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  1. Hope he leaves! Got his name printed on my shirt and has been poor apart from a handful of games! Some Dutchmen really can''t play at carra
  2. Championship standard defence so that''s very nice to know
  3. Foster is like a headless chicken, so overrated and he also loves a swing and miss! Just ask holty ;)
  4. Is that an England flag which says norwich across it behind Adrian chiles? If so well played to get there!
  5. I think pilkington is a big time wannabe after his united header ge thought he was too big for us and is a sick note.. Norwich reserves v Ipswich ha he really is a kn00b
  6. Out of curiosity who would you rather play football for as all managers have a different style of play and man management. I am referring to the managers were likely to be after... Zola...? Lennon...? Malky...? Adams...? Hyypia...? Or state any other reasonable manager you''ve seen or heard us been linked with. Just be interesting to see what you say
  7. I''m actually looking forward to next season to see which players stay and go! Will be interesting! I know we miss out on a lot of money going down but we an go into games thinking we can win this one especially away games, and maybe we can get some positive football and attacking football again! If we sell ruddy and he gets the move he deserves I''d like to see Rudd given his chance he''s stayed with us Nd just been shipped out on loan. We need to keep the core of the team if we can and push on next season and try to get promotion!
  8. We could get £8m for ruddy maybe? Got few years on contract and Chelsea where willing to pay a bit last year and I watched Declan Rudd play he was very quick off his line and his kicking was good!
  9. Hopefully we will put in a bit more effort than we did against Man U when we went 1-0 down especially with us Fulham and Cardiff seeking legal advice over Sunderland! Surely this will kick us up the arse in these last 2 games?!
  10. '' if you knew the standard I''ve played '' Lol get your head out your arse mate! How old are you to say something like that! Sums you up, a joke of a fan! Also go on the tell us all what level you''ve played at! Let me guess you''ve played in the peen and your a really good player! DO ONE
  11. Will hazard be back then aswell as he''s been out for a bit! Especially if they beat atletico and settle for 2nd in the league?!
  12. Lennon and malky joint managers with Neil Adams assistant ;)
  13. I clapped the first goal as it was a decent ping! Just like I did barkleys goal! Does that mean I support the 2 merseyside teams?!
  14. IMO ruddy will probably go to spurs as Hugo overrated lloris wants champions league football next year god know how he thinks he deserves that! But yea if ruddy does stay make him captain he''s the one who sees the whole game and seem to be the only vocal one we have! He has been a brilliant servant to us and he could of easily gone to Chelsea when they wanted him and where undoubtedly throwing money at him! Please stay John!!!
  15. Mignolet is a good keeper granted but never looks comfortable coming for crosses and corners! When we attack put high balls in!!
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