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  1. Thanks for the welcome Nutty! Not so much... more, when the ship goes down, make sure ''all'' the captains stay on board and go down with the ship. Neil, Martin, underperforming players and unreforming board members! Ricky Martin can''t be allowed to jettison his lifeboat again!
  2. Forgive me, but I have been overseas for many years, looking on from afar as the undulations of NCFC life has seen us lurch from Championship, to League 1, through the astonishing return to the Prem and now the ''yo-yo'' years. As I hadn''t been to many games I decided not to post... but recent events compel me to. So Ive taken time to review before posting and please correct inaccuracies. My post could be seen as a side issue to many, and I could understand that. The fury is focussed on Alex Neil and the Board. Even the players. Yet, crucially, there is a fly in that ointment. We''ve heard from the players, the manager and the board - yet one man remains invisible, enduring, growing in power and presence... and crucially - SILENT. It seems to me that there is one ever present through the last 10 years of turmoil - you might say the ''glue'' holding it together but for me is more the bind that stops our growth. Managers have come and gone during his tenure at NCFC - Worthington, Grant, Roeder, Gunn, Lambert, Houghton, Adams and now, surely, Neil. He''s seen them all off and yet still lurks in the shadows - now notebook in hand on the shoulder of the manager. He''s even seen off 3 CEOs! Ricky Martin has prevailed. He has risen to heights far above his talents suggest. His appointment as Technical Director (in the vein of Dan Ashworth) was despite an open application process - yet again, the best talent was just done the corridor!!! He has never coached a single team at NCFC to my knowledge, yet oversees coaching, recruitment, medical, fitness and all football operations at Colney. I don''t believe he holds qualifications or has expertise in any of these. To reflect on these individually; Coaching - the Youth Cup is the obvious feather in the cap and a fantastic achievement. Begun by Neil Adams and Gary Holt, RM assisted after Holty left. Outside of that, in the last two years, where is the evidence of well developed coaches and well coached players? U23s are one off bottom of their league, after their relegation last! Outside of the Murphys, who is coming through who''s 1st team ready. Maddison is NOT a product of this academy. Toffolo is constantly out on loan. Declan Rudd? At an average of £1.5mill per year for the last 18 years, wheres the Return on Investment of £20m+ into the Cat1 Academy - Joe Lewis/Chris Martin perhaps (please add others I don''t know...) Recruitment - an unmitigated disaster. He may have only just usurped the role but was part of the football executive board all along. Squad imbalance is a joke - yet no laughing matter. Inappropriate buys at wrong times have seen a glut of No.10s and little defensive cover. The age balance is shocking too - lots of old ones and young ones and no middle ground! Medical - The injury stats at Colney are shocking - key players constantly injured, and normally long term. Continually we hear of players picking up injuries during the week! Are the best people working there - why did Neal Reynolds, highly experienced and valued, leave by the back door? Look at the TV on a match day (I often get to watch Premier League games live abroad!!!) and see the hordes of staff on duty. I mean it seems like theres 20 members of staff in the dugout! Fitness - By all accounts, this team can''t hack the pace of the championship. Either mentally or physically weak, possibly both. To use the old adage, ''Wat R Dey Doin unt Tranun, Neul?! Neil may say they are fit enough, but observing the Huddersfield game via satellite showed me otherwise. Fit, but not fit for purpose. perhaps??? Football Operation/Colney - Way past its best days and way short of modern standards of training facilities. Compare Villa/Brighton/Southampton etc. In fact, don''t! Its been shown up recently when I believe players have turned down moves because of Colney. Please correct me if I read the reports wrong (admittedly some where via Twitter!!!) So if the remit of Ricky Martins job was to oversee all of these areas and to improve them, then by my reckoning, a large proportion of the blame must be ushered in his direction. He is just as culpable as Alex Neil, the players and the board. And since the demise of McNally, he is possibly the most senior member of the football department. A failing football department... He is, in his role, the lookout on the Titanic. And we''ve not just glanced the iceberg, but gone steaming in, full speed ahead. He was happy to take the plaudits, now must face the jury. And there m''lud, I rest my case... for now.
  3. Friday: Holt has transfer request rejected! Smokescreen created!! Saturday: OGS out of Villa Running. Smokescreen still holding! Sunday: Lord''s Day of Rest - no rumours allowed! Monday: Interview for Villa Job - Smokescreen lifts with statement from parties Tuesday Night: Adam Drury / Legend Testimonial: From the press release this match is as much a love in between Lambert/Lennon/Celtic on the back of a wonderful night for Adam. Lambert/Holt have backing from fans to stay! Quote: "Clearly, everyone at Celtic is delighted to see Paul enjoying such success. He has had a huge impact on the Club and we are sure there will be many Celtic supporters wishing to travel to the match to pay tribute to Adam and of course to recognise the achievements of Paul, someone who did so much for Celtic." Wednesday: Lambert leaves for Villa citing too good an opportunity to resurrect a ''sleeping giant'' who have seen better days. Fully praises Villa fans, saying everyone must work together to make the club great again. May need a few lads in to give the team a hand! Roll out same statement as when joining Norwich! Cue; Grant Holt offer from Villa to Norwich. Or - see what happened with regards to Colchester/Norwich, walks out due to inability to focus on job in hand, clubs at loggerheads, takes ex-teammember to new club!
  4. I thought there was something really familiar about today''s new kit launch video... A homage to the days of the Football League or lazy creativity! You decide! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaWXXvh2t4g&t=25s
  5. In his most recent post, Rick Waghorn makes a number of observations regarding the current manager and team... that Paul Lambert is on a premier league learning curve, that the start (and points) is one that he expected (2points from 3 matches), and that Grant Holt has proved he is a Premier League class player. He also points to the fact that, in scoring in every one of the first three games NCFC have proved that they have what it takes to unlock premier league defences. We also scored in the first four matches in 2004, against stronger opposition than we have played so far this season (namely United and Invincibles Arsenal on their way to 50 games unbeaten) and had 2 points. the start then was undoubtedly harder than now. It amuses me how many point to 2004 as a failure (and it was to a certain extent - always more-so in hindsight) but with the start (with previous years PL positions as appropriate) as it was against Palace (Div 1 Playoff Winners), ManU (3rd), Arsenal (1st), Tottenham (14th), Liverpool (4th), Newcastle (5th) and Villa (6th), compared to Wigan (16th) , Stoke (13th), Chelsea (2nd), WBA (11th), Bolton (14th), Sunderland (10th) and Man Utd (1st), the bounty of 4 points then compared to now for a team ''finding its way into the Division'' doesnt seem to bad... West Brom only had 4 points by the end of game 7 and they survived... Palace had 2, Southampton 4! The draining of confidence, even from a title winning team, cannot be underestimated. A team of honest pros playing 5 of the top 6 from the previous year... and now people look pack with scorn on the ''poor start''. They were dealt a really harsh hand. And when the wins dont come, as Rick alludes to, Lady Luck'' doesnt even look at you, never mind smile! I would be more concerned that given that two of the three matches this season have been against pretty average Prem sides and we are not any further forward than Worthington''s team, who was also on a ''learning curve'' in terms of Premier League tactics, teams, players and points. Many of Ricks points could easily be pointed at the 2004 team; the work ethic in 2004 was legendary, the ''togetherness and camraderie'' there for all to see. A strong core with more peripheral players waiting in the wings if needed; Jarvis and Crow had nowhere near the same experience as Chris Martin and Korey Smith have today. On balance some of the imports didnt work out so well; Helveg took time to find his feet, Jonsson played wide when a frontman, Simon Charlton past his best etc etc.. Ashton arrived too late but still got 7 in half a season! Of todays first seven, Chelsea are nowhere near the team then, most of the others are workmanlike Premier sides; and judging by Man U today they may be a handful! WBA have stuttered and the rest a mixed bag. Perhaps, at the end of the season, on reflection, the mountain of a start that was placed before the 2004 team might be given a more favourable retrospective stand point than many have chosen to ignore. the end of the season - The excitement felt by all at CR in those final few weeks (Newcastle, Man U, Brimingham and Charlton) - was as memorable as any times in recent memory! Paul Lambert has worked wonders with the team, no one expected promotion - no one expected a Championship in 2004. Time will tell if he can adapt to the league - Both he and Worhtington were the same age taking the team into the best league in the world - but as Darwinists would point out - survival is not about the biggest or strongest but the most adaptable. We didnt adapt quick enough in 2004, but that was because we ran into some bigger and stronger teams who had already adapted.
  6. [quote user="canary_girl"]Ruddy - every keeper makes mistakes, he has made match winning saves and we would have lost by a lot more last night if it wasn''t for Ruddy[/quote] I take it you didnt apply this logic to Theo!!
  7. So 6ish games in and taking into account performances, ability, experience etc etc, who would you have between the sticks. From what I can glean, Ruddy has had a few ''mistakes'' while according to many, Rudd''s kicking may leave something to be desired. Last night there was ''confusion'' between Ruddy and Barnett - have the players lost some confidence in Ruddy as he is prone to a gaff or is it simply one of those things, especially as Barnett is only new in the door?
  8. [quote user="Mr. Chops"][quote user="I am a Banana"]He is brilliant against championship team, but would he be ready for an extra step up so quick?[/quote]Championship >>>> England U21s.Korey Smith would own any midfield at U21 level. [/quote] Dont think he would own any of the players mentioned above! Korey Smith v Jack Wiltshire = Korey Fail! Yeah he works hard and puts a tackle in but passing quality, pace. crossing, eye for a defence splitting pass?????
  9. I watched the U21s last week at Colchester and Korey Smith is a mile off this level. Many of these players are pretty much regulars in Prem or Championship sides, while Korey has been doing all right for about a season in League 1, and only now in the Championship. Granted they played Mancienne in midfield on last Tuesday, but when Wiltshire (Arsenal) and Henderson (Sunderland) were playing with Albrighton (Aston Villa) and Danny Rose, I dont think he''d trouble the selectors there. Meanwhile at fullback there''s Kelly from Liverpool! Sorry, but he''s not good enough, despite all the green and yellow tinted glasses!
  10. Still advertising the concert on a splash screen as you try to get on offy site! DOH!
  11. Seems to be what RC is hinting at... what could it mean??? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/colchester_united/8696282.stm
  12. But normally there would only be a set % of away fans allowed to attend! Or do they get a bigger allowance - strange considering their ''reputation''!
  13. Interesting that 13 of the other team''s highest attendance was when Leeds came to town, while we had only one other teams highest home attendance which was at Colchester! Perhaps Leeds have more fans willing to travel or are a bigger pull for other home fans.
  14. Well they left mostly soon after they came in... except Dave Carolan. He stayed at the club for 9-10 years and left with all the other staff under Roeder. Now full time at Colchester and has completed a double promotion with Lowestoft. Also did some stuff for the Olympics I think... The other two were Joe Dunbar who was Lennox Lewis''s conditioner and worked also with a number of Premiership teams including Charlton at their peak. The last guy was keith power and he does a mix of business mentoring and consults a number of premiership players on the mind games!!! Wonder if he could figure out how to deal with Mourinho??!!!
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