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  1. andy cousins

    Duncan Forbes

    R.I.P big Dunc, remember him from the first city game I ever went to, a genuine club legend and hero to many kids back in the day
  2. andy cousins

    News from the farmyard

    and that result reduces them to 3rd placed East Anglian club as well or arguably 4th if you count Luton
  3. andy cousins


    nominations for the new scapegoat are coming in I see
  4. 1974 Norwich City 4-0 Stoke City
  5. andy cousins

    Alexis Claude-Maurice

    doubt there is much truth in that, can't see us paying out that sort of money after everything the club have said recently
  6. andy cousins

    DF is Rock Hard!!

    Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Daniel Farke
  7. andy cousins

    So Then - time to nail your colours to the mast

    15th/16th, side is good enough for that I think
  8. andy cousins


    idiot, so disrespectful to people with a genuine illness
  9. andy cousins

    Huddersfield new kit

    oh well, never mind, don't care as a Norwich supporter, irrelevant to me
  10. andy cousins


    the BBC says Max has signed a 5 year deal so he isn't going anywhere
  11. andy cousins

    New home kit...

    best kit in years for me
  12. he did, he dropped his pants and compared the number, he has 1 more weener than he does brain cells
  13. andy cousins

    We're Up!

    they are likely much better than the 1st team squad so no worries there
  14. andy cousins

    Emi player of the season

    will be interesting to see if he continues to make progress in the prem assuming we gewt there, obviously will be much harder but he is obviously an intelligent fella and suspect he would be ok
  15. andy cousins

    Emi player of the season

    yes, I am, been brilliant this season and seems to be getting better and better