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  1. Like Purple I am confused by this backwards and forwards motioning of good or bad. The fact is our owners have control and bring in who they like. They need not answer to anyone apart from the fact that they hope to put together an offering that people (fans, players, TV companies, sponsors etc) would like to be a part of. By my reckoning they are doing that and if the people they choose to assist are part of that then they are doing the task required so may I be allowed to say "carry on everybody"? Now if there is a spare seat at the pre match meal and in the directors'' box I''m free ....
  2. I don''t know I leave it to City Angel and Nutty to tell you all and still some people don''t know what''s happening on Wednesday :o(
  3. Am I the only one who is happy to take a friend for a beer? Particularly last minute like this £48 was a bit steep.
  4. Yes I heard about the protest. I didn''t see the game as I don''t subsidise clubs through a BT subscription. Funny that.
  5. I never have understood the hero worship he gets. He can be a good shot stopper like Judas Marshall and others before him but on so many levels, crosses under pressure, positioning, kicking out, getting down quick he is lacking. When Bunn took over during his injury he didn''t deserve to win his place back and you wonder what Rudd or the tea lady have to do to get in the side ahead of him. YES drop him now.
  6. I think some of you are slipping into who was the best player rather than my wider definition including personality. That is why Stringer, Sutton, Goss etc have not made it FOR ME, although a legend will not be acclaimed by all. I also agree with the reservations on my pick of Culverhouse (no personality to speak of) but I really struggled with right back. To me goalie was clear with Gunn the also ran but goalies are not hot on personality when with City. Both fullbacks are quiet men and Bowen nearly made the team as having more personality but again still quiet maybe Bradshaw should be a "big hitter" for right back but overall I was happy with my two. Central defenders pick themselves for me with Forbes and Bruce who were absolute legends for me. Wingers so many to choose from but never having seen Varco or Curran it had to be Foggo and Huckerby for me. Again there personalities overriding more skilful or faster wingers. Centre midfield if you saw Peters or Paddon play you would never have anyone else and Paddon in a nightclub made boybands look like amateurs! Strikers again I accept the skills of Sutton or Davies were better but Roberts really was zero to hero and MacDougall lifted the Club singlehanded into the glamour of big time. I put Ashman as manager but maybe he could have been full back although I never saw him and so maybe John Bond could take the manager''s suit again for me more on what he was than his achievements where others did more. Finally Nutty you and I will always love the headbanded legend Hockey but although we loved him he can''t really justify inclusion in my team although to bring him on to sort out Muscatt would be my dream!
  7. I actually was thinking of a full blown legends team. So not necessarily the best players for each position but my team of legends through play, service and above all personality! Keelan Culverhouse Forbes Bruce Drury Huckerby Peters Paddon Foggo Roberts MacDougall (OK that may be personal legend) Manager because his overall service was so immense Ashman.
  8. Nostalgia is not what it was .... A lovely ground but for my outlay on an away day out I would prefer better facilities in this day and age. I was really sorry to see Maine Road go and Highbury but now cannot imagine going back to either it is alas progress. Besides as an athletics fan as well the Olympic Stadium has to be preserved and there is no other way than West Ham taking it on for most of the year.
  9. [quote user="lappinitup"]A well reasoned post by Ivor to continue a discussion which by PinkUn standards has been excellent, showing both sides of the debate. I was therefore somewhat shocked reading a post on a similar thread on Norwich Talk by Mr Robin Sainty, chairman of The Canaries Trust, and Archant columnist which read as follows......."That''s the point. I read the thread on the Pink''un about this subject and found it to have been totally sidelined by the usual triumvirate who see themselves as better fans than anyone else. It has been shunted into an argument about benefitting away fans rather than home fans when the real issue is rising costs for EVERYONE. Nothing will change while clubs fill grounds but there has to be a tipping point when more people are priced out than can (or are prepared to ) afford to go.Rather than carp about minutiae I think its important that fans get the message across that watching prices rise continuously while Premier League players and their agents soak up even more TV money isn''t particularly enjoyable. Saturday will, in itself, change nothing, but if nothing happens to highlight fan disquiet we will just have more of the same.Edited 38 minutes ago by Beauseant " I find it extremely sad that the chairman of an organisation who claims they want to give fans a voice, should treat some of those fans with such disdain and contempt and be unwilling to hear some of those voices even resorting to insults, simply because they hold different views to him. He clearly only wants to give those fans that agree with him a voice. The fact that he has read this thread and disagreed with a lot of it should have been a good enough reason for him to join in and set the record straight rather than slope off and complain elsewhere. Where''s the leadership there? In his second sentence he says "It has been shunted into an argument about benefitting away fans rather than home fans when the real issue is rising costs for EVERYONE.". Er, isn''t the campaign about "Twenty''s Plenty for AWAY tickets"? Surely if it''s about ALL ticket prices it should have been called just that. Who''s doing the shunting Mr Sainty?Finally, who is this ''triumvirate'' you allude to? Clearly I am one of them but as you''ve put it out there, I think you should name the other two.[/quote] Wow I am missing out on this other message board where we apparently comment on threads over here, an interesting concept and I feel compelled to dash off somewhere else and post a response, well maybe not. So the challenge appears to have been thrown down to enter the debate on this message board and clarify some of those remarks, at least who are the Triumverate that rule the Pink Un message board is it really Caesar, Pompey and Crassus?
  10. [quote user="Ivor Know"]Trying to move this having regards to the issues raised by the "be fair to home supporters" line of reasoning. First, if you''re talking about casual prices only, a consequence of that line of thinking would be that you''re actually seeking to end the policy of grading games. That may find favour with the fans from the top six or seven clubs who whinge about always being charged Grade A prices, but would that necessarily find favour with the other thirteen or fourteen clubs? I suspect not. Second, concessions. At the moment the club has four grades in standard seats (with adults prices only in premium seats) adults, 65+, under 17 and under 12. So, what options would the club have, bearing in mind that they would almost certainly seek to recoup some of the lost income? Charge more for the casual prices for premium seats is clearly one option. Not sure how much additional income that would actually generate? Another option would be to increase the prices of season tickets within standard and premium areas. Widening it to all fans will never work because the clubs simply won''t allow it. Discuss.[/quote] Firstly Mr Know I apologise for the editing of your post above but as I am a page late in responding I thought it was as well to remind everyone what I am responding to with the meat out of your rather watery stew. There is a big assumption that the wider fan base actually feel football to be overpriced. Yes there are many examples of people who cannot afford to attend games of a PARTICULAR club. Well get used to it you cut your cloth to suit your means I can''t afford to eat at Jamies Kitchen so I choose to go to Pizza Hut, my mate can''t afford Pizza Hut so chooses McDonalds. If you can''t afford to attend Chelsea go to QPR, if you can''t afford league football attend the excellent non-league variety. Believe me I have watched some of my best games at the Walks or Aldis Park. Once we attend clearly we have a choice over the expense of the ticket and whether we want free biscuits, programmes, meals or just dodgy toilets in the River End. We can also choose whether to sit low or high or at the end of the pitch or on the side. Ahh there is a theme developing here over choice. So ticket prices are influenced by the level of the club, what other clubs are around it and where we sit. Now one we cannot choose and that is our age, but does anyone see a fault with charging less for "new" younger supporters to encourage them to commit their loyalties and future earnings to that club, no. It may not be kids for a quid these days but we know we are still reaping the larger attendances built by that policy of years gone by. As for older fans getting concessions it seems reasonable to me that those who endured the years gone by should get a discount now. So hey what am I saying is you pays your money and takes your choice if you are a home fan, and if you prefer you have good old Chris Goreham at a very reasonable outlay or a local hostelry showing a snowy picture or on those awful timed kick offs maybe one in Sky/BT HD surround sound. Alas for us oldies you could go down memory lane and read a Pink Un report that evening and imagine the game in your head. BUT whatever we think of ticket pricing be it football, theatre, cinema or just Wiz''s bus to the bingo it reflects an economic model for the provider, so stop bleating make your choice and pay or don''t pay. So when I go to my next away game I will pay my petrol, buy my overpriced meals, a few drinks that are probably cheaper than where I drink on home games, buy my ticket and go and have a great day out. Oh and as I have a large family I will probably subsidise some of my offspring and live on baked beans for a month afterwards because what you all forget is that away games are bloody good fun whatever the cost!
  11. Surely you should be looking at towns/cities without a premiership team who have a wealthy backer and would move us there. I quite fancy becoming Staines Canaries FC.
  12. "We''re calling upon football clubs at all levels of the game to recognise and reward the amazing contribution of away fans" So no it isn''t recognising the amazing contribution of any fans other than those who travel away from when it is brought in and those that go to expensive other grounds. Believe it or not lower league games can often cost less than £20 already so there is no gain for those supporters. As I said earlier it is to subsidise people going to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge the most. Not very socialist is it?
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