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  1. marvin the martian

    Dean Ashton

    I remember an interview where he said he deliberately stayed away from football for a while after he retired so it''s not just us he kept away from. Some people on here seem pretty desperate to find a player or ex player to have a dig at. 
  2. marvin the martian

    Why would players want to come to Norwich?

    I remember Worthington saying once that the way to get a player to sign for us was to get him to come here and take a look round. If deals were negotiated over the phone they generally wouldn''t sign, if they came and took a look at the clubs facilities, the city and surrounding areas it made things a lot easier.
  3. marvin the martian

    Premier League..... Food

    Hot dog man outside Currys/Matalan.
  4. marvin the martian

    Holty hands in transfer request

    I''m disappointed it isn''t true !
  5. marvin the martian

    Holiday Inn for sale

    Never mind the Doctor, what about his assistants ? Amy Pond was yummy and the new one''s a bit nice too.
  6. marvin the martian

    Norwich fan at woman's cup final today

    Haven''t any of them got any housework to do ?
  7. marvin the martian

    Premier League nightmare XI - Worst team of the season

    Shouldn''t it just say QPR ?
  8. marvin the martian

    Jeff on canary call

    Rob has got a face for radio hasn''t he ?
  9. marvin the martian

    We should thank the Classes of 2010 to 2013!

    Personally I think it all started with Dean Coney
  10. marvin the martian

    New Kit today at 12.00

    Shirts look quite "slimming" 
  11. marvin the martian

    What are you gonna do??

    You should be pleased to leave Canterbury, my first wife was from there, strangely enough I''m not that keen on the place !
  12. marvin the martian

    What are you gonna do??

    Going to Atlanta and memphis,will get three baseball matches in while I''m there. Looking forward to seeing the Braves v Giants, Braves v Mets and AAA Memphis Bluebirds
  13. marvin the martian

    Think again

    Ah, the return of mendhams_rusty_shank with the old " I told you so " post
  14. marvin the martian

    Think again

    Ah, the return of Ricky Knight with the old " I told you so " post
  15. marvin the martian

    What will you do tonight

    Yoou know things are bad when we spend our time cheering on other teams. I had to support Stoke last night !