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  1. I have seen three or four tweets about this in the last 30mins, I am sure its just rubbish like most things we read on twitter or here. Anyone heard about this one?
  2. I think if I was DM, Culverhouse would be up for the job! I have heard many stories that he is the the mastermind behind our success
  3. Just wanted to have my say on this matter, everyone has an opinion good or bad on this player but lets just look at it like this. I am a season ticket holder and it''s unbelievable how much stick he gets and I think it came to head against Liverpool at Carrow Road last week. So many fans were putting there opinion across of how poor he was. Well wait a second he is playing upfront against Jamie Carragher and Daniel Agger as an alone striker. Not really surprised that he was isolated and taken out of the game. I think allot of fans are spoilt a bit with Grant Holt. There two different players yet everyone compares them. I don''t know the stats but I wouldn’t mind know how many games Morrison has started as a lone striker this season yet still has 9 Goals for the season, taking away Holt that’s more then Wilbrham, Jackson, Martin and Vaughan have got between them this season in the Prem. Yet still people are on his back.. I think the guy needs a break. The fans to get behind him. I hope he starts on Sunday with Holt, Grabs a couple and has a good final performance of the season.
  4. I was thinking this, we could do with some more depth on the flanks, 2 full backs and 2 wingers. Maybe a striker of real quality. And I could see there being one more 1
  5. At the end of the day I pay good money for my season ticket. I go week in week out. Buy the shirts the programs. I am yellow and green through and through. If I want to leave 5 mina before the end of the game! I don''t really see how anyone can be negative about that. I am sure the players would have ended the game 5 minutes early if they could. It was a disappointing day all round! One I am sure everyone wants to put behind. Lets just move on to the next game.
  6. Bit harsh on the man really!I don''t think many people would get that right seeing that in full time. I thought Carrick won the ball until I saw the replay!I think people forget that when you sit on your sofa you see theses things again and again and slowed down.From where the ref was it would have looked as if Carrick got a touch on the ball.
  7. Such a shame.. Obviously guilty as charged though!
  8. I think England need to look to the future, if Holt was under 23. I would have him in there. But unfortunately that''s not the case.
  9. With Paul Lambert proving his managerial credentials over the past two years there really is no doubt he is one of the brightest managerial talents in the premier league. I think however Saturday could prove one of his biggest tests yet. I can''t remember a city side looking so out of character under Lambert on Wednesday night. He has admitted the players are still hurting from the manner of the defeat. This is another big test. To pick the players up get them motivated to go again Saturday and try and remove the manor of the defeat to Sunderland from there minds. Personally I think Bolton could be on the end of a few goals from City!! I really think they won''t want to let this affect them... But it could all go the other way. Heads down, if we let one in early we could go into self district. Am I over reacting. Properly... What do people think?
  10. [quote user="Boris Bear"]After reading on here the other day the almost unanimous views that Norwich would easily get at least a point and probably 3, now I come on to read the conspiracy theory that is that Norwich threw the game :) Sunderland completely controlled the game, let Norwich play in their own half , pressured them when necessary, attacked with poise and pace tearing Norwich a new arsehole in the process and generally outclassed Norwich all over the pitch. In all seriousness not a single one of the Norwich squad at the peak of their powers would get into the Sunderland team so have some humility, realise you''re new to the Prem, have a good way to go and have done really well, exceeding expectations this season. Good luck for the rest of the season and please know your place ;-)[/quote]I think you might be going a bit far by saying none of our team wold get in their... Ruddy, Holt, Morrison, Whitbread.. Just to say a few.I put it out there.. Did people really think we wouldn''t be turned over a few times this year.. Of course we were going to.. It''s just about performing in the right matches. E.G Bolton on Saturday! That''s the one that''s really important.
  11. Good player in an average side!
  12. Sky Sports understands at least two clubs are ready to make bids for Leeds United star Robert Snodgrass. Could it be us???
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