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  1. Can''t believe some of you still think he is going to pull it round.And javier i can only assume you haven''t got a left nut otherwise you wouldn''t want to make that bet
  2. Please forgive my not well thought out op.There was me thinking today was our best chance of 3 points with chelsea and arsenal coming up.Lets rest hooper for them 2 games when we have a much better chance of winning.If we lose today hughton will be gone so i suppose there is a silver lining
  3. makes perfect sense.......from a halfwit manager
  4. I would imagine lowestoft was in existence when jesus was born and they still couldn''t find three wise men or a virgin
  5. And we all know why jesus wasn''t born in lowestoft
  6. Just for my sake please please please could someone just tell me what we done wrong today? With our run in who in the right mind wouldn''t have taken our postion now at the start of the season. Discounting the manner of our defeats since boxing day imo the only points we have maybe dropped were at home to newcastle. Three home defeats all season and 7 homes games left all of which are winable on our day. This board sometimes makes canary call believeable
  7. Sarcasm my friend and if you haven''t worked that out yet you are indeed one of the reasons this board is so predictable!!!!
  8. After todays dismal performance you have joined man city chelsea and spurs in being unable to beat qpr this year.As we have lost 3 games at carrow this season whatever chance have we got when fulham southampton reading villa and west brom visit.As for the 12 or so points we need to stay up,where the hell are they going to come from?.Reading some of the comments on here has reminded me why i no longer post.I now await a major ribbing .............bring it on
  9. Well f@ck me mister chops,next time i will try writing in proper english because its obvious you are struggling to understand my post
  10. Last season we lost to leicester a championship team,this season we lost to luton a non league team so you are right last season was not the same as this.Does that answer my question,cos i haven''t a clue what you are on about
  11. The team that we put out today was stronger than some of last seasons premier league games,cast your minds back a year,if lambert named todays team to play a match would anyone have called it a weak team.This defeat will be talked about for years to come because it only accures once every 25-30 years.If our manager doesn''t soon change his tactics we will surely be relegated
  12. Hoolahan not good enough........you my friend are a tw@t.All the norwich players are good enough otherwise we wouldn''t be 8th in the league.We done enough for a draw today and were very unlucky,we played just as well with hoolahan on the pitch  as we did when he wasn''t.How many newly promoted teams have beaten man utd in recent years.I was gutted we lost but we can hold our heads high and look forward to next season in the premiership with 2 more wins under our belt  
  13. The place that used to be west coast was a clue in the orignal post......it has been renamed and rebranded.It is now serving (or attempting too)the same kind of food as wetherspoons.It was a complete shambles saturday ,not the staff''s fault to be honest though at the time i was really peed off and let them have it both barrels.The manager came and saw us apologised for getting 2 out of 4 meals wrong no forks on the table no salt or pepper and enough chips to feed an ant.......oh yeh and the 60 minute wait.To his credit he did only charge us £10 (including 2 pints,a wine and a coke) and asked us to please come back when they are up and running better.We have used this place for the last 3 years and will be giving it another chance,contary to my orignal post now i have calmed down
  14. Did anyone else go in the new place on riverside that replaced west coast for a prematch meal
  15. LMAO,this is a joke thread isn''t it.......can''t see us scoring tbh,swansea won''t be that poor second half........LMOA
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