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  1. <Conjecture Alert > So say if Liverpool are interested and he genuinely is that good. Lallana was £25m in 2014, what is current money for his ‘replacement’? It has to start at £30m I’d have thought.
  2. Yep, I was there too, in the home end, I reckon we had a good couple of thousand ‘sitting on their hands’ that day, it’s still their record attendance. Several of our lot couldn’t contain themselves and got thrown out. Rightfully so. By the late stages of the game the only sport the home fans had was ‘outing’ Norwich fans and getting them ejected. By all means, if it is the only way to get tickets, I’d have no qualms in sitting in home areas, but would absolutely be respectful at all times. Wearing colours or outwardly celebrating goals is well out of order. Not that I’d aggressively ‘face up’ an away fan in such a scenario, but many others would and it is simply encouraging disorder for the sake of it.
  3. Todd had better develop a thick skin really quickly, the level of abuse he will receive when he moves to Wolves / Newcastle / Everton (which is where, IMO, we will end up selling him to rather than top 6) and performs badly will be on another level. That or get off social media. What is the saying- ‘the people who actively use social media are the very people that should be denied access to it.’ I cannot see the attraction myself, why voluntarily expose yourself to vitriol and abuse from idiots? And yes, I do realise this forum can be defined as social media, however the likes of twitter appear to be an unmoderated ‘free for all’.
  4. Beetley Yellow

    Premier League Injury Table 19 - 20

    It’d be interesting to see that table at GW14 or so. I’d guess we’d be even higher. Our inability to have a stable team and/or be able have players in their preferred positions ‘killed’ us in early season. The very time we needed stability. It’s just annoying that having most back from injury recently, we’ve lost the ability to take chances.
  5. Beetley Yellow

    We will beat Liverpool

    I think we need a Native American memory man. I’m sure you all know the joke.
  6. Beetley Yellow


    Arabic airlines, Chinese beer, Japanese cars, South American energy drinks- it can be all of those at the same time- look up virtual advertising. The punters in the stadium are meaningless. Viewing subscriptions and advertising are where it’s at.
  7. Beetley Yellow


    Stay in the Champs but if we can still have the £170m? Mmm, that’s a tricky one
  8. Beetley Yellow

    We will beat Liverpool

    Liverpool haven’t been playing that well in chunks of games recently. Which seems stupid to say it with them 22 points clear, but both Wolves and Southampton were very much in their games against them and should have led. If they have a dodgy first half and we can create and finish some chances (we seem ok at the former, crap at the latter just now) and defend for our lives (as per Man City), who knows? Concede in the first 5 mins and it could be a very, very difficult watch.
  9. Beetley Yellow


    I’m not sure about that. If the paying audience is there, they will not give a stuff. Do you think Sky worry about this with the PL?
  10. Beetley Yellow

    Ipswich v Peterborough

    They are not giving Evans massive grief because they know they absolutely cannot p**s him off. A concerted campaign of ‘Marcus Out’ and some associated prolonged unpleasantness could result in the ticket tout concluding it really isn’t worth it. As soon as he has ‘asset stripped’ everything he can, he’d then sell them down the Swanee. In the absence of some rich Saudi with a ‘bin smell’ fetish I cannot see anyone being willing to bail them out from that.
  11. Beetley Yellow


    Leicester’s ‘under the radar’ title win a couple of seasons ago has done the PL a massive favour domestically,. The ‘impossible’ was seemingly possible and some degree of interest was maintained. Without it we would have had a continual situation where only one of 2 maybe 3 clubs could have won the league. Currently, realistically that is now only 2- Liverpool / Man City. Man U and the big London clubs are in transition and but will spend countless millions buying up the talent of any ‘wannabe’ clubs destroying what chance they have to break through (...Leicester are only just recovering from this happening). The only interest is which of them is going to win it- the days of a Nottingham Forest, or Everton (or us in 92/93) assembling a title winning squad are gone, they’d simply be disassembled by the ‘big’ clubs before they got anywhere near.
  12. Beetley Yellow

    Banter today

    It may have been 800 or so but we sounded impressively loud on RN.
  13. Beetley Yellow

    Draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup

    The ‘law of averages’ and luck should dictate a home tie. Which for us, this season, will mean we get Man City away .
  14. Beetley Yellow

    Prudence v Naviety

    Indeed, one wonders what will constitute success or failure next season. If we do not keep the squad together (... doubtful I think) and have to rebuild, what will be acceptable? Top half, play-offs? If we do keep much of the current playing roster, anything less than automatic promotion is going to be a fail I would have thought. If only we could hack in and get a copy of ‘The Webber Master Plan’!