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  1. Beetley Yellow

    Man Utd seethe at NCFC fans

    “Oh boo hoo (blub ), they’ve stolen our song”. Of course every song sung at Old Trafford is a Mancunian penned original isn’t it? What a non-story - desperately dredged up from a few sad social media posts. Mind you, the article text is most complimentary about us so it’s not all bad!
  2. Beetley Yellow

    John Ruddy

    To be fair Wolves were in total control until 10 mins from the end, Watford’s first goal was (I think) their first shot on target. It must be massively galling for WW fans to see them lose that game, it was a crazy turnaround. Anyway back on topic, I think Ruddy was simply twice undone by Deulofeu’s quality, all through the game Wolves defenders were closing down really well, snuffing out any Watford chances in the box, from 75 mins on they seemed to stand off and gaps started appearing, Watford had the ideal player to exploit that.
  3. Beetley Yellow

    You've let us down again...

    That’s just it, I’d give Wolves a chance against City, on their day they’d give them a decent game- and they have had quite a few good performances against the bigger clubs this season. I hope I’m wrong but I can’t see Watford putting up much of a fight.
  4. Beetley Yellow


    Also take a look at our fourth goal, it looks like Leistner ‘cleans out’ Onel as Pukki is about to shoot or square it, making sure he wasn’t going to get to any rebound or pass. He was lucky (... again) it got lost in the goal celebrations.
  5. Beetley Yellow

    Was it a a red?

    Haha, fair comment
  6. Beetley Yellow

    Was it a a red?

    I think it was a red, Emi just flew into the tackle, probably still stewing from being hacked down (yet again) a few seconds before. As for Leistner, I was raging for him to receive a second yellow, if only for the persistent fouling- he must have been penalised 4 or 5 times in all, only then did I realise he hadn’t even been booked for the cynical chop down earlier in the game. . One other thing - Onel needs to be taught to be cleverer in the opponent’s box, a couple of times he bustled through in his usual style with defenders effectively wrestling / holding him back yet he stayed on his feet desperate to create a chance- admirable IMO but in these cynical times he is almost too honest!
  7. Beetley Yellow

    EFL - BBC summary of the weekend

    Says all it needs to about the BBC’s punditry, a gob***** of the first order. Plus Chris Sutton seems to be a resident fixture on R5 these days, but only because his MO is to wind people up, he doesn’t seem to offer anything other than that. This seems to be the way BBC radio football coverage is going, I guess it’s the ‘Talksport Model’.
  8. Beetley Yellow

    Wigan tickets

    Stoke (away) more likely- Wigan sold out last week.
  9. Beetley Yellow

    Let's all wave at Pritchard

    I don’t bear him any grudges either, in the games for us when he was ‘on it’ he looked a super player. He left us at a time where we appeared to be going nowhere,and needed to unload the big money players. I don’t think even the most optimistic supporter could have foreseen how well the Webber/Farke revolution has worked out.
  10. Beetley Yellow

    Relegation Date

    They’d have to get through the earlier rounds first. You could see a biggish non-league team getting them away In R1 of the cup and almost having more supporters in the ground than 1p5wich.
  11. Beetley Yellow


    I’m loving the England / Norwich comparisons- very true, even down to the keeper being dodgy with the ball at his feet!
  12. Beetley Yellow


    If you’re going to make a story up at least make it credible- £10m? Any player deemed a decent PL prospect is going to be at least half as much again, maybe even double. I think even if we go up we may have trouble keeping both our young full backs in the Summer rather than BG.
  13. Beetley Yellow

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    3,300 sold by Friday according to WOTB (can we mention that site here?), on general sale Tuesday, hoping there’s some left! If we get anywhere near selling out it would be an awesome turn out.
  14. Beetley Yellow

    We hate Wolves, apparently

    Crikey, I’ve not seen that Aussie League footage before- almost tantamount to physical assault, career ending stuff. It amazes me he was allowed to continue plying his trade as a footballer with such a record- I notice he crosses himself as he leaves the pitch in that footage, obviously considers he has some sort of divine guidance to act like a ****
  15. Beetley Yellow

    Wigan away

    It does make you wonder if we’ve objected (.... can clubs do that?), as there were reports that we’d taken the full 5,000 allocation at our risk.