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  1. For a football connection - that was MOTD’s goal of the month tune back in the day!
  2. Correct! Northluck C. was the naff unlicensed name given to us on Pro Evo back in the day. I actually don’t know if it still is as I haven’t bought or played PES in years?!
  3. Yeah - of course I’m stating the obvious here with 20k extra people but it’s really noticeable how much slower it is getting away from the new stadium at Northumberland Park or WHL than the old ground. Superb stadium though!
  4. We queued for ages for a train at Northumberland Park, got back to the car at Redbridge at nearly midnight then had night closures of the M11 to contend with. Got home at 2.30. All worth it for a great result though.
  5. At the old ground I always used Northumberland Park station rather than White Hart Lane because it was far less busy, and still within easy walking distance. Whether that has the same benefit now with 20 odd thousand extra people coming out of the new ground I don’t know.
  6. Just spoke to the ticket office. Adult tickets were charged at £30 online in error and the £5 each difference will be refunded back automatically (apparently).
  7. Just checked my confirmation email and I’ve been charged £30 too (bought level 5 tickets online today at 9am). Thanks for pointing out - I hadn’t even noticed when I paid! Will be querying when I can get through on the phone.
  8. Ground expansion should be possible in this Day & Age, but you can understand Kensell, as The Man in charge, he’s only Human and can’t risk running the finances to the bare Bones. That’s just The World We Live In. I’ll get my coat...
  9. I thought the thread title was referring to the second half on Saturday!
  10. I didn’t think the ones on the steps were clear either - being on the vertical step whether they referred to the row at the top or bottom of it.
  11. The daft way the rows are labelled in that stand (letters on the wall between rows and on the vertical part of the steps) seemed to cause confusion yesterday. No-one was sure which row they were in and latecomers were just finding wherever there was space.
  12. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/kevin-friend-quick-to-make-enemies-as-mk-dons-hold-up-norwich-march-cczwt2wcxwv I’ll admit probably enough water has gone under the bridge to forgive him for this one.
  13. 3-0. What happened to Lambert’s rock and roll football?
  14. I was there to the final whistle, in shock like everyone else. I remember walking back to county hall afterwards the streets were deserted with no traffic whatsoever as so many had (understandably) long gone home!
  15. Depending on exactly where you’re sitting it may block part of the goal or penalty area, but row L should be far enough back that it won’t spoil your view of the game too much.
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