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  1. Northluck C

    Kensell on Ground Expansion

    Ground expansion should be possible in this Day & Age, but you can understand Kensell, as The Man in charge, he’s only Human and can’t risk running the finances to the bare Bones. That’s just The World We Live In. I’ll get my coat...
  2. Northluck C

    How to waste 45 mins of your life

    I thought the thread title was referring to the second half on Saturday!
  3. Northluck C

    Burnley Tickets

    I didn’t think the ones on the steps were clear either - being on the vertical step whether they referred to the row at the top or bottom of it.
  4. Northluck C

    Burnley Tickets

    The daft way the rows are labelled in that stand (letters on the wall between rows and on the vertical part of the steps) seemed to cause confusion yesterday. No-one was sure which row they were in and latecomers were just finding wherever there was space.
  5. Northluck C

    Kevin Friend this week’s ref

    https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/kevin-friend-quick-to-make-enemies-as-mk-dons-hold-up-norwich-march-cczwt2wcxwv I’ll admit probably enough water has gone under the bridge to forgive him for this one.
  6. Northluck C


    3-0. What happened to Lambert’s rock and roll football?
  7. Northluck C

    10 years ago today

    I was there to the final whistle, in shock like everyone else. I remember walking back to county hall afterwards the streets were deserted with no traffic whatsoever as so many had (understandably) long gone home!
  8. Depending on exactly where you’re sitting it may block part of the goal or penalty area, but row L should be far enough back that it won’t spoil your view of the game too much.
  9. Northluck C

    BT Sport forecasts

    BT actually paid someone to come up with that fantastical nonsense?
  10. Northluck C

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Meanwhile in League Two, Eddie Ilderton (remember him?) is still at it, giving questionable decisions (a red card just now) in favour of Tranmere. Feels like deja vu, even 9 years on from that Good Friday at Prenton Park!
  11. Northluck C

    Goodbye Quest.......

    I saw Lawro passing comment on our promotion on Football Focus yesterday. He said he’d been impressed by our player recruitment, particularly by, and I quote, “what’s ‘is name, Pukki?”!
  12. Northluck C

    Last game on TV?

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11708724/efl-final-weekend-watch-derby-vs-west-brom-live-on-sky-sports It’s confirmed Sky are showing Derby v West Brom. They are only showing one match live this year so we will not be on.
  13. Northluck C

    Beyond Ridiculous.

    I would’ve thought it comes under the same category as Gayle getting a two match ban for diving to win a penalty, i.e. successful deception of a match official.
  14. Northluck C

    Villa - 5th Place and Nothing to Play For

    Pretty sure they’ll rest McGinn, who picked up his 14th booking of the season today, meaning he’s one away from 3 game ban and missing the entirety of the playoffs. Kodjia went off injured, Abraham is already out (at one point today they had Jedinak up front) so they won’t be at full strength.
  15. Northluck C

    Leeds 😂😂😂😂

    There was nearly a similar thing in our game against Cardiff a few years ago when Fer put the ball in when everyone else had stopped. In that instance the ref disallowed it for having not blown his whistle for the throw in (a technicality) but it would’ve probably been a let them walk a goal in situation had ours stood.