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  1. I remember an interview where he said he deliberately stayed away from football for a while after he retired so it''s not just us he kept away from. Some people on here seem pretty desperate to find a player or ex player to have a dig at. 
  2. I remember Worthington saying once that the way to get a player to sign for us was to get him to come here and take a look round. If deals were negotiated over the phone they generally wouldn''t sign, if they came and took a look at the clubs facilities, the city and surrounding areas it made things a lot easier.
  3. Never mind the Doctor, what about his assistants ? Amy Pond was yummy and the new one''s a bit nice too.
  4. You should be pleased to leave Canterbury, my first wife was from there, strangely enough I''m not that keen on the place !
  5. Going to Atlanta and memphis,will get three baseball matches in while I''m there. Looking forward to seeing the Braves v Giants, Braves v Mets and AAA Memphis Bluebirds
  6. Ah, the return of mendhams_rusty_shank with the old " I told you so " post
  7. Ah, the return of Ricky Knight with the old " I told you so " post
  8. Yoou know things are bad when we spend our time cheering on other teams. I had to support Stoke last night !
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