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  1.                                        Ruddy            R Martin      Barnett    Bassong     Garrido                                        Tettey                           E Bennett  Hoolahan  Snodgrass                                                Holt                                       Jackson
  2. I think there is no doubt that Hughton is struggling, and the squad is not good enough, but us and Swansea, are both feeling these effects. Don''t think you can quite say the same about QPR, as they just survived relegation last season. Thoughts?
  3. What do people think of his performance on Saturday? For me, he stood out, looked lively, and challenged Reina once or twice.Great work aswell, never stops chasing. However, i have seen many people slagging him off. I don''t think anyone realises the work ethic Jackson adds to the team.Thoughts?
  4. Agreed. Heard Liverpool fans talking about it after the match. Such a bad song as well!
  5. Really not sure about Whittaker at all
  6. Who knows i say. You cant rely on these rumours. Its mostly the BBC that are the most accurate, but nothing on him.Anyone know anything?
  7. Peoples thoughts? Man City last day of the season!
  8. Probably true, but annoying all the same. Lambert coming back for Holt, we know, steal Naughton off our hands, and take Ayala and Howson maybe.Seriously, Rodgers at Liverpool will probably not to this, so why him?
  9. Can see him being a definite failure?Need Hughton,who was at Spurs with culverhouse, or Mackay!
  10. Lambert will leave. But who do you want as manager?Chris Powell?
  11. Is there a distinct possibility we could get him on a permanent?One for the future!
  12. RuddyR MartinWard/Barnett(Would not be surprised if he got the nod)R BennettNaughtonE BennettHowsonFoxSurmanHoltVaughan/JacksonMorison,Hoolahan and Johnson benched.What do you think?
  13. Ok thats good news. Havn''t seen any of him this season,may replace Morison!
  14. As much as i want Man U to win the PL, they were lucky there
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