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  1. doubt it unless they know how to get around the lack of international appearances
  2. always helps if you actually know what you are on about or fact check before posting, they have sponsored him since 2022 when they were in league 1 and had dealings with him before that
  3. don't normally say anything on these posts but something needs to change, today's result is a disgrace after going 2 up, we all knew that they would be strong at the end of the game and to not be prepared and ready for that is disgusting, the whole club needs an overhaul from top to bottom now and I hope the replacement for Webber is given what he needs to do his job properly, Wagner has one hand tied behind his back which doesn't help but on that sh*t show today he is equally to blame as anyone else is
  4. Jan Molby for 3 games I think it was, we got the chunky version of him
  5. don't think he is a bad choice to be fair, improved the teams he has managed and knows the leagues we are likely to be in next season stay or down
  6. so many experts on here, ex being former and spurt a drip under pressure
  7. and you are the first to go on the transfer list
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