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  1. A spokesman for Wembley confirmed the play-off matches would go ahead this weekend with a statement on Twitter which said: ''This weekend''s games remain unaffected & we look forward to welcoming supporters of all six @football_league Play-Off finalists to #Wembley.'' Great journalism there...
  2. I''ve just calculated around 7,143 seats still available...
  3. While we''re not splashing the cash, I don''t think the purse-strings are "too-tight". I think being sensible and making sure we don''t end up in a perilous administration situation is smart - and I believe we''ll be spending on what we need, not just for the sake of spending money!
  4. Not sure being without key players allows us to play 12 men, take out Lafferty and it looks good.
  5. The board have acted like any sane business would, which is unfortunately not a common theme across football. They''ve put us in a good position regardless of what league we will be in, meaning that we can invest according to our relative income and league.
  6. I hardly see this as a wasted vote, but it doesn''t surprise me that it has gone over most people''s heads. It was never down to the assumption that people thought Carlo Nash was a s* player and therefore ironic to give it to him... it was down to the opinion that none of the players deserve the POTS award and so we should give it to someone who hasn''t played this season.
  7. I would blame Hughton more than RvW himself for the lack of goals. I want to see RvW here next season under a more attack-oriented manager.
  8. [quote user="SeattleCanary"]Great goal. I''m annoyed that he didn''t celebrate. He''s been a NCFC for 6 years! Come on Hooly, you owe them nothing![/quote]This it''s more Lambert than Villa.
  9. We are as good as in the bottom three with the points difference...
  10. [quote user="John from the Tomorrow People"]I seriously wonder whether McNally gives a ***k.  He knows he''ll get pay off whatever.  And skip off to his next over paid job.[/quote]I would imagine not giving a f*** about the company you''re running doesn''t bode well in future interviews as a CEO. He does need to earn his wage and realise we need to act quickly though...
  11. He keeps playing Snodgrass. He can''t cross or score... and can''t pass half the time either! How he got straight back in front of Pilkington I just don''t know. Then the decision to KEEP Snodgrass on and take Redmond off was bewildering. Can''t help but think Snodgrass might single handedly take us down.
  12. I would always favour a diamond systems with Wes or Howson at the top, especially against teams like Cardiff where we need to go and win the game. Obviously the whole transfer debacle makes it difficult, but I would cut off our nose to spite our face in that respect of not playing him - but obviously he needs some sort of discipline if his alleged comments are true. Then again - I think his comments are more aimed at the squad management and reflects the feeling of the majority of fans right now...
  13. Will Remy get any retrospective for spitting at Redmond?!
  14. [quote user="mr lister"]IJaz my SO works there m8, said press room being used at 4[/quote]
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