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  1. You certainly have an axe to grind. At the end of the day being Championship team who don''t have much money to spend, I''d rather we had a manager who can pick out the talent from the cheaper league. As an example how much would Vydra cost compared to Ducksch? And Vydra is by far not the most expensive striker in this league. But as I''m sure you know, Farke isn''t really calling the shots signing wise, that''s Webber''s job.
  2. Sessegnon is a different level to Maddison and Grealish to be fair. You have to bear in mind that Grealish has generally played amongst better players than Maddison has this year. Maddison has carried us and if we had more creativity within the team and a better finisher, his stats (especially assists) would be even better AND he''s a year younger. I rate Maddison more and I''d want us to sell £25 million.
  3. They surely need to reduce the wage bill following another failed attempt at promotion. The could be a massive challenge, however, players will want to play for Lampard which might result in them getting a few good loans next season.
  4. thenorthstand, to be fair it took Whitbread a year to get fit and playing regularly and I think the faith shown in him paid off as he has been are best centre half all season. I think he''ll be good!
  5. Think Jason Roberts was a fantastic signing, not just on the pitch but he knows how to get out the division and his experience was probably played it''s part.
  6. Yeah unfortunate for him to be out all season. I still have high hopes for him, took Whitbread just short of a year to get fit and pay regularly and he has been pretty invaluable this season. Look forward for him to play regularly, think he has looked pretty handy in his few appearances for us.
  7. I wouldn''t consider booing Norwich how well we have played this season. We don''t need to tell them they are not playing as well as normal, that''s what Lambert is doing. I just don''t think it helps, it creates a tense atmosphere which adds more pressure and nerves, at the end of the day we know under Lambert they are all trying 110% per cent, what else can they do then to give all they can?
  8. Think Bennett and Ayala will be first choice, Whitbread third in the pecking order. Whitbread and Ayala has been the best partnership this season, they work together well
  9. Agree Spencer, he has just got better and better. Think he has always been class for us, last season when he pinged that ball on Jackson''s head against Portsmouth just shows the passing talent he has. I''ve noticed he is improving defensively as well, Bolton was probably the best I''ve seen him play defensively, got his foot in and held up counter attacks on occasions.
  10. FLECK, I thought start of the season, if we go down then we''ve had a season in the Prem, which is way more then we all expected.Best time I have ever had supporting the club so I think we should all be as positive as possible with Lambert, Mcnally & co. now at our club. Obviously we have weak links and discuss that but I''ve seen posts on this forum saying for example Barnett should never wear a Norwich shirt again, which is ridiculous. I think everyone has excelled themselves. Anyway I think in the recent dip of form, we actually havn''t played badly. Stoke and Wigan we were not great, but I would be happy if we never play Pulis''s team again, for me the most intimidating game because you know we won''t get any breathing space and it will just be long throws and freekicks all game. OTBC anyway
  11. I think Lambert made a couple of mistakes yesterday, but I wouldn''t call this a blip personally. United we were brilliant, Stoke one of the hardest games of the season, Wigan fighting for their lifes at the moment and Newcastle looking at Europe. Baring in mind we probably deserved more against United and Newcastle too. I think up top is a slight problem at the moment but form is temporary and hopefully more goals will come.All our players and staff are learning and learning, we''ve been brilliant all season and I still think we have more great times to come. Lambert is just showing that he is human.
  12. I think top players today were Drury, Ruddy, Bennett, Fox and Howson. Bennett worked so hard throughout the game, I think he was immense, some very nice triangle moves between Bennett, Howson and Naughton throughout, and put great ball in for Whitbread when Krul pulled off that save. Drury kept Ben Arfa quiet, really impressed with him, thought he would be are weak link coming. Great defender but lacks the attacking enthusiasm Tierney has. Great game nonetheless and kept one of their major threats quiet. Howson and Fox looked brilliant together today, though they complimented each other brilliantly. Fox is really thriving in the Prem now and I think he was great today, great vision and execution and I think he is improving defensively, Howson they same, composed on the ball, hit that shot well and you can tell by positions he gets in he is going to get a few goals. He also tracks back well defensively and gets his foot in. Ruddy top notch, not going to mention England at all. He has kept us in many games this year, think he is really our most indispensable player, young , talented keeper who is getting better and better. His distribution is brilliant, shot stopping better, reflexes even better. Think we played well today, not going to grumble too much, although I think Morison was poor today, looked lazy and think he could of tried running near post when Surman got past Krul. I hate to say this, but I think he has an arrogance about him, sometimes he can chase things down sometimes he just doesn''t bother. The amount of times he walks to get back onside and the ball comes forward and he is offside, he doesn''t even bother running for it because he knows. I find him pretty frustrating.
  13. I completely agree, he has been brilliant and a loyal servant to club, people seem to forget that. On his day is a great left back and has proved he is still competent in the Premier League this season. Great pro and great charactar to come back from frustrating injuries to play in the Prem again. Regarding end of season, I think he''ll get a place within the coaching staff, unless he wants to keep playing. I think Lambert sees him and Lappin as two vital personalities. Drury seems to be one of the most popular players so in that sense could see him sticking around.
  14. Difficult game for him to make his debut on. He wasn''t brilliant but there were good signs, after watching on a stream I noticed that he was tracking back well, he kept with runners and seemed to try and get stuck in. I don''t think Hoolahan would have done any better personally because at least Howson can compete physically more then Wes. We look so much in better in midfield when Fox is playing I''ve noticed. Problem is when Fox isn''t playing Crofts or Johnson haven''t got creativity or passing skill to start attack, we then resort to fullbacks for them to smash it up the pitch. Back to Howson, it''s a difficult game to judge him when the game is so direct.
  15. No worries trent, Not going to quote because it always messes up on mine. Regarding Holt that''s why this is the perfect opportunity, see whether he does fit in. I think he can, he is pretty much an all rounder, and I also think he is such a character to have in the camp instead of a bunch of charlies who could afford a mansion at 20. His previous career hasn''t been great but one of the things that we''ve from Holt is that he works pretty damn hard. Sometimes I think the best time to put a player in the England team is when they can take the stick and pressure that comes with it. That''s something that comes with experience of playing the game in my mind. I think that''s why we should take in consideration mental attribute when England manager selects his squads. Like you said though, one of the major downfalls and probably the reason why we will not win a tournament in a long time is purely because of the media. Sometime you can''t win, if Capello who has one of the best CV''s in football fails because of it, then we don''t have much hope. I still don''t see falling out with the FA as a reason to retire, you have a chance to represent your country, you shouldn''t really let them dinosaurs at the FA put you off doing that. This goes back to the commitment thing because I think that a lot of the players don''t realise how lucky they are to be able to do what so many boys dream of. Compare how much effort and determination we have at Norwich, then think of England, there is definitely a degree of not caring too much in there. I think the two major downfalls in English football is the FA and the media, I watched a video on BBC website and some basketball fella was talking about how the FA are so out dated and are just a bunch of dinosaurs, and he is right.
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