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  1. Beetley Yellow

    football quiz - grounds

    17/20, the trick for me was to try to recognise the terrace or stand on one long side or behind the goals from TV coverage ‘back in the day’. I still managed to get the corrugated roof at Newcastle wrong (Watford had one similar..., grrr!). The Kippax at Maine Road was one impressive stand though, I can remember my time at Manchester Business School and staying on the upper floors of the residential block- you could see that stand in the distance, towering over the surrounding housing.
  2. Beetley Yellow

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    Being an old git..., from what I remember it was the third most prestigious European competition. I remember the Cup Winners Cup (each nation’s domestic Cup winner being represented) being second in the pecking order. This and the European Cup were single game finals at a neutral venue. The UEFA Cup final was a 2-leg Final (home and away legs). It was very much the ‘cinderella’ competition of the three.
  3. Beetley Yellow

    Luton v Middlesbrough

    I had to ‘double take’ too, I thought they’d got rid of the old domestic-conservatory-stylee executive boxes, but then realised the slum that comprises their away end was now to the right rather then to the left. A bit of googling suggests the exec boxes are still there but they built a new tv gantry as the old viewpoint didn’t project an image befitting a Championship club.
  4. Beetley Yellow

    Move Ground to move forward.

    As mentioned earlier, it is very possible. Leicester RUFC did it at Welford Rd as shown here In the first photo the existing stand seating and back of the old stand can be seen to the left of the posts. I suppose the question in our circumstances is the viability of something similar taking into account the presence of the road behind (and I suppose the inner ring road beyond that) whilst being able to achieve the required ‘sight lines’. But there are plenty of examples of stands being built over roads (Old Trafford, Villa Park). Does the Club own the ‘redundant’ road?
  5. Beetley Yellow

    Move Ground to move forward.

    Absolutely do-able, Liverpool did it as said and Leicester Tigers Rugby Club did something very similar a few years back which would be the way to go. They built the new stand behind the existing (we would have to build over the old Carrow Road), constructing the new upper tier and roof keeping the low level existing in use. Over the close season the lower tier was rebuilt. With some off site prefabrication and sensible phasing the disruption can be minimised.
  6. Beetley Yellow

    Perfect Season?

    Can I have another? The ‘never say die’ attitude of our squad. Millwall (... mentioned above, apologies) and Forest were just mental.
  7. Beetley Yellow

    Perfect Season?

    Pukki- Championship Player of the Season, Golden Boot winner...., bought on a 'free'
  8. Beetley Yellow


    Almost, but not quite the 'Triple Crown' for Norwich fans, Dirty Leeds choking in a Wembley PO Final would have been the ultimate, but I'm not greedy..., I'll take their abject failure at SF stage
  9. Beetley Yellow

    Bamford charged🙂

    Unbelievable! Even the club itself have the same sense of entitlement as their scummy fans. The act of sportsmanship was nullifying the goal that (... maybe) shouldn’t have been scored. It was Bamford’s act of cheating that meant Villa had to play the remainder of the game disadvantaged with 10 men.
  10. Beetley Yellow

    Bristol win tonight

    Hilarious- hopefully Posh can sneak into the L1 Play Offs and win it- that would make 1p5wich the fourth rated team in the East Anglia region next season. Imagine, all their ‘glorious history’ and they’d get a quick mention at the end of the Look East sports news only after us, Luton and Posh have been covered . Like others I’d love to see Brizzle City make it, if only for the brand of football they play. I fear it is a long shot though- I think we are going to have to suffer the media frenzy when FLDC make the Play Offs.
  11. Beetley Yellow

    Promotion Quiz

    Yep, that game sticks in the memory for me too. Arrived late at the River End which was chokka, so got marched down to the Barclay and put in the segregation pen Then had an interesting couple of hours being gobbled at and having coins slung at us by the East Midlands monkeys, most of whom were there for a fight rather than watching the game. We got done 3-2 and relegated but I came home a few quid richer! Football was so different then! Anyways apologies for the thread diversion...., as you were.
  12. Beetley Yellow

    The Barclay End Flags

    That does look awesome, I have to say- well done chaps. Displays like this seem to really work in yellow (see Dortmund..., albeit on a much bigger scale!). It’d be superb to have the same in the Upper Barclay too, the club ought to help out to make it happen (imo).
  13. Beetley Yellow

    Funniest Leeds Tweets

    Prediction:- 1) It’s all a conspiracy, everyone hates us and fixes it so we do not win, or 2) We’re a big club, everyone ups their game when they play us, or 3) Other clubs are <insert expletive>s, are ‘tinpot’, have no history and don’t deserve to be above the mighty Leeds, or 4) We were robbed, just like we always are..., or 5) A combination of some or all of the above. ... Sits back and awaits the fun.....
  14. Beetley Yellow

    Playoffs - I'm Excited

    Oh absolutely, a goal mouth scrap in the 8th minute of injury time with Kodjia making it 3-2 to Villa....., with Bamford down feigning injury in the centre circle. Oh it’s nice to dream
  15. Beetley Yellow

    Playoffs - I'm Excited

    I’m hoping for a Leeds v Villa PO Final...., after today it’ll be carnage