blow that of a female footballer out of the water, no matter how good her technique or tactical nous is.
  17. The men that go into the WSL are hardly elite. The Everton coach was a 2nd/3rd division French league guy and that's a good level of experience compared to others.
  18. No, because the people hiring in women's football know that men's football is at a better standard.
  19. He had an entire playing career and then SD and management roles in the men's game. Until there are more women throughout all levels of the men's game then it seems unlikely that one will land a top job.
  20. As unrealistic as it may be I think he's by far the best name I've seen mentioned thus far.
  21. Every Premier League club has a team of internationals. Most of them have bigger internationals than us at the moment, see the difference maker Brazil international Leeds had last week.
  22. Good news. Will be interesting to see how they do the announcement considering the situation right now. Something big and dramatic or something quick with the twitter/news feeds burying it with news about e-sports and videos of 30 year old goals within the hour.
  23. Not sure he's old enough for the 'class is permanent' line.
  24. Southampton is closer to sea level than Norwich so that would be my guess for lowest.
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