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  1. And let’s not forget, as the pundits insist.., “if there’s contact, he has the right to go down” #pathetic
  2. Get the crowds back ASAP I suggest. Online / postal survey of season ticket holders as to who is prepared /able to come to come to games and in what numbers / group sizes, open it out to ‘casual fans’ if the numbers permit (doubtful). Impose a rule of ‘not prepared / unable to wear a mask, do not apply’. Review numbers compared to available capacity, allocate socially distanced seating accordingly, you accept what you are allocated or do not attend. It is surely possible to set up distanced ‘clumps’ of 1/2/3/4 or whatever groups within each stand? Do not permit entry unless ‘masked up’ (those that do comply will self enforce this when held up at the turnstiles I’m sure!). Immediately remove those who do not wear them in circulation areas. Would any of this work, or am I being far too simplistic? (... I’m just ‘throwing it out there’).
  3. Starting slowly is, I think, going to be inevitable given the number of new players in the squad. Plus we still have some time for the PL vultures to have the pickings from our best talent. We are going to have to be patient here- DF and the board may well be grateful that the early home games are BCD.
  4. There really is no need to be playing this Nations League nonsense given the global situation, players flying across the continent etc etc. Given that domestic leagues are struggling to schedule games, UEFA really should have been told to do one.
  5. 0-0 then. A game we were in well in control of, never looked like making enough clear cut chances, yet could have lost with some calamitous defending late on.
  6. Idah has been particularly wasteful, I had him down to be a decisive finisher (his cup hatrick as evidence) hopefully just early season ‘rusty-ness’
  7. Blue or any shade of blue has no place on a Norwich outfield shirt. They’ve really missed a trick here, I reckon any ‘rainbow coloured’ theme on a white shirt would have tapped into the whole ‘thank you key workers’ vibe and would (IMO) have sold in big, big numbers even more so if it had been something like the recent well designed mock-ups. Instead of that we have a bland, generic pin stripy thing the binners can mock us about. Having said that if we really ‘want to be just like them’ we really need to get all our tangible assets sold, set about getting relegated to Division 3 and start working on that £100m debt.
  8. Yep, loving it I’m sure. Spending millions to target finishing at least 17th. B&HA are in the group of 10 or so clubs spending a small fortune to go nowhere, eventually their luck runs out, see Bolton, Sunderland, Blackburn, Stoke etc. etc. Which is fine if your owner has bottomless pockets and/or is not willing to actually consider making it self sustaining (... which given they’ve posted losses in the last 7 of 8 years and are carrying a £280m debt, I’m guessing not) and/or doesn’t actually wake up and realise the ridiculousness of the situation.
  9. So much to frustrate related to this game. Drinks breaks, five substitutions..., please, please have this binned off before next season. They just disrupt the game whilst giving huge advantage to teams with deep squads. Why even bother with VAR if it still makes so many poor final decisions? Given the time to make the decision I assume Kovacic’s second yellow was looked at- never, ever a yellow. And then so many instances of pathetic time wasting by Arsenal late on, throwing themselves over when obviously not touched, all pretty pathetic really. A telling comment in the commentary about the comparison with the National League Play Off. Top level football in this country is now a parody of the game.
  10. He’d already showed the yellow card before he knew it was a pen though? I think he assessed it as yellow straight away as there was another covering defender. Agree on the ‘studs up’ though, they only appear to be red if you don’t play for one of the ‘top 6’.
  11. It depends if City can be bothered or not. If yes and they are 2 up in 10 minutes we can expect our usual capitulation and an invasion TWTD-ers on here, us having inherited their record. If no, we’ll hopefully keep it below a handful. Only a real optimist can see us actually scoring (reverse psychology..., go on, go on, prove me wrong).
  12. If he wants to stay we need to make it happen, only a ridiculous offer that turns his head could make any difference. Player of the Season and rightfully so.
  13. Absolutely. For my sins I peruse the BBC teletext ‘football gossip’ over breakfast before leaving for work. The countless millions is seems the big teams (especially Man Utd / Man City and Chelsea) are going to spend is obscene. When the likes of Bury (and no doubt many others post pandemic) are on or over the ‘brink’ it does not sit well with me, it’s almost like a parallel universe. PL football without fans will continue, because of ££££, but ‘real world’ football needs fans, it is the whole raison d’être IMO. I’d like to think the dreadful standard, poor atmosphere output in the games since the restart would persuade a few armchair fans it really isn’t worth the £30/m subscription, thereby instigating something of a ‘reset’ but I fear it’s just a pipe dream.
  14. I tried to help, voted it No 1, with the other 11 inserted at random because it wouldn’t accept submit unless you did all 12! It really was the only redeeming feature of a (in so many ways) massively forgettable season.
  15. Sickening isn’t it? I had to turn R5 off off at the weekend as their presenters worked themselves up into what seemed like an orgasmic frenzy about such a ‘huge club’ being ‘back where they belong’. Nobody ‘belongs’ there, you have to earn the right, which dirty Leeds managed to hilariously **** away for season after season. And agreed, there will be quite a few cities and towns that will breathe a huge sigh of relief if the fixture list gives them Leeds (H) when the ‘behind closed doors’ restriction remains, especially any BMW owners that park outside the ground. Anyways back to Cascarino, who may be offering up the usual Talksport ‘shock jock’ ****e, but that opinion is very much out there and we will have to live with it, our abject surrender to relegation cannot be denied. I (thankfully) didn’t hear it but would suggest Its pretty poor sports presenting if his ‘ expert opinion’ as to the way forward wasn’t then sought but there again this is Talksport we are talking about here.
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