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  1. Todd was a massive shining light for City last season and certainly up there as one of the best players Norfolk has ever produced! Todd at 22 has already shown meteoric development over the past 2 seasons and imo will only get better. I don't get the criticism; he is a proper baller, silky feet skills and calm on the ball, prepared to take any defenders on, makes great runs off the ball. Todd is a player that excites me whenever he gets the ball because of his confidence, energy and enthusiasm; he is a player that most Prem teams would dearly love to have. Get behind him for goodness sake! As Joni Mitchell would say ''you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone""
  2. I'd just like to say how great it was to read this debate/discussion. Well done guys, I wish people could discuss football matters as you have regarding flu...... but then it's not such a life or death scenario is it? Over to you Bill Shankly.
  3. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Oh look a Russell Martin bashing thread.[/quote]Yes, it''s getting on my tits too. Leave Russell Martin alone and give some support for goodness sake!!
  4. The women''s Rugby Sevens at the 2016 Olympics was superb and more entertaining than the men''s.
  5. Maybe..''''For Sure? Farke Knows...''''
  6. Best : 2-1 win at Old Trafford FA Cup 4th Rnd1967, I was 10 years old, not at the game; I had been playing football on Drayton Rec all afternoon and got home just in time to see the score come up on the teleprinter on bottom of TV screen, I can still see it now. I think at the time Utd were top of Div 1 and unbeaten at home and we were maybe 4th from bottom Div 2. Keelan played a blinder against one of the best Utd sides I can remember with Law, Best, Charlton, Herd, Crerand, Stiles etc Worst: losing to Bradford in 1976 FA Cup,5th Round I had just returned to Norwich after living in Australia since 1970 and was sure we were going to Wembley.
  7. I think Arry is well justified to think they will survive, they''re hitting form at the right time and it wouldn''t surprise me if they actually finish above us.
  8. The FA Cup needs revamping bigtime as it appears to be now treated on a par with the League Cup. What''s the answer? Do we need a break mid season to cater for the fixtures? It really is a shame because as a supporter of City for 50 years the possibility of winning it was always high on my wish list and now it appears as though the club can''t be bothered; the financial rewards of staying in the Premier League obviously take precedence. I was upset too on saturday because it was such a good opportunity to advance but maybe I''m just old school. The victory over Manchester Utd in ''67 still personally rates as our finest 90 minutes in my time of supporting, I certainly don''t recall Man U putting out a reserve team that day! Money has changed everything so maybe money is what it will take to restore the Cup to it''s world renowned glory. I don''t know how much prize money is on offer to the winners these days but sponsorship is needed to up the amount to make the big boys interested. It used to be just prestige. Every year I hope we get to Wembley and after 50 years I would move heaven and earth to make sure i got there from NZ or Australia. What''s your thoughts?
  9. No. We need 3 strikers, we don''t have any worth shouting about.
  10. jas the barclay king wrote....''''land 1 of them at least and its a glimmer of hope, 2 and we stay up, 3 and all this sillyness is forgotten about.'''' I''m not going to forget! As soon as I saw the team picked to play I knew we were in trouble. I think it unforgivable that Hughton did not play his strongest side after the dross that''s been served up over the past few weeks. Team selection was crap, tactics were crap and us supporters have been treated with total disdain! Totally unacceptable and the worst day of my 50years unwavering support for my beloved Canaries. I don''t mind losing games when we have given our all but this was not the case against Luton. Why on Earth would Hooper, Graham, van Wolfswinkel want to come to this shambles of a once proud club? Heads should rightfully roll and quickly!!!!
  11. At home we''ve lost to Liverpool, man city and chelsea and beaten man utd and arsenal. Are you trying to say our home forms bad? Yes we should''ve beaten Newcastle, but we were poor and stuck in a rut and didn''t, but one game doesn''t mean home form is poor. Or are you saying we should''ve beaten Chelsea and man city? From where I was sitting we gave both of them a decent game. Persnickety² wrote the following post at 20/01/2013 8:00 AM:The way I''m looking at it is we''re in very poor form and need a catalyst to pull us out and get some confidence back. Holt will be getting back to full fitness, we should be bringing in 1 if not 2 players before February and after our previous poor run of form we went 10 games unbeaten so CH and staff do realise when in a serious situation (and with new options could and hopefully will make changes to the formation if it continues to fail). Agreed totally with your post Persnickety. All sides in the bottom half have had poor runs at some stage this season.....it''s why they''re where they are. The 10 game unbeaten streak really was fantastic for us, I don''t expect it to happen again this season but we''ve got some very tasty home games in the 8 left and think we will be fine. Keep calm, carry on.
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