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  1. Saw him fairly up close at the Peterborough game & he didn''t look any different from last season tbh.
  2. Pointless thread, its a pre-season friendly, doesnt matter.   Maybe if it was a league game & had some semble of relevance to us i would get it.
  3. BW, you dont actually know anything. You''re just saying players that have already been rumoured to be coming & have players that have been mentioned on loads of internet sites aswell as on here. Please dont try & make out that you know all this! i could easily post the same nonsense.  
  4. I have to say im not looking forward to the Euro''s like i usually am but i will always support england, nothing will change.    
  5. Why even post it? if it comes true its a very lucky guess.   BW you dont anymore than me or any other norwich fan on this subject. all this nonsense that you see these players coming in on helicopters etc please just give it a rest & post something usefull.  
  6. Obviously we dont know why Holt wants to leave yet but if it is for family reasons i.e. moving closer to home or getting that one last big payday so in the next 15/20 years he can support his family, then unless your in his position its hard to judge. Im pretty sure however that he has earned quite alot in his career , no way near hucks most probably but remember he''s been at clubs like forest & im sure he was still taking home a decent amount, including appearence,goal,signing on bonus'' he should be doing ok AT THE MOMENT. Yes Im annoyed how he''s gone about all this but at the same time until he comes out & says exactly why he''s going then who am i to judge? i dont have 3 kids & wife to support like him.
  7. Very intersting post. Im sure at somepoint in the future the whole truth will come out.   btw pickles, messi DOES start pretty much every game, even in the lesser cup competitions. Its been noted he gets moody when he doesnt play & have to say watching barca most weeks on sky sports i dont think ive ever seen him not start a game (unless injured obviously)    
  8. Wish you''d be sacked from this message board sometimes.
  9. I dont think fatigue does come into the equation tbh, he''s played 35/36 games of which he''s started probably around 25/26 & this is over the last 9 months. Also some of the games he''s started he''s been subbed after 70 minutes etc.   Dont think he''ll be selected either tbh, i''d love him to be included & on performances this season he should be but as has already been said hodgson will either pick crouch or carroll.
  10. Will always be thankfull for their contributions for the 2 recent promotions, however i dont think either one is quite good enough for the premier league (would love to be proved wrong!).
  11. 100 % agree morty.Just because PL hasnt said where the pre-season tours going to be doesnt mean that he''s going to leave!   Maybe it''ll be spain seeing as we''ve been there the past few seasons for mid-season breaks?!    
  12. Simple fact of the matter is chris martin isnt good enough for the premier league.He has talent yes and was fantastic in league 1 & parts of the championship season but as ben said he scored 4 goals in 30 championship games, & yes of course he contributed in assists etc but he is a striker & 4 goals in a promotion winning side isnt exactly setting the world alight is it?!i''d love him to come back & prove me wrong but i cant see it happening!   When ever ive seen him play behind the front 2 or in a deeper role he looks alot better to me , so maybe thats an option if lambert does decide to keep him.
  13. Montrose (scottish 3rd division side) - Family Connection   Ipswich - for obvious reasons   & tomorrow & sunday Hoping to see villa,wigan,bolton & QPR all drop points.aswell of course as liverpool!   also like to look at the crowds (saddo) always nice to see how low ipswich crowds are getting!
  14. I listened to it aswell, seems more & more people are coming round to the idea of holt playing for england. Collymore has been very vocal about it recently & think talksport do a great job in their debates about player/clubs/managers etc.   as collymore said: Welbeck has plenty of playing time but wastes too many chances                             Sturridge has been poor last 3/4 months                               Defoe is hit & miss & cant lead the line                               Crouch, although scoring a wonder strike the other day isnt in as good form as GH   He deserves a chance for the friendlies at least.
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