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  1. So much to frustrate related to this game. Drinks breaks, five substitutions..., please, please have this binned off before next season. They just disrupt the game whilst giving huge advantage to teams with deep squads. Why even bother with VAR if it still makes so many poor final decisions? Given the time to make the decision I assume Kovacic’s second yellow was looked at- never, ever a yellow. And then so many instances of pathetic time wasting by Arsenal late on, throwing themselves over when obviously not touched, all pretty pathetic really. A telling comment in the commentary about the comparison with the National League Play Off. Top level football in this country is now a parody of the game.
  2. He’d already showed the yellow card before he knew it was a pen though? I think he assessed it as yellow straight away as there was another covering defender. Agree on the ‘studs up’ though, they only appear to be red if you don’t play for one of the ‘top 6’.
  3. It depends if City can be bothered or not. If yes and they are 2 up in 10 minutes we can expect our usual capitulation and an invasion TWTD-ers on here, us having inherited their record. If no, we’ll hopefully keep it below a handful. Only a real optimist can see us actually scoring (reverse psychology..., go on, go on, prove me wrong).
  4. If he wants to stay we need to make it happen, only a ridiculous offer that turns his head could make any difference. Player of the Season and rightfully so.
  5. Absolutely. For my sins I peruse the BBC teletext ‘football gossip’ over breakfast before leaving for work. The countless millions is seems the big teams (especially Man Utd / Man City and Chelsea) are going to spend is obscene. When the likes of Bury (and no doubt many others post pandemic) are on or over the ‘brink’ it does not sit well with me, it’s almost like a parallel universe. PL football without fans will continue, because of ££££, but ‘real world’ football needs fans, it is the whole raison d’être IMO. I’d like to think the dreadful standard, poor atmosphere output in the games since the restart would persuade a few armchair fans it really isn’t worth the £30/m subscription, thereby instigating something of a ‘reset’ but I fear it’s just a pipe dream.
  6. I tried to help, voted it No 1, with the other 11 inserted at random because it wouldn’t accept submit unless you did all 12! It really was the only redeeming feature of a (in so many ways) massively forgettable season.
  7. Sickening isn’t it? I had to turn R5 off off at the weekend as their presenters worked themselves up into what seemed like an orgasmic frenzy about such a ‘huge club’ being ‘back where they belong’. Nobody ‘belongs’ there, you have to earn the right, which dirty Leeds managed to hilariously **** away for season after season. And agreed, there will be quite a few cities and towns that will breathe a huge sigh of relief if the fixture list gives them Leeds (H) when the ‘behind closed doors’ restriction remains, especially any BMW owners that park outside the ground. Anyways back to Cascarino, who may be offering up the usual Talksport ‘shock jock’ ****e, but that opinion is very much out there and we will have to live with it, our abject surrender to relegation cannot be denied. I (thankfully) didn’t hear it but would suggest Its pretty poor sports presenting if his ‘ expert opinion’ as to the way forward wasn’t then sought but there again this is Talksport we are talking about here.
  8. Yep, thought it at the time, ‘flew in’, studs up. No different that I could see. Apart from the fact that it only becomes ‘out of control’ and dangerous if you are not playing for one of the top 6 clubs.
  9. Big, aggressive, athletic b*****ds brought in at CD and DM please. We got muscled out of a few games in our promotion season and it has been emphasised even more at PL level how easily we get bullied.
  10. Absolutely. To have failed heroically, making a real go of it would almost have been construed as a success (... given where we were pre lockdown). With momentum and optimism for next season. The complete capitulation we have seen gives us the complete opposite.
  11. ‘Clear and obvious’ seems to have been forgotten as a concept. If the decision cannot be ‘re determined’ after 2 VAR viewings (taking seconds) the original decision stands. Taking minutes doing multiple viewings with ridiculous lines drawn on the screen to finally prove (surprise, surprise) that Pukki was offside against Spurs was an absolute farce.
  12. So we either unload him now and pay up his contract, or give him a go for the early games in Championship. The latter must be the sensible option I’d suggest, who knows he may start to ‘rip it up’ if he scores a couple in early season. Unless of course he is a ‘bad apple’ and a root cause of the malaise in the squad just now (... given his performances iI could easily see some jealousy over the £50k/week if actually true), in which case the former needs doing immediately.
  13. Very much this. We have achieved very much in line with the Boards aspirations, perhaps DF is just repeating the jist of what he has been told by them and/or the CEO. To go back back down with no financial losses and the players which we wish to keep on manageable contracts will be construed to be a success based on previous experience. ‘Pitch side’ though it has been a embarrassing disaster since the return from lock-down. We knew and expected us to be relegation candidates, but surely a minimum requirement was to ‘be in the mix’, as opposed to the abject surrender we have actually witnessed. And somebody at the club needs to acknowledge that the reasons for this need addressing PDQ if there is any possibility that the ‘The Plan’ will continue on track. There has been an obvious complete lack of motivation, evidence of issues either with DF, the coaching team and some or all of the squad of players. Or a combination of all 3. Whatever the cause, to simply ‘crack on’ regardless would be a serious error.
  14. Bielsa will have to order some stronger binoculars and a bigger step ladder, some of those PL training ground set-ups are on the large side.
  15. It’s really galling that just about everyone has made a go of it apart from us. I can’t help but think we came back from the suspension with little or no faith withIn the squad that we could survive.
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