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  1. don't think he is a bad choice to be fair, improved the teams he has managed and knows the leagues we are likely to be in next season stay or down
  2. so many experts on here, ex being former and spurt a drip under pressure
  3. and you are the first to go on the transfer list
  4. R.I.P, watched him play many times, the best player I have seen regularly in the yellow shirt and probably the best to ever do so
  5. R.I.P big Dunc, remember him from the first city game I ever went to, a genuine club legend and hero to many kids back in the day
  6. and that result reduces them to 3rd placed East Anglian club as well or arguably 4th if you count Luton
  7. nominations for the new scapegoat are coming in I see
  8. doubt there is much truth in that, can't see us paying out that sort of money after everything the club have said recently
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