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  1. Are you the Lincoln canary thats on the Football manager forums, the one that started the Ncfc offical thread?
  2. [quote user="AVFC-NCFC"]Why sign him if he has scored 1 goal?[/quote]FFs mate, you cant allways sign 20 gaol a season proven strikers can you. every heard of potential? You may aswell say why did Arsenal sign Fabregas if he had never played a game for Barcelona 1st team!
  3. So i''m not the only one on at this time then?
  4. [quote user="The Dog"]Lambert was at Carrow Road this afternoon showing a tall blond  lad around. I can only assume this was Zak Whitbread. I hope he liked what he saw as he would be a fantastic signing.     [/quote]1 post! this must be right. Great signing!
  5. Also saw him in my local Wendys, confirmed
  6. [quote user="Mr. Bump"][quote user="Canaries Utd"][quote user="cityangel"] [quote user="Canaries Utd"]I''m sure there have been previous posts, but he seems to be the favourite on Lamberts new year wish list, (large article in the evening news) i hope with our current defender predicament we get someone in soon.  Anyone know how tall Seaborne is?[/quote] I actually have the old fashioned paper version, the whole of the back page is dedicated to the story, but i''ll have a look for you on the online sight.  I didn''t realise the Plymouth were after Seaborne, i understand they are after Noble, also from Exeter.  I hope the weather allows Exeter to play at Carrow road on Saturday and Seaborne likes what he see''s?   Do you have a link please, too early for the EEN out this way. [/quote][/quote] Huh? Noble''s only just signed for Exeter? [/quote]Yeah, Noble has just signed for Exeter on loan from Brizzle City so dunno where Plymouth come in?
  7. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Doc is top earner. Followed by Jamie, Russell, Hoolahan and Hughes.[/quote]According to Football Manager your spot on [;)]
  8. [quote user="JF"]The Sun are saying we are signing defender Zak Whitbread from Millwall for half a million quid. Dont know where all this money is coming from!![/quote]Typical sun rumor, what aloud of b*****k. As far as im aware he is off to Hudderfeild, when he gets fit that is
  9. Got a feeling he will be going back to Southampton, they can afford higher wages than us also
  10. Looking on the Exeter city boards earlier most of them are resigned to him leaving and i get the impression that a few would be glad to see him go, not beacuse he is a bad player but i think they have had enough of the speculation, maybe it''s upsetting the team a bit. A bit like the situation with Zak whitbread and Millwall/Huddersfield. Ohh and according to Wiki he is 6 ft 0in. Being left footed and the way he looks and being a young defender remindes me a bit of Jason Shackall. Anyone ever seen Seaborne play tho?
  11. They wernt in the Championship last year they where in league 1, and the year before that when they where in the championship they where playing at Layer road
  12. Pattison wasnt a bad player but a bit inconsistent but i think Lambert would have got the best out of him in League 1. Remember him smashing a few in with his left last season against Forest away and scum at home.
  13. Rusty has been excellent this season although i admit i have only seen him in home matches. Overall i think there is no doubt Clinghan is a better player but thats in the past now. Were in league 1 and Rusty is one of our most important players
  14. Im still a bit gutted abour Roeder selling Bell and Shackall, they where both quality imo. Think how impressive our 1st 11 would look now with Bell coming in for Lapin and Shackall in for Doc or Askou! Very much doubt either player would have been willing to drop down to league 1 tho
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