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  1. I''m with the OP on this one - Brady is half decent but probably no better than [a fit] Ollson I would be happier to pool the money towards a CB, Striker and back up GK Then go back for Brady and get him for free, as a back up at a later date...After all, no other clubs are falling over themselves to buy him right now
  2. But won''t this upset Liverpool fans and a city still in pain? Surely there is enough mileage to have another Hillsborough inquiry before we rashly return to safe standing?
  3. Good squad player who plays safe football - Bring him off the bench with 20 mins remaining to protect a 1 - 0 lead - job done My only concern - his verbal disappointment at not starting at Wembley - In all fairness there were at least 11 players more deserving and I''d preferred to hear appreciation he got on the pitch rather than an ego fuelled complaint
  4. "I would Like Norwich to start putting balls down the channels Chris and start using their pace and get young Redders cutting inside and putting the opposition under pressure" "Oooh! that was a reckless challenge Chris!..The striker was going nowhere and now he''s put his team under pressure with a needless tackle on the edge of the box!"........................................Ex-pros as pundits! - So predictable...you gotta love them! At least Rob Butler offers something different!
  5. Summary not Summery - Damn you spell checker!
  6. I reckon Radio Norfolk have the blend about right A professional commentator alongside an ex-pro giving a good but sometimes predictable view, summery and analysis . Rob Butler then chips in with more of an individual fans viewpoint, which compliments the ex-pro''s dialog. It''s not a bad thing After all, every ex-pro I''ve ever listened to, garble the same ''schooled'' and predictable spiel but in a variety of of different accents - usually Northern, Cockney or Scottish accents Aye tha keepah cud a dun bettar with that!! Heel beh disapointad weh thaht no doubt!
  7. Save our ''moaning and groaning for the end of the season'' So you accept there will be reason for moaning and groaning - But ...We should just wait until the season is over before we question anything?
  8. You are probably right Mr Angry - We can''t place any blame on the naff Birmingham performance either - probably a point well deserved
  9. I would like to think AN had a strategy, failing that I would like to think he had a plan, failing that I would hope he was experimenting but my gut feeling is - he hasn''t got a clue and is out of his depth You can''t count the first two victories because MP was largely responsible for those two wins In my book AN has played two games and gained 1 point and has shown he doesn''t know his players well enough or have the tactical knowledge to even keep us at the underachieving level we are already at
  10. Lets face it Hamilton are a club the size of Lowestoft Town, Absolutely nothing has convinced me these two guys aren''t totally out of their depth. They will get big fat pay cheques for 3 months and an even bigger pay-off when they are sacked in April You can''t blame them for turning up here, we would all do the same. The fact that they both look haunted already and seem to be making naive public statements doesn''t instill a huge amount of confidence
  11. "why? He''s won 2 lost 1. Surely the jury is still out?" Easy answer to that one - MP was pretty much responsible for the first two victories Brentford was AN''s first real game in charge and he reverted to hoof football and players out of position and showed he''s completely out of his depth Slyly blaming the players for believing they are still in the Prem for the defeat, to cover up his own lack of knowledge and ability, won''t actually motivate the players to play for him
  12. Every manager deserves some time - Lets just play hoof football and players out of position for a while until this novice manager learns the ropes
  13. Got to agree Ricardo - If Neil Adams had sent that team selection out, he would have been booed from the first whistle I was also a little dismayed by AN''s substitutions against Cardiff if I''m honest but luckily we held on.
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