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  1. 0-4. Only the away support and 2,000 ‘Gaw blimey, strike a light, guvnor’ cockney plastics in the home areas left in the ground at 80 mins.
  2. We’re just so easy to play against. Whenever Villa have pressed us in our third, inevitably we eventually meekly give possession back to them. We don’t seem to have any movement to be able to play through it. Whereas they play one long ball whilst we have them pushed back and 2-3 passes later they’ve scored. Admittedly a slip and deflection helped this happen, but at no point do we look like opening them up in a similar fashion.
  3. Neither of them deserve to be in the 11, you just know both will be named. I plan to check the team line-up announcement and give it a miss if that’s the case, for the sake of my own sanity.
  4. That’s shameful. It’s a pity their ****wit neanderthal fans can’t be sanctioned as well. The sooner their club are financially crippled into obsolescence the better.
  5. <Max Boyce mode> (remember him?)… ‘’I was there…. ‘’. Me and a mate bunked off early from evening lectures at City College with some spurious excuse. The lecturer gave us a knowing look and said ‘’going to the football are you lads?’’ Carrow Road was rocking when that header went in. What a night, IMO better than the final (which was a stinker of a game).
  6. The theory of VAR is spot on, it just needs a complete overhaul. The problem with it is that (for whatever reason ) very poor decisions are still being made- witness Cardiff at Liverpool in the Cup, where they were denied both a penalty and a Liverpool sending off that would certainly have been given to the home team and the cheat Ronaldo’s penalty at CR, where similar incidents since have gone unpunished.Surely the technology must be there for an impartial operator to be shown ‘neutralised’ footage with colours changed / nullified, in isolation from the full game coverage? Then any decision should be made within 20/30 seconds of the referral, with ‘clear and obvious’ error of an on-pitch decision being the brief. No time for drawing of lines, or multiple micro-second ‘roll backs or forwards’ to prove one way or another. Or even 3 VAR operators that have to reach a unanimous or majority decision, again within the time limit. Football needs to be instantaneous, having 2/3 minute+ interludes during which nobody on the pitch or in the crowd knows what is going on is a complete nonsense. The issue is that Sky and the like love the drama of VAR, it’s good telly in their eyes and that may be the issue with it being binned.
  7. Can they be any condescending? They’d have been in full arousal if it been a Liverpool goal.
  8. It would appear that Sarg used up his one good header a season at Watford.
  9. Every time we try to play through the press, we lose the ball. So predictable and depressing.
  10. It’s worse than that. At least Peterborough had a little bit of threat (long ball over the top to a lightning fast CF). We’ve offer no threat whatsoever.
  11. I was going to post similar. I think everyone knows what’s going to happen if a mid-table PL side bid £25/ 30m for Rashica (possible if he continues his improvement), or indeed if we receive attractive bids on any of our players. Where does that leave ‘the plan’?
  12. £1.36m/yr Lineker gets from the BBC. And this is £400k down from the previous year. Really? For presenting a very poor, very light on actual content one hour highlights package? Difficult to pass this off as VFM I would say. Also the seemingly endless gravy train of ‘expert’ analysts- Shearer, Danny Murphy, Micah Richards (… really?) et al, who contribute nothing that anyone with basic coaching badges couldn’t provide. Get rid of the presenting dross and provide better match coverage IMO. Mind you I’d occasionally probably dip in and out of watching it regardless, definitely more so than the other ****e that BBC produce these days (The Wall, MM’s The Wheel etc etc).
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